UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (08.06.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Shawn Boyd
    Shawn Boyd  4 months back

    Why everyone compared to mj ED REED is THE ED REED OF safeties

    • Dan , McGill
      Dan , McGill  4 months back

      Says can't think of a super star that has to keep proving himself. At this point all the super stars do. From Hardin, to kd ect. They all get ripped .

      • LukeVolm
        LukeVolm  4 months back

        It’s not a true debate unless Skip mentions the SHRINE Chris long made for foles

        • Daimen Schreiber
          Daimen Schreiber  4 months back

          That's all they talk about is the cowboys

          • HARRY BALLS
            HARRY BALLS  4 months back

            Shannon is embarrassing He doesn't understand salary cap. "gimmie my money" lol what a fool

            • Isaiah King
              Isaiah King  4 months back

              @HARRY BALLS it doesnt Matter. Your point about the Higest paid QB never making the SB is dead.

            • HARRY BALLS
              HARRY BALLS  4 months back

              @Isaiah King Brady won more super bowls than all those guys together

            • Isaiah King
              Isaiah King  4 months back

              @HARRY BALLS lmaooo tell that to both Manning Brothers ,Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers. Teams usually make sure their All Pro QBs are taken care of. He doesnt think all players should get max players but he does think players should be paid their worth and the cowboys have a top tier receiver and RB. The cowboys defense is already suspect so they might as well max out on offense and outscore opponents

            • HARRY BALLS
              HARRY BALLS  4 months back

              @Isaiah King he certainly doesn't seem to understand that if you pay 1,2 or 3 guys astronomical amounts there's not enough money left to pay talent at the other 53 positions. lt's basic accounting No surprise that Belichick has his degrees in finance. No surprise that the highest paid QB never makes it to the Superbowl

          • STJ
            STJ  4 months back

            Brady, Dak, Cowboys and LBJ... Wow... Who expected that? What a surprise

            • Tez Terumi
              Tez Terumi  4 months back

              what else to talk about lmao

          • Enos
            Enos  4 months back

            Did listen to this already? Oh wait. Nope. Just the same topics. Again. For the 10+ day in a row.

            • Jerry Kwerve
              Jerry Kwerve  4 months back

              Just rename this show Skip and Shannon debate Lebron and the Cowboys

            • deadman25us
              deadman25us  4 months back

              Skip don't hate on Australia we tune in daily too lol

              • Giffond Hall
                Giffond Hall  4 months back

                wentz is trash

                • Bev Medina
                  Bev Medina  4 months back

                  Wtf?!?!? Skip you don't know if jerry will make it to heaven damn lol

                  • STJ
                    STJ  4 months back

                    He won't. Heaven doesn't exist.

                • Gran Marquis
                  Gran Marquis  4 months back

                  Patriots signed Bledsoe for 100 mill then he got hurt and lost his starting job. They learned from their errors so now they play the salary cap without blind eyes

                  • D Man
                    D Man  4 months back

                    Seems like a lot gets hurt after the big deal

                • Gran Marquis
                  Gran Marquis  4 months back

                  Brady is a team player and always have been. See when you're a selfish player your motivation is always money. Brady and his wife is worth nearly a billion dollars! Money is not the motivation he likes to win

                  • Blah Blah
                    Blah Blah  4 months back

                    No way no how annoys me so much

                    • Tim White
                      Tim White  4 months back

                      Brady seemed calm...hum....100's of millions of dollars, super model wife, 6 Superbowl rings, first ballot HOF, guaranteed TV offer as soon as he retires. I'd be calm too.

                      • Dillyn Armani
                        Dillyn Armani  4 months back

                        Tim White check annnnd CHECK ✅

                      • Tim White
                        Tim White  4 months back

                        @Jose Mendez Yep, I'm an Eagles fan, and you gotta respect what he's done.

                      • Jose Mendez
                        Jose Mendez  4 months back

                        Hate him or love him,he has a dream life... Coming from a Cowboys fan...All he does is win!

                    • First Name Last Name
                      First Name Last Name  4 months back

                      LeBitch and Cowboys will be the topics tomorrow as well

                      • Nicholas
                        Nicholas  4 months back

                        Kobe is like Nicholas Bravo