GTA 5 Roleplay - DOJ 350 - Unintentional Pursuit (Criminal)


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  • Brandon Wheeler
    Brandon Wheeler  4 days back

    Is your name Toby

  • Jalen Fields
    Jalen Fields  6 days back

    I hate how the cops just assume stuff crooked ass cops

    • Jared White
      Jared White  2 weeks back

      You are the best guy ever

    • CNJ
      CNJ  3 weeks back

      Buggs character look musty af 😂

      • Bishop Vida
        Bishop Vida  2 weeks back

        methed out hitler sold his uniform for more meth... and a unicorn

    • KuyaaFunky
      KuyaaFunky  3 weeks back

      If you are not the suspect then why did you refuse to step out the car and ran?
      Stupid bitch

      • Best Gamer
        Best Gamer  20 hours back

        KuyaaFunky his car wasn’t registered to him

      • Littlerocker998
        Littlerocker998  4 days back

        KuyaaFunky the car wasn’t registered idiot, pay attention

      • Caleb Hogan
        Caleb Hogan  2 weeks back

        you stupid fucking cunt pay attention he said it's not his van

      • Ethan Flores
        Ethan Flores  2 weeks back

        Damn web didn't listen in when he said it's a stolen van

      • Noptical
        Noptical  3 weeks back

        Dumbass weeb

    • Bryan Schumacker
      Bryan Schumacker  1 months back


      • Ryan Coleman
        Ryan Coleman  1 weeks back

        Five M

      • Ethan Holden
        Ethan Holden  2 weeks back

        Apple69 no it’s not

      • MAVERICK 42
        MAVERICK 42  4 weeks back

        Bryan Schumacker
        Department of justice server but you have to apply to get on it.

    • Baki Retsu
      Baki Retsu  1 months back

      Shoulda had Pole waiting in the water duct 🤦‍♂️

      • SuperGamerJack
        SuperGamerJack  1 months back

        Great episode

        • BNSWA
          BNSWA  1 months back

          can i get 50 likes?

        • 155imhere_ jake
          155imhere_ jake  1 months back

          He needs to bring this videos back 😭😭🇦🇺👌

          • jas b
            jas b  2 months back

            I got in an accidental "police chase" in real life.

          • gamerplayz2much forlife
            gamerplayz2much forlife  2 months back


            • gamerplayz2much forlife
              gamerplayz2much forlife  4 weeks back

              @Michelle Scarwash did I ask you if you cared? I just said who I watch if you have a problem with that you can bend over and screw yourself

            • Michelle Scarwash
              Michelle Scarwash  4 weeks back

              Omg no one cares

            • Anch6800 Dead
              Anch6800 Dead  1 months back

              Same I just realised he said spears

          • Josiah Barbieri
            Josiah Barbieri  2 months back

            Longest shots heard pursuit ever?

            • PC E
              PC E  2 months back

              What is polcats vid on this? Seeing different perspectives is sweet

            • Spare Parts
              Spare Parts  2 months back

              did the lady fart at 1:27

            • Ben Delat
              Ben Delat  2 months back

              Seems legit

            • Luis M Marisy
              Luis M Marisy  2 months back


              • FubuKi
                FubuKi  2 months back

                I fucking died at 13:52

                • Kevin Wheels
                  Kevin Wheels  2 months back

                  best cop evasion I've seen.. and I've seen a lot.. ducking and weaving thru alleyways.. killing it with superfast driving keeping the hammer down thru turns.. text-book.

                  • brady robertson
                    brady robertson  2 months back

                    Poor bugs. You can hear the anger in his sarcasm 😂 getting chased for nothing

                    • tim klafke
                      tim klafke  2 months back

                      yeah that was so dumb how they pulled him over and then asked him to get out immediately i would be pissed too

                  • Devin playlist 1
                    Devin playlist 1  3 months back

                    Can the cops check the map and see where all the civs are? Maybe they're cheating. How did they know exactly where you were. They didnt even have your black stolen car

                    • Devin playlist 1
                      Devin playlist 1  2 months back

                      @Jesus Fried Christ there are seldom limitations when it comes to mods. Especially when a game has so many of them. I'm unfamiliar with GTA mods so Idk. Just wondering.

                    • tim klafke
                      tim klafke  2 months back

                      @Jesus Fried Christ thats not true cops can still cheat in other ways like god mode or vehicle hacks/menu mods

                    • Jesus Fried Christ
                      Jesus Fried Christ  2 months back

                      The mods stopped the ability to see people on the map so cheating is impossible now.

                    • tim klafke
                      tim klafke  2 months back

                      no they were able to in a lotta episodes prior to this one (not sure what episode they stopped that) but yeah the cops used to cheat a lot it was actually so fucking dumb

                  • IxLOV3R xI
                    IxLOV3R xI  3 months back

                    Andrew is such a cheating pussy

                    • EBay Jimmy Oakes
                      EBay Jimmy Oakes  3 months back

                      Speirs is cancer

                      • Yoshi Moshi
                        Yoshi Moshi  3 weeks back


                      • Gaming TRAIN
                        Gaming TRAIN  2 months back

                        @EBay Jimmy Oakes fuck is wrong with you

                      • EBay Jimmy Oakes
                        EBay Jimmy Oakes  2 months back

                        Jordan Mendez now you are just gay as aids

                      • Jordan Mendez
                        Jordan Mendez  2 months back

                        If by cancer you mean glorious.

                      • crimson chin
                        crimson chin  3 months back

                        Yo n lemme cop that ebay 180zx

                    • simonz28
                      simonz28  3 months back

                      epic getaway from all

                    • MGun
                      MGun  3 months back

                      The cops are idiot he did not even shot a gun 65cops following him.

                      • Aaron Rasey
                        Aaron Rasey  2 months back

                        They were trying to investigate and he ran they had every right to believe it was him 🤷🏼‍♂️

                      • MGun
                        MGun  2 months back

                        @Gaming TRAIN Okay buddy :) Have a LIT day👍

                      • Gaming TRAIN
                        Gaming TRAIN  2 months back

                        They didn't know whether it was him or not

                    • Craig Perkey
                      Craig Perkey  3 months back

                      Cops gotta be cheatin. Every time he steals a car and runs, they follow. He ditches and hides? They stay in the area looking for him.

                      • Jacob S.
                        Jacob S.  3 months back

                        Dude cornered the market on this game and role play and gave it all up.

                        • Clay Oxenam
                          Clay Oxenam  3 months back

                          Aurelian Spodarec In his latest vlog he said he had a lot going on his life

                        • Aurelian Spodarec
                          Aurelian Spodarec  3 months back

                          @Clay Oxenam And no job? Think about how will he make money. Working at a McDonalds?

                          Better earn 1k a day with videos so you can invest it -_-That's life.

                        • Clay Oxenam
                          Clay Oxenam  3 months back

                          guys he has a life

                        • Craig Perkey
                          Craig Perkey  3 months back

                          Yeah. Considering the stupid amount of money people can make, and his videos were getting a million plus views, it's super strange he stepped aside.

                      • mynameisray
                        mynameisray  3 months back

                        crooked ass cops in this game

                        • Mister Mangobutt
                          Mister Mangobutt  2 months back

                          Nickersons Theme I don’t think you understand how law enforcement is irl, bud

                        • Nickersons Theme
                          Nickersons Theme  3 months back

                          So just like real cops! Perfect RP

                      • Greg Light
                        Greg Light  3 months back

                        Buggs is CLEARLY the best at driving ANYTHING ( except planes - JEFF da MAN !)

                        • Greg Light
                          Greg Light  3 months back

                          @Nicholas Foster I stand corrected !! Thank you , brutha !!!

                        • Nicholas Foster
                          Nicholas Foster  3 months back

                          Greg Light But remember, Jeff has never hit the pumps...

                      • AJ S
                        AJ S  3 months back

                        silly part is, while those cops wasted so much time chasing Buggs, someone else could've pulled off some heists

                        • Dogman690
                          Dogman690  3 months back

                          Gta rp = small penis attractor

                          • Andrew
                            Andrew  3 months back

                            you're a hypocrite since you play fortnite

                          • Chicken Wang
                            Chicken Wang  3 months back

                            @Wolfy OP

                          • Wolfy
                            Wolfy  3 months back

                            @Chicken Wang who are you referring to?

                          • Chicken Wang
                            Chicken Wang  3 months back

                            Your playlists are as well, and you play fortnite so u automatically small pp boi

                          • Wolfy
                            Wolfy  3 months back

                            Fortnite = undeveloped ballsack attractor

                        • Drives & Details
                          Drives & Details  3 months back

                          Good chase & getaway, but for Pete’s sake, stop driving like a jackass once you lose the cops & steal another car. Blend in or you’re going to initiate another pursuit.

                          • _SeAn_
                            _SeAn_  3 months back

                            Drives & Details a couple of things, he hasn’t done one of these in a year, and he gets in pursuits and trouble so the video is more entertaining, though sometimes it does make me mad too, no disrespect, just info.

                        • Reid Ferguson
                          Reid Ferguson  3 months back

                          Your gta videos are blowing up years later

                          • Flipnuts
                            Flipnuts  3 months back

                            speirs is annoying

                            • Scottybotty760
                              Scottybotty760  3 months back

                              Fuck you

                            • Reid Ferguson
                              Reid Ferguson  3 months back

                              Mason Yuen good one

                            • mr killer
                              mr killer  3 months back

                              your so anoying, can you make some positive coments, dont always be so negitive

                          • Daniel Walker
                            Daniel Walker  3 months back

                            POLICE STATE!!!!!

                            • XAVGamerX
                              XAVGamerX  3 months back

                              Kinda boring

                              • Mr. Smoose
                                Mr. Smoose  2 months back

                                XAVGamerX then why are u here dumbass

                            • Jake the snake
                              Jake the snake  4 months back

                              11:48 to 11:50 has me dead

                              • Brennan Mason
                                Brennan Mason  4 months back

                                His character looks like nevercracker

                                • cayden forgrave
                                  cayden forgrave  4 months back

                                  how do i get there trainer? i wanna use it in fivem too.

                                • Im Not Vortex
                                  Im Not Vortex  4 months back

                                  I love how recent the comments are

                                  • Golem 2
                                    Golem 2  4 months back

                                    You guys are a scam waiting to happen^^

                                    • Chg Warrior
                                      Chg Warrior  4 months back


                                      • Chg Warrior
                                        Chg Warrior  4 months back


                                        • Chg Warrior
                                          Chg Warrior  4 months back

                                          Fornite trash ark survive godly

                                          • Joseph Brown
                                            Joseph Brown  4 months back

                                            When this video starts I got an ad for fortnite season x

                                            • bushwood
                                              bushwood  4 months back

                                              This is the best Buggs et al GTA videos. I have watched this episode many times and it is great every time.

                                              • Nate Adams
                                                Nate Adams  4 months back

                                                all because he got shot at...

                                                • House Stark
                                                  House Stark  4 months back