What Led to Antifa Assaulting Andy Ngo | Joe Rogan


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  • Jonathan Froger
    Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

    Remember, kids, when you're lily-white, employable only by an incense store, can collect somewhat of a paycheck from a Klan-sheeted, swastika-kissing Hungarian, and have LOTS of inner rage at gay Vietnamese immigrants and Haitians wearing MAGA hats, there's always an organization around for you, now that the Klan is a distant vapor on the horizon. What's better? You get to dress up like a Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle. SCORE!

    • Lon Don
      Lon Don  2 months back

      It’s probably going to take someone getting killed before anything is done about this shit...

      • Phill Attrill
        Phill Attrill  2 months back

        As tragic as this is, I find it interesting that Ngo blindly chucks the entire left spectrum as 'radical left'. It goes some way to explain the motivation here. ".... little boxes, on the hillside...." Further, why is his sexuality brought up, were the people assaulting him audibly motivated by this? How would they know? Finally, your diagnosis was incorrect; you don't get a hemorrhage from milkshakes; you get brain freeze.. feels the same but very different.

        • Jonathan Froger
          Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

          @Phill: Doesn't it suck out loud when a victim's sexuality, gender, race or country of origin is brought up? Doesn't it suck even more when the victim's hemorrhage gets too much press from a handful of videos isolated on YouTube platforms by algorithms developed to bury it by those that would support the victim's abusers? Oops!

      • KM Patriot
        KM Patriot  2 months back

        I have sons...this disgusted me on another level what they did to this young man...ANTIFA NEEDS DADDY'S PUNISHMENT OUT OF EXISTENCE

        • Psf
          Psf  2 months back

          Where I'm from (Denmark) it's illegal to wear masks that covers ones face to prevent being identified by the police at demonstrations (In case you break the law by throwing rocks or vandalize). When Antifa turns up wearing masks they get arrested by default. An example was a Demonstration on the 1st of May this year.

          • Jonathan Froger
            Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

            @Psf: And it really all is just as simple as that - outlaw the masks and allow a cause or protest to sustain on its own merits.

        • Matthew Brunken
          Matthew Brunken  2 months back

          New video shows Andy Ngo with a far right group looking for a fight on the day he got a milk shake dumped on him. He was literally looking for a group of people to start trouble.


          • Jennifer Nunya
            Jennifer Nunya  2 months back

            I knew this guy was full of shit...

            • Jonathan Froger
              Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

              @Jennifer: Do us all a solid and tell us more about what you know about shit.

          • EEE GGG
            EEE GGG  3 months back

            Ha! I knew he was a fraud😆

            • Jonathan Froger
              Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

              @EEE: What were the clues that gave it away, Clouseau?

          • John M
            John M  3 months back

            Oh, poor fucking Andy Ngo, Patriot Prayer cunt who fucking LIED about qwikrete milkshakes being thrown at him, just another alt-right cunt who fucking LIVES to piss off people with even the most basic sense of justice in the hope of inciting them to violence against him so that he can whine like the little cunt he is. You, too, Joe Rogan.

            • Jonathan Froger
              Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

              @John M: Let's take inventory - that's 3 cunts and 3 fuckings and 1 piss, in exchange for 1 lie about qwikrete milkshake. You're fairly enraged, aren't you, white boy. Question: Do you have access to bump stocks? Another Question: Do you live near any synagogues? I'd hate to arrive here and find a video of your capture after you visited a synagogue to express your inner white male Democrat.

          • Marshall Solomon
            Marshall Solomon  3 months back

            LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhjjQ_tSydI

            • Faizol Azha
              Faizol Azha  3 months back

              Well,now he got totally screwed up

              • MrMethadrine
                MrMethadrine  3 months back

                Wow a Vietnamese conservative fag.It keeps getting better.

                • John Nolan
                  John Nolan  4 months back

                  The meanest motorcycle club in the country won’t just start swinging on someone like antifa does. Those antifa losers haven’t got the balls of an eunuch.

                  • Craigsliwst DCS
                    Craigsliwst DCS  4 months back

                    They need to come to Texas Louisiana Mississippi SC NC

                    • Reinulus Aurelius
                      Reinulus Aurelius  4 months back

                      Establishment journalists are NOT "legitimate journalists" - they are the furthest thing from it

                      • Nitish
                        Nitish  4 months back

                        We've a similar group of people in India who lynch anyone supposedly transporting cows for slaughter.

                        This group feels morally justified too.

                        • George is WoKe
                          George is WoKe  4 months back

                          I will be blunt, he does seem like he was trying to find confrontation. Now the violence isn't justifiable but putting yourself into that situation knowing very well there are violent people that could hurt you doesn't exclude you from personal responsibility.

                          • The Huxley Agnostic
                            The Huxley Agnostic  4 months back

                            Ngo's Quillette defends these people as "victims" of Twitter bias ...

                            Richard Spencer
                            David Duke
                            George Zimmerman
                            Alex Jones
                            Info Wars
                            Tommy Robinson
                            American Nazi Party
                            League of the South
                            Proud Boys

                            But, well done on doing zero research Joe, and letting him present himself as a poor centrist, rather than a far right Proud Boy lap dog.

                            • Jonathan Froger
                              Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                              @The Huxley: WHOOSH! Stuff just does that to you on an hourly basis, doesn't it.

                          • sonic slaughter
                            sonic slaughter  4 months back

                            Andy Ngo deserved it! Antifa did nothing wrong!

                            • Jonathan Froger
                              Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                              @sonic: I read your words and I can INSTANTLY envision a 7 year old standing alongside a bloodied and hobbled classmate in front of a teacher who's about to have him suspended for crippling his classmate in retaliation for being photographed for crippling a 3rd classmate.

                          • Aslan
                            Aslan  4 months back

                            I have a few problems with this video and here's why:
                            1 Andy Ngo is a propagandist grifter who basically went to an antifa counter-protest so that he'd get attacked. If you get a brain hemorrhage you won't be on Fox news just a day or two later talking about all the left like antifa represents all of the leftists.
                            2. Quillette has not a single shred of journalistic integrity and they even released Andy Ngo's article about "Islamic Britain", which had more than a few complete lies and ridiculous outrage-mongering about said lies.
                            3. Andy Ngo acts like Antifa doxxing people is morally repugnant, yet he has doxxed several people on several occasions. Why is it OK when he does it?
                            4. All in all Andy Ngo is a liar and a propaganda opportunist. He walked around for hours looking for a fight, once he got it he got his golden ticket to the 15 minutes of political outrage-fame.

                            • Jonathan Froger
                              Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                              @Asian: Let's take inventory of the group-think in your post, a count of the universally recognized talking points. In this fashion, we can get an idea as to just how a self-described 'Asian' becomes addicted to enough white cock found within the Klan-sheeted Antifa crowd that she/he becomes another casualty of the very thing she/he wishes would go away: 1. "Andy Ngo is a grifter". 2. "Antifa counter-protest". 3. "Not a single shred of journalistic integrity" 4. "which had more than a few complete lies and outrage-mongering". 5. "why is it OK when he does it?" 6. "He walked around for hours looking for a fight". Now THAT is one Asian person's mouthful of a LOT of white dick. Yikes!

                          • johnny jess
                            johnny jess  4 months back

                            One of the last real news videos ! Antifa are animals ! Where is the law enforcement ! Vote for Trump 2020 ! Thanks Joe !

                            • Jack O'Jack
                              Jack O'Jack  4 months back

                              Extreme right, wing groups are responsible for about 300 deaths a year.
                              Antifa, besides for a few violent acts and milkshake attacks against nazi scum, have never killed anybody, Ngo is a propaganda artist, he's a con man playing the victim card, he raised more money than the woman who was killed by your friend at the Charlottesville protest.
                              Right wing groups cover 73%, of terrorism in USA maybe, just maybe Right wingers should take care of the tree trunk sticking out of their asses than worrying about the dust in their neighbor's eye, nobody's duped by your right wing brain gimnastics

                              • Jonathan Froger
                                Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                                @Jack: What precisely are 'gimnastics'(?) What are 'brain gimnastics'(?) How does one fit a tree trunk in any human ass, much less one the size of Michael Moore's(?)

                            • Sando the Mando
                              Sando the Mando  4 months back

                              Why does the guy feel like an Asian Elon Musk??

                              • Joshua Jung
                                Joshua Jung  4 months back

                                I can hear the brain damage every time he speaks

                                • joey przybyloski
                                  joey przybyloski  4 months back

                                  this is where martial law is enacted folks

                                  • Zanders
                                    Zanders  4 months back

                                    There's a reason this doesn't happen in Texas

                                    • docstrange2k
                                      docstrange2k  4 months back

                                      Antifa and the nazis should just kill each other off. Also, the only people who give a shit about antifa are racism-apologists and tiki torchers.

                                      • Jonathan Froger
                                        Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                                        @docstrane2ks: Well, yes, them and Haitians with MAGA hats, black people in Portland or Berkeley just trying to get to work, women walking down the street, 70 year old retirees in walkers coming home from the grocery store, tourists they chance upon at intersections, and gay Vietnamese immigrants. But yeah, other than them....just the racism-apologists and tiki torchers.

                                    • Art Olson
                                      Art Olson  4 months back

                                      This story stinks, Antifa has mismanaged and mutilated its "brand", becoming more like a rodeo clown for the cause of anti racism. And dragging the worthwhile principles down into some poorly thought out radical militancy. Reactionaries and rodeo clowns.

                                      • Mike Pratt
                                        Mike Pratt  4 months back

                                        Antifa's brand has always been shit.

                                    • ill Drumatik
                                      ill Drumatik  4 months back

                                      Being gay and asian does not exclude you from being racist. 🤷‍♂️

                                      • Jonathan Froger
                                        Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                                        @ill Drumatik: The Antifa mantra for explaining away criminal inclinations and physical abuse is becoming a pretty long list - here's where we stand today: "Being gay, Asian, a woman, a Haitian immigrant, a retiree and in a walker, a homeless black woman in a wheelchair, a back accountant in Portland trying to get to work, a Jewish construction worker in Boston, or a Hispanic lady wearing a MAGA hat.....NONE of these exclude you from being racist!!!" Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

                                    • firdaus125
                                      firdaus125  4 months back

                                      Fuck this asshole, he deserved to get smashed lol

                                      • Jonathan Froger
                                        Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                                        @firdaus: I don't think you quite appreciate the degree to which you've outed yourself with this post, Sparky.

                                    • kissmyrra
                                      kissmyrra  4 months back

                                      8:50 at this point , I wouldn't even call them "progressive" media , just left wing , or even better , regressive ; they have lost many of the standard procedures in journalism behind.

                                      • Falconfest
                                        Falconfest  4 months back

                                        1:03 Joe *"WILDLY MISREPRESENTED"* Rogan

                                        • Red Warrior
                                          Red Warrior  4 months back

                                          Antifa has replaced the KKK as the Democrats militant arm.

                                          • Jonathan Froger
                                            Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                                            @ill Drumatik Of course you'd imagine that - you also imagine that a Haitian wearing a MAGA hat is going to persuade you to enter a gas chamber. Remember, kids, when you pull that 'D' lever at the polls every 2-4 years, you're not just admitting you're a 'D-Girl', you're also screaming 'Duuuuuuuhhhhhhh....".

                                          • Red Warrior
                                            Red Warrior  4 months back

                                            ill Drumatik LOL This is the same Antifa made up of white people that attack non-white conservatives or Trump supporters and calls them white supremacists. The KKK served the Democrats past agenda and Antifa serves their current agenda. The Democrats are still using the same old methods behind their identity politics as they thirst for control and power.

                                          • docstrange2k
                                            docstrange2k  4 months back

                                            I totally believe you, you should run for president. You can do it, dude!

                                          • ill Drumatik
                                            ill Drumatik  4 months back

                                            Nah not really. As far as im concerned. The Alt right are advicating an all white ethno state...Not antifa.

                                        • Christine Woodall
                                          Christine Woodall  4 months back

                                          It's interesting that the MSM is always talking about journalists being attacked because Trump. I think because Andy is conservative and gay they can't deal. People who are intelligent realise that Antifa is very much like the Klan with black masks instead of white. Antifa is a homegrown terrorist group and should be labeled as such.

                                          • Michael Bowman
                                            Michael Bowman  4 months back

                                            The "non violent" members of antifa are _sadists._ The type of people that jerk off to _'Faces of Death'_ and snuff films.

                                            • Jonathan Froger
                                              Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                                              @Michael: Nailed it. A cursory glance at their own videos revealing casual conversations supports your thesis.

                                          • Red wing
                                            Red wing  4 months back

                                            Antifa Thugs don't even truly know what it is they stand for , just being thugs

                                            • daniel280456
                                              daniel280456  4 months back

                                              I wonder what Antifa members would do if they end up in prison.

                                              • daniel280456
                                                daniel280456  2 months back

                                                @Korn Jolio there's a prison channel named ''Prison Break Raw''. The guy running it said that they'll most likely get attacked, or sent to protective custody. There's a protective custody gang named Gay Boy Gangsters, sounds perfect for them.

                                              • Korn Jolio
                                                Korn Jolio  2 months back

                                                George Soros wouldn't allowed this

                                            • Hans Effect
                                              Hans Effect  4 months back

                                              If Antifa is a terrorist group, they sure aren't doing a very good job killing people. They could use a car to run over a young girl if they really wanted to escalate beyond milkshakes.

                                              • Adi Adichie
                                                Adi Adichie  4 months back

                                                Antifa is just as bad as Proud Boys.

                                                • Jonathan Froger
                                                  Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                                                  @Adi: Careful - you don't want to attact attention from the lily-white, sexually frustrated Berkeley kids that dress up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for saying the wrong thing. They are, after all, just out to get....Nazis.

                                              • Carium
                                                Carium  4 months back

                                                Come on! Enough talk! Let this absurd civil war begin already, it's the only way to get eveyone to shut the hell up about this.

                                                • Meusberg
                                                  Meusberg  4 months back

                                                  Vote for Trump 2020 to make Antifa even angrier!

                                                  • david delvecchio
                                                    david delvecchio  4 months back

                                                    Do the damage look for a reason afterwards.

                                                    • Casey Flentye
                                                      Casey Flentye  4 months back

                                                      For those that support antifa. I hope you don’t support violence. I don’t condone it from right left up or down.

                                                      • mmzen
                                                        mmzen  4 months back


                                                        • ravemachin
                                                          ravemachin  4 months back

                                                          Antifa is there because the proud boys the kkk and the neo nazis are there....remove these 3 groups and Antifa has no reason to be there

                                                          You complain that Antifa has hammers or crowbars menwhile the neo nazis have guns....

                                                          • Jonathan Froger
                                                            Jonathan Froger  2 weeks back

                                                            @ravemachin: It's been 3 months. Not a single like. Is it time for you to consider a half-time change of strategy, coach(?) Maybe a shift in life's direction(?) Feeling rudderless, right(?)

                                                        • warriors blood line
                                                          warriors blood line  4 months back

                                                          The sjw's leftest are the new Nazis

                                                          • Baron von stappendorf
                                                            Baron von stappendorf  4 months back

                                                            The US went to war in the 1940's to fight "fascism".
                                                            2019: fascism is allowed and even encouraged by the local authorities.
                                                            What difference 70 years can make!

                                                            • Jared Beaucage
                                                              Jared Beaucage  4 months back

                                                              What a dumbass, if he went there, and he got fucked up, hes dumb. Dont go to places like that then lol