Could We Get A WWE Wrestlers Union?

  • Published: 08 August 2019
  • Adam Wilbourn and the Dadley Boyz discuss the potential of a union for wrestlers in WWE and beyond...

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  • jtjr26
    jtjr26  4 months back

    Vince will resist this with his dying breath. I think he is that kind of asshole. When he is out of the company through either death, retirement or getting fired, WWE will probable have a lot of changes in how its organized and how talent is handled.

    • The Batman Who Posts
      The Batman Who Posts  4 months back

      The guy with the glasses (not Adam) comes off as such an unlikable, hateful, hipster douche I tune him out whenever he whines, I mean talks.

      • Criminal Minds Girl
        Criminal Minds Girl  4 months back

        Regardless of what he did for Harley Race. I see it as Vince doing it because of who Harley Race was and the fact after what John Oliver said, he doesn't want his company or himself to look bad. So people, don't be fooled! Vince isn't stupid. He knows what he is doing.

        • The Batman Who Posts
          The Batman Who Posts  4 months back

          And AEW will give their employees health care so they don't look bad, what's your point?

          All major companies do certain things for good PR, not just WWE.

      • Jeff Carbone
        Jeff Carbone  4 months back

        Professional athletes (MLB, NFL, NBA) in the US generally earn 46-52% of their league's revenue. WWE wrestlers earn something like 8%. Just let that sink in.

        • Adam713Houston T
          Adam713Houston T  4 months back

          Not on Vince McMahons watch

          • Dawnelldo2
            Dawnelldo2  4 months back

            If AEW allowed their wrestlers to unionize and provided healthcare, then WWE would definitely do something.

            • Dawnelldo2
              Dawnelldo2  4 months back

              @Alex Martinez Sounds perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

            • Alex Martinez
              Alex Martinez  4 months back

              A union would transcend both businesses tho

          • Shayne Mathena
            Shayne Mathena  4 months back

            Dude! Socialism sucks in every way! Millions of people have died, and are still dying today because of socialism! Get your head out of your rear end!

            • Dafydd Mali
              Dafydd Mali  4 months back

              that was just whining

              • DejaVoodooDoll
                DejaVoodooDoll  4 months back

                @Dafydd Mali
                Couldn't let you attempt it all by yourself. Your job was clearly getting to you.

              • Dafydd Mali
                Dafydd Mali  4 months back

                @DejaVoodooDoll thank you for policing the internet

              • DejaVoodooDoll
                DejaVoodooDoll  4 months back

                Even for a troll, you're whining too much.

            • BigStevie93
              BigStevie93  4 months back


              • J Lebleu
                J Lebleu  4 months back


                • Robert Larry
                  Robert Larry  4 months back

                  Just remember this......a WWE employee who works in Stamford, CT has a better benefit package, 401K, and health benefits that are BETTER than the main roster. Also, that employee are in the union, while the wrestler are getting " scraps of the financial food chain". This discussion will continue;however, a WWE wrestler will never have no power whatsoever.

                  • Wrastletastic Warrior
                    Wrastletastic Warrior  4 months back

                    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Roddy Piper basically blackballed for years for promoting the idea of a union to wrestlers in every territory?
                    It needs to happen. We have the NFLPA, MLBPA, NHLPA, NBPA, and MLSPA. Why not the AAPW and MMAFA?

                    • Mark Scruggs
                      Mark Scruggs  4 months back

                      22:58 I always knew I couldn't stand the dude. It makes a lot more sense now.

                      • Gabriel Cormier
                        Gabriel Cormier  4 months back

                        Perhaps not a straight up union but forming a wrestling version of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Actors work very similarly to wrestlers, (signs contracts to complete a job for a certain amount of time, works for media companies, etc) so it might work.

                        I'm no expert but it's an idea

                        • Solid Mike
                          Solid Mike  4 months back

                          No. These people are stunt men. They wind up injured all the time. It would bankrupt vince.
                          Also think of the mother fuckers that would purposely injure themselves for a lifetime vacation on vince's dime.
                          Ultimately, these are traveling carny folk. I mean, it's still better than being a beta male englishman trying hard to sell out on youtube, but, you don't unionize carny stunt men.

                          • Thomas RockBottom45
                            Thomas RockBottom45  4 months back

                            Yes. As long as they don't get it, nobody should watch WWE again!

                            • praveen jazz
                              praveen jazz  4 months back

                              @newfacepaula Another cheap human being....The thing is about health of the employees who put their lives...

                            • newfacepaula
                              newfacepaula  4 months back

                              very edgy.

                              how much did dave meltzer paid you?

                            • J Lebleu
                              J Lebleu  4 months back

                              Way ahead of you

                          • Corei Wilson
                            Corei Wilson  4 months back

                            what date is this episode from? looking for it on itunes

                            • Icy 4x
                              Icy 4x  4 months back

                              I love how everything talks shit about WWE about everything they do but yet still there biggest fans and tune in every week 😆😆!!

                              • Chris Tofu
                                Chris Tofu  3 months back

                                @Curtis Hurst facts dude

                              • Curtis Hurst
                                Curtis Hurst  4 months back

                                Suggesting these guys are currently huge fans of WWE is pushing it pretty harshly lol. Being journalists, they need to keep up with it regardless, and give props where props are do. But, yeah saying they're huge fans, and even suggesting that that would mean they cannot criticize anything, is some capitalist bullshit ;)

                            • funandyvideos
                              funandyvideos  4 months back

                              You know, if you've made it close enough to sneeze on it, you're probably getting promoted.

                              • FIREFLY FUNFIEND
                                FIREFLY FUNFIEND  4 months back

                                Where's Simon Miller @ he's the real star of this show!

                                • Hamzah Iftikhar
                                  Hamzah Iftikhar  4 months back

                                  Helthcare would make wwe better

                                  • THE JUSTICE
                                    THE JUSTICE  4 months back

                                    @M Johnsen
                                    Is it?

                                  • Benjamin Logan
                                    Benjamin Logan  4 months back

                                    @M Johnsen Wrong, in fact WWEs bank account is the only thing that is up! Between the Saudi deal and the Fox deal WWE could lose $ for 10 years and not go bankrupt.

                                  • M Johnsen
                                    M Johnsen  4 months back

                                    It wouldn't affect the product at all except to lower production quality, probably. You know why there's no pyro any more right? WWE is already hurting financially.

                                • Darren D. MacDonald
                                  Darren D. MacDonald  4 months back

                                  It won't happen unless the wrestlers at the very top push hard for unions. Those are the only wrestlers that matter to the WWE because they are the ones that "Get people to tune in" and make the money. You could have half the wrestlers on the bottom side of the roster demand unionization, WWE wouldn't even entertain the thought. If you had the main event scene demand it, then WWE might take it seriously. But people like Cena, Lesnar and Reigns won't do it, because as it stands right now, they have nothing to personally gain from it. But because they make the money, their opinion is worth more to the WWE.

                                  • Mike G
                                    Mike G  4 months back

                                    Every time I look at Sidgwick, I feel like R-Truth is going pop out and pin someone.

                                    • Hunter Gillikin
                                      Hunter Gillikin  4 months back


                                      • Joel Whitfield
                                        Joel Whitfield  4 months back

                                        I oddly want to see Hamflett and Sidgwick swap sides for once... No idea why, just seems like a silly change that would make everyone think "wait, something's different"...

                                        • crimson bolt
                                          crimson bolt  4 months back

                                          Every single worker regardless of industry need to be in a union to protect from management taking advantage of the workers.

                                          • Pax Humana
                                            Pax Humana  4 months back


                                            • Alexyepez25
                                              Alexyepez25  4 months back

                                              Does wwe even have medical coverage for superstars and legends big company that puts body on the line should help wrestlers even after they retire

                                              • praveen jazz
                                                praveen jazz  4 months back

                                                @Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah what a sick human being you are. By that defintion of yours no one deserves any welfare program...

                                              • Troy Zeleznik
                                                Troy Zeleznik  4 months back

                                                @Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah 😂😂😂😂

                                              • Troy Zeleznik
                                                Troy Zeleznik  4 months back

                                                @Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah lol

                                            • Joe Carroll 3
                                              Joe Carroll 3  4 months back

                                              If WWE is that evil, take action & put them out of business.

                                            • Mista Fozz
                                              Mista Fozz  4 months back

                                              Would the WWE not have to change the Independent Contractor status of the roster first and make them actual employees of WWE before they can unionise???

                                              • Mista Fozz
                                                Mista Fozz  4 months back

                                                @Mr. 23Hours we know they are essentially employees of WWE, but Vince will tell you different...I am wondering if, to become unionised, WWE management have to officially recognise them as employees

                                              • Mr. 23Hours
                                                Mr. 23Hours  4 months back

                                                M Johnsen That is a terrible comparison, what are you even trying to say lol

                                              • M Johnsen
                                                M Johnsen  4 months back

                                                @Mr. 23Hours So are Uber drivers. Doesn't matter. The employer sets the relationship.

                                              • Mr. 23Hours
                                                Mr. 23Hours  4 months back

                                                Mista Fozz They ARE actual employees, the independent contractor title is a false title.

                                            • Sephiroth 87
                                              Sephiroth 87  4 months back

                                              We????? You mean can the wrestlers at wwe get a union dumbass

                                              • Chase Schleich
                                                Chase Schleich  4 months back

                                                Lance Storm had the best idea I've heard so far. Wrestlers need to go to SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and work out a way to join. They act on television multiple timea a week so they should be eligible. Jesse Ventura is a member of SAG and it didn't cost Vince a dime. The company should be working on that deal.

                                                • Pax Humana
                                                  Pax Humana  4 months back

                                                  That only happened AFTER he retired from the ring, though.

                                              • Hi shark
                                                Hi shark  4 months back

                                                It was cool John Oliver mentioned wrestling union in his show, but unfortunately he didn't do a follow-up episode I guess the show crew didn't want to draw more wwe heat... Imagine many shows initiating wrestling union it might just happened but it will be outside wwe, as wwe only sign contracts for wrestlers as independent contractors for five years without any guarantee and assurance for future medical care and if any wrestlers walked out(which independent contractors can) wwe will put non compete clourse like it did with CM Punk in 2014. Wwe is just a terrible place for wrestling, wrestlers and storylines. I hope outside competition can force change within the wwe

                                                • bigpimpdaddy69
                                                  bigpimpdaddy69  4 months back

                                                  @Hi shark Lawsuit for what specifically? For merely reporting on them? Vince would have no case for slander and it wouldn't even get to court. Oliver wouldn't put himself in that position to even be in court. And it wouldn't be a problem for John Oliver because he wouldn't be in trouble for anything. He doesn't have that show just so he can be afraid of certain people that he doesn't report on them. That would be stupid.

                                                • Hi shark
                                                  Hi shark  4 months back

                                                  @bigpimpdaddy69 maybe because vince is millionaire and if they pull a law sue I think it will be problematic I think they can recover from it but why have the problem?

                                                • THE JUSTICE
                                                  THE JUSTICE  4 months back

                                                  Some chick from fox interviewed Bailey and

                                                • bigpimpdaddy69
                                                  bigpimpdaddy69  4 months back

                                                  Why would John Oliver be scared of WWE? Last Week Tonight doesn't really do followup episodes. And Oliver gets far more heat from other entities and figures than Vince McMahon.

                                              • Seth Freakin Rollins Fan
                                                Seth Freakin Rollins Fan  4 months back

                                                Kevin Dunn disliked this video lol.

                                                • Edgar Lopez
                                                  Edgar Lopez  4 months back

                                                  it would be great for them but it’s kinda fantasy booking at this point, a lot of things would have to go just right for it to happen

                                                  • D. Anthony
                                                    D. Anthony  4 months back

                                                    Test, Big Show, Mick Foley and Ken Shamrock

                                                  • Giwrgos  Dioulgkaridis
                                                    Giwrgos Dioulgkaridis  4 months back

                                                    ΠΑΟΚ ΕΚΔΡΟΜΕΣ ΝΑΡΚΩΤΙΚΆ ΕΤΣΙ ΜΑΘΑΜΕ ΕΜΕΙΣ ΑΠΌ ΠΑΙΔΙΑ!!

                                                    • Pax Humana
                                                      Pax Humana  4 months back

                                                      ENGLISH, please. I would say that what you are saying is all Greek to me, but in your case, it is quite literal, so well played, good sir.

                                                  • DJDoubleCee
                                                    DJDoubleCee  4 months back

                                                    At 14:19 one of the reasons why I don’t wanna be a wrestler. The touring schedule would kill me.

                                                    • NH 28
                                                      NH 28  4 months back

                                                      Why just WWE 🤔
                                                      The narrative is real

                                                    • King Reese
                                                      King Reese  4 months back

                                                      3rd dislike right here. This is a subject for the employees to have. Waste of a video

                                                      • ADAM 305
                                                        ADAM 305  4 months back

                                                        Theyre wrestling journalist they can talk about it

                                                    • Deathgun 2019
                                                      Deathgun 2019  4 months back

                                                      No, as Jim Ross once said wrestlers can barely agree on what food they want. Ventura once tried it and failed because Hulk Hogan snitched.

                                                      Edit: even if some wrestlers want to they are scared about the consequences.

                                                      • Dawnelldo2
                                                        Dawnelldo2  4 months back

                                                        I sadly have to agree with this.

                                                      • Space_Ace_1
                                                        Space_Ace_1  4 months back

                                                        If ever you needed another reason to hate Hulk Hogan

                                                      • Jacob Thomas
                                                        Jacob Thomas  4 months back

                                                        If you mean getting fired that’s a blessing not a consequence

                                                    • IvNoahh
                                                      IvNoahh  4 months back

                                                      Already 2 dislikes?

                                                    • Slater_Danger
                                                      Slater_Danger  4 months back

                                                      Not unless they want to all get cut loose.

                                                      • Connor
                                                        Connor  4 months back


                                                        • Nick Mitrevska
                                                          Nick Mitrevska  4 months back


                                                          • Rick Fisher-Grimes
                                                            Rick Fisher-Grimes  4 months back

                                                            Didn't Piper try this