Preseason underreactions: Jameis Winston showing growth | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports


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  • hahah lol
    hahah lol  4 months back

    Let's hear simms evaluate himself.He would cry hahaha

    • The Pryor80
      The Pryor80  4 months back

      Sims was garbage as a Bucs QB. You was awful Sims. Holding on to the ball to long like a knucklehead.

      • Red ROJO
        Red ROJO  3 months back

        Lol so true... his best game was with a ruptured spleen...

    • Mario Jenkins
      Mario Jenkins  4 months back

      Peyton Manning threw 81 picks during his 1st four years to Winston's 58 and I never recalled the media calling him a "bone-head turnover machine".

      • markmac
        markmac  3 months back

        @Mario Jenkins i know, i've been dealing with it since FSU. and yeah, Arians will get the credit, i noticed that too. i just want Jameis in Tampa for life!

      • Mario Jenkins
        Mario Jenkins  3 months back

        @markmac Average intelligence would assume that, but we all know that won't happen...the media is already poised to give Arians all of the credit if Jameis has success. Even if his numbers supersede other HOF QBs, this biased media will find fault with him because the mold has already been cast. And since most sports fans (really, people in general) are not prone to think critically for themselves, the Jameis hate will continue and we all know it.

      • markmac
        markmac  3 months back

        PM was "the golden boy" and rightfully so, but the media just doesnt look at Jameis that way. but if he does what i know he can this year, that will change some opinions.

      • Jesus De La Cruz
        Jesus De La Cruz  4 months back

        @The Pryor80 *objective comment*

      • The Pryor80
        The Pryor80  4 months back

        Winston will be in the Hall of Fame when its all said in done.

      DJ SHOTGUNN  4 months back

      Excuse me Sims what was your record with the Bucs?? Matter fact what's your career stats? Mr. 12-18 TD-Int.... 8yrs 3 teams & never signed to a 2nd contract.... I guess you would be an authority on boneheaded plays. How quickly they forget...

      • Phon Xieng
        Phon Xieng  3 months back

        DJ SHOTGUNN he didn’t have o live or weapons

    • Ryan Roddy
      Ryan Roddy  4 months back

      The most underrated QB in the NFL. He will surprise a lot of people this year

      • Phon Xieng
        Phon Xieng  3 months back

        4 years n u Morons still believe

      • markmac
        markmac  3 months back

        wont surprise me, but i hope you are right. i dont want him going anywhere else!

    • Sam Iam
      Sam Iam  4 months back

      Look at Simm's fresh kicks!

      • Lamar big Dallas
        Lamar big Dallas  4 months back

        A lot of folks won't like this and most definitely look over it but I promise you this my boy.... I can almost swear to God the Bucs will never have a QB better than Jameis.. watch and see. I'm not letting this (slogan) die I'm tired of the ignorant Buccaneer fans and their owners if not for the glazers father hiring Dungey we would be nothing..... Jameis Winston is playing wonderful despite a dysfunctional organization

        • markmac
          markmac  3 months back

          @Rell Facts no running game either. big part of the problem. they passed on Dalvin Cook and that was a huge mistake.

        • markmac
          markmac  3 months back

          exactly. he cant block for himself. he had more talent at FSU in 13 & 14. and alot of folks wont like THAT comment either!

        • Jesus De La Cruz
          Jesus De La Cruz  4 months back

          @tydacres *sigh* please read before you comment.

        • tydacres
          tydacres  4 months back

          @Jesus De La Cruz are you high? We have had a bottom 5 o-line, defense, and run game the last 2 years. Look it up

        • Calvert Williamson
          Calvert Williamson  4 months back

          @Jesus De La Cruz It appeared as if you were citing stats for the Bucs. When I read your next statement, I understood that you were referring to the Eagles.

      • Kedar Jambhekar
        Kedar Jambhekar  4 months back

        Great takes but my man, get some collar stays lol

        • Justus Equality
          Justus Equality  4 months back

          Come on Chris...

          A long sleeve shirt in the summertime is ludicrous.

          • Kexin
            Kexin  4 months back

            I like this segment.

            • S. Shephard
              S. Shephard  4 months back