UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (08.07.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Razelll
    Razelll  4 months back

    The only reason dak had 6 game winning drives last season is because he sucked for the first 3 quarters. So they were behind so many times.

    • Sgt. Awesome1000
      Sgt. Awesome1000  4 months back

      Can you plz talk about the other teams other then the cowboys it would be nice for a change

      • Small Loan Of A Million
        Small Loan Of A Million  4 months back

        Skip just said clout, he’s evolving

        • cholli4141
          cholli4141  4 months back

          Kurt Warner came off the couch

          • Cody Fast
            Cody Fast  4 months back

            That first segment was so difficult to listen to.. Skip wouldn’t let Shannon utter a sound for like 10 minutes.. lol smh

            • Ty_demon _
              Ty_demon _  4 months back

              Fr, he said he's killing shannon, but he wouldn't let him talk🤣🤣🤣🤣

          • Tanner Sherrill
            Tanner Sherrill  4 months back

            Brady doesn’t have many air yards either anymore. Most his receivers are in front of him as well. Seems like Brady’s already at Peyton’s arm strength.

            • jmiogo
              jmiogo  4 months back

              It’s painful listening to Skip trying desperately hard to sound black. Ugh

              • Alex Utsch
                Alex Utsch  4 months back

                What are you talking about dude lol

              • Brian Ingram
                Brian Ingram  4 months back

                @E-Man nor have.... jmiogo is out in left field on this one. i highly doubt Shannon would tolerate that...

              • E-Man
                E-Man  4 months back

                Never heard him try to do that in my life.

            • Paulprouddad/grandad
              Paulprouddad/grandad  4 months back

              Just wondering if sometimes Skip forgets he hosts a National show not a local show in Dallas that is on the cowboys flagship station. His “my cowboys...my quarterback...my team “ comments are that of a local fanboy host.

              • Kalease Carter
                Kalease Carter  4 months back

                Mannn, every damn day.. And his takes are all " what if's ".....

              • Christian Montanez
                Christian Montanez  4 months back

                Not really, he's just a Cowboys fan obviously. That's y he refers 2 them as his

            • Monty Hibdon
              Monty Hibdon  4 months back

              Football season is upon us...😵💥💢

            • Jamal James
              Jamal James  4 months back

              This how I get my sport talk every morning once again for thousand time 😂💪🏾💪🏾

              • Rajon Rondo
                Rajon Rondo  4 months back

                I don't see what's so special about Dak and Zeke

                • Monty Hibdon
                  Monty Hibdon  4 months back

                  You mean zeke

                • Vijay V
                  Vijay V  4 months back

                  Rajon Rondo dak is special bc he’s the most average QB of all time, i’ve never seen a QB possibly be so average

                • Johnny Hughes
                  Johnny Hughes  4 months back

                  Ok dat but zeke u out ur mind

              • Tilden Katz
                Tilden Katz  4 months back

                A requirement of a degree is not racism.

                • Stanley Ross
                  Stanley Ross  4 months back

                  @Tilden Katz Your momma!!!

                • Tilden Katz
                  Tilden Katz  4 months back

                  @Stanley Ross you have a low I.Q

                • Stanley Ross
                  Stanley Ross  4 months back

                  It's racism when a white league make rules to suppress a black man for contine to succeed, whose doing with without a degree.

                • Tilden Katz
                  Tilden Katz  4 months back

                  @Tragik Plays I agree with you

              • Marcos Gamez
                Marcos Gamez  4 months back

                Kurt Warner?? I think he fits your bill Skip... and your RB off the couch got pretty much shut down in the superbowl. No way does Zeke get shut down like that.

                • Windrider MaCh
                  Windrider MaCh  4 months back

                  um the reason they didn't make the superbowl was because he got shut down against the rams... 20 carries 47 yards, cough...

              • toptenguy1
                toptenguy1  4 months back

                Cowboys, Lebron, Brady. SKIP HAT TRICK!!

                • Giffond Hall
                  Giffond Hall  4 months back

                  @Dustin Bridges ratings

                • Dustin Bridges
                  Dustin Bridges  4 months back

                  toptenguy1 I know why can’t they talk about other teams and players?

              • Tevin Austin
                Tevin Austin  4 months back

                ZEKE IS TOP 2 and not 2

                • tigerbiterhater
                  tigerbiterhater  4 months back

                  Send Zeke to the Eagles haha

                  • Giffond Hall
                    Giffond Hall  4 months back

                    gives jordan howard

                  • Dustin Bridges
                    Dustin Bridges  4 months back

                    tigerbiterhater or to the Texans. But honestly I would trade him to the browns for Kareem hunt and a couple draft picks

                • BrokenTheKing
                  BrokenTheKing  4 months back

                  follow me !