Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold dominate in opening drives | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  • Jared Kent
    Jared Kent  5 months back

    Darnold the best qb gase has ever had? Do they remember that Peyton threw 56 TDs in a season with gase as coordinator?

    • TheTot Process
      TheTot Process  5 months back

      Yeah Baker Dominated... Dominated the Redskins Practice Squad Defense lol

    • erick smith
      erick smith  6 months back

      Any offense in the preseason with their starting qb... and that qb runs.. which no defense would be expecting.... did not have a good first drive....

      • Nick King
        Nick King  6 months back

        Redskins didn't even have but 4 starters in the game on opening drive. Might as well give Mayfield mvp in their eyes.

        • john anthony
          john anthony  6 months back

          Nick King they also gave the redskins the game plan for the first drive before hand and they couldn’t do anything about it.

      • dezmond444
        dezmond444  6 months back

        Thank you for being the only analyst to give Lamar Jackson a fair analysis

        • autistic Hockeyguy
          autistic Hockeyguy  5 months back

          Blax was last year, will be this year. Guy’s gonna be done by year 6. If you can’t complete near 60% of your passes you shouldn’t be in the league

        • Blax
          Blax  5 months back

          @autistic Hockeyguy bottom 10!?

        • autistic Hockeyguy
          autistic Hockeyguy  6 months back

          Gonna be a career bottom 10 Qb lol. You guys are never winning a super bowl with that quarterback play

      • Kayden Sevison
        Kayden Sevison  6 months back

        Thank you for respecting Lamar’s night he looked promising

        • bernard griffin
          bernard griffin  6 months back

          Lamar said he throw it to him and behind on purpose.

          • bernard griffin
            bernard griffin  6 months back

            @erick smith mistype, of not og.

          • erick smith
            erick smith  6 months back

            @bernard griffin lol og.. dude is no where close to the streets.....

          • bernard griffin
            bernard griffin  6 months back

            @erick smith Lamar miss a throw he will say it or it was an ugly pass. His past experiences shown you he not that type of guy.

          • erick smith
            erick smith  6 months back

            If I missed a throw.. I would say it is on purpose as well😁

        • Zachary Berner
          Zachary Berner  6 months back

          Sam vs Baker for years to come.

          • LA 80s baby
            LA 80s baby  4 months back

            This comment will not age well😂🛌🛌🛌🛌🏃🏃🏃

          • Cory Longville
            Cory Longville  5 months back

            Logan Asbill Imagine thinking breaking a rookie record means anything going forward 😂. Baker had the best supporting cast of any of the rookies and Browns fans want to pretend it was all him. Put Baker with the Jets cast they had last year and he ain’t breaking any records promise you that

          • umop apIsdn
            umop apIsdn  6 months back

            Logan Asbill he’s not on mahomes level. Not even close. And comparing him to mahomes in college is stupid because remember Nathan peterman and Johnny manziel were good in college. That has nothing to do with how good they are in the nfl.

          • Rosh 94
            Rosh 94  6 months back

            Average to above average. Laughable assessment considering he broke the rookie TD record in his first season while not starting every game and under hue jackson. Baker also outplayed Mahomes in college. They are both great QBs.

          • umop apIsdn
            umop apIsdn  6 months back

            Eric Friendzoned mayfield is average to above average so far. What makes you think he will end up being any better than Sam Darnold or josh Allen? It’s too early to tell

        • Hunter Bachman
          Hunter Bachman  6 months back

          Washington has two starters on the field....

          • Hunter Bachman
            Hunter Bachman  6 months back

            Joseph Conway whether it’s bad team management or not it still was against 2s he did what he was supposed to

          • Hunter Bachman
            Hunter Bachman  6 months back

            Matt C I love baker didn’t say he was bad QB. But he ought to have first downs every play because it’s against second string players. I’m just saying let’s no make a mountain out of a ant hill

          • Matt C
            Matt C  6 months back

            Browns were getting first downs every play throwing to our former fourth string running back so I mean.

            Anyway, just compare Baker in preseason last season to this season. He's improved in important areas and will be a great quarterback.

          • Joseph Conway
            Joseph Conway  6 months back

            Hunter Bachman they’re supposed to have 11. That’s bad team management.