NFL Network’s Michael Irvin Talks Ezekiel Elliott Holdout & More with Rich Eisen | Full Interview


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  • Doctor Enigma
    Doctor Enigma  4 months back

    Make the Hershel walker trade 2.0, get a ton of players and picks and move on, they're not gonna win a championship this year regardless

    • jacob kemp
      jacob kemp  4 months back

      The problems the cowboys have is they live in the past and they built a team around a power RB and Running scheme. So if you want to live in the past, build an school style team, then you have to pay your RB like they did back in the day.

      • Susana Mier
        Susana Mier  4 months back

        These NFL people don't know nothing that's why the patriots keep winning super bowls they pay these gm people millions and they know nothing it's embarrassing We need Eliot to win games not just the super bowl but we pay scandrick Marion barber these guys were bad and they got millions patriots win again not because of good because everbody else don't know nothing know they say all running backs are the same wow how stupid is that ! Patriots win again the super bowl stupid is stupid does!

        • Bryan Blanks
          Bryan Blanks  4 months back

          Michael Irvin Jimmy Jonhson said a long time ago do you treat all football layers the same? Jimmy Johnson said absolutley not! The better football plaayer gets treated differently by him for obvious reasons! Jerry Jones or his eight ball son has not learned a thing in 30 years!! Zeke ask for a trade immeadiatlely. You deserve to be treated better by these loose canons!! Pay Him or trade Him Zeke has earned that much respect!! Freaking Eight Balls, Dumb and Dumber Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones. I stll cannot believe Jerry Jones is in canton beside Tom Landry. Tom Landry 30 years of winning records 5 superbowl appearances and 2 superbowl wins! This is what a bobble head does fire Jimmy Johnson for turning his team in to a SuperBowl winner! Bobblehead Jones and now Bobble head 2 in charge! ASK FOR TRADE IMEADIATELY Zeke! The running back is devalued beacase he is black! Demarco Murray ran to death then sent packing, Emmit Smith had to demand his Money! Duane Thamas in the past was treated unfairly! Just a long line of disrespect in the NFL for a postion dominated by the BLACK PLAYER Devalued MY BUTTHOLE!!!!!!!!!

          • Rob Host
            Rob Host  4 months back

            Bryan Blanks every position is dominated by the black player. Even black qbs are making top dollar now

        • Harold Upchurch
          Harold Upchurch  4 months back

          Tony Jerry drafted Zeke 4th in the first round because our offense is built on running first Zeke did more than what was expected and now he wants his money if he plays under a b******* contract how much effort do you think he's going to put in running the ball and knowing if he gets hurt there is no big money contract coming down the Road for him

          • Harold Upchurch
            Harold Upchurch  4 months back

            Watch Raider crazy as hell somebody going to pick Zeke up regardless

            • Ian Weir
              Ian Weir  4 months back

              Just give Zeke the same money as Gurley or $1.00 more a, now they are not a market setter,they are tied. lol Zeke will take that. It sounds like the market is 9 mill bid / at 15 mil. i think Cowboys should come up to 12 or 13, mil. See what happens.

              • JoJoDanzer
                JoJoDanzer  4 months back


            • Jason Bradham
              Jason Bradham  4 months back

              Pay Zeke you hypocrites before the man gets pissed and walks when he can.

              • Everett Smith
                Everett Smith  4 months back

                If Zeke is not in by August 6th an extra year is added. Now, where is he going( unless, he is traded).

            • one love
              one love  4 months back

              Michael is one of my favorite guys as well.

              • Daniel
                Daniel  4 months back

                really? dude is a total scumbag. I worked at the doubletree while he was playing.. he was in there with a different hooker three times a week coking his ass off.

              • Michael Paterson
                Michael Paterson  4 months back

                Play maker is a GENIUS, my Dallas Cowboys great is preaching, to dum media, and block head Jerry Jones, they so stupid because they believe in close minded thinking we don't need a great running back , Ekekiel Elliott , but we do ever other 31 pro teams no it , got put 8 man the BOX ! Enough said. .......God bless you.. Awesome .God my Dallas Cowboys family members Nation in the best World..CHAMPIONSHIP time is now. Michael Angelo, Tallahassee Florida. ✌👌🏆🔥🔥🔥🔥

            • Jr Woodson
              Jr Woodson  4 months back

              Rich Eisen when the season starts will go off on the AFC East again. You know the ones. That was the greatest thing you ever said on TV. Couldn't believe it.

              • Scott Davidson
                Scott Davidson  4 months back

                Been a Cowboy fan since 1975. They will NOT win a Super Bowl until Jerry Jones is dead, murdered or killed.

                • Bobby Hicks
                  Bobby Hicks  4 months back

                  Jimmy Johnson 3 , 2 as a coach and 1 with his players that swistzer coached

                • Everett Smith
                  Everett Smith  4 months back


                • Shaka X
                  Shaka X  4 months back

                  Stop talking crazy

                • neetrab
                  neetrab  4 months back

                  @Jason Bradham he needs to chill out.

                • Jason Bradham
                  Jason Bradham  4 months back

                  @Glorious Pandemonium he means more

              • Tony Godfrey
                Tony Godfrey  4 months back

                Been a major cowboy fan since I was 7 years old (1977), love em,but zeke is pissing me off. Quit biting the hand that feeds you, and, grow up.

                • neetrab
                  neetrab  4 months back

                  Yeah, not taking a team discount means you need to grow up.. 🙄

                • Rick Packard
                  Rick Packard  4 months back

                  😂 Been a Steeler fan since 1973 now you feel my pain see Leveon Bell n AB glad there gone!!!

              • Pallas Athena
                Pallas Athena  4 months back

                And they need to pay Amari and Dak, wonder how this affects their cap.

                • El Jefe
                  El Jefe  4 months back

                  Let's go Cowboys

                  • Watts Raider
                    Watts Raider  4 months back

                    If Zeke keep getting into foolery he won't get paid by any team.

                    • JAY JAY TRILLa
                      JAY JAY TRILLa  4 months back

                      Bruh hunt beat a bitch up on tape is suspended and still got picked up...somebody would pay him quick af

                    • menace1193
                      menace1193  4 months back

                      Do what u do Zeke
                      We not listening to somebody who ain't getting paid

                    • neetrab
                      neetrab  4 months back

                      Except the raiders and a few other teams.

                    • Joseph Sheldon
                      Joseph Sheldon  4 months back

                      AGREED!!! Grow the f up, Zeke!

                    • BThreatTV
                      BThreatTV  4 months back