David Dobrik bullying Jason Nash for 10 minutes straight


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  • Mae Mae
    Mae Mae  7 days back

    jason:*get bullied by david*
    a teacher: now kids that is called a car alarm. people can make that sound too jimmy

    • Karolina S
      Karolina S  1 months back

      *power washer noises*

      • Pastel Pink123
        Pastel Pink123  1 months back

        He uploaded and deleted it i didn't get to watch it ugh now I'm here

        • Moggie loggie
          Moggie loggie  1 months back

          1:40 did the car alarm go off or was that Jason?

          • Moggie loggie
            Moggie loggie  1 months back

            Jason is more than double David's age!!!!!!

            • the girly show
              the girly show  3 months back

              all the sound in all david dobrik videos you can make in a vidoe

              • Andres Crisanto
                Andres Crisanto  3 months back

                You mean for 600 something vlogs

                • Audrey Kohnen
                  Audrey Kohnen  4 months back

                  i feel like you will be HUGE in the future

                  • Jaden Moyers
                    Jaden Moyers  4 months back

                    1:34 wtf was that laugh😂😂😂☠️

                    • Fliqs hockeykd013
                      Fliqs hockeykd013  4 months back

                      Imagine putting ads on someone else’s content

                      • teadom
                        teadom   4 months back

                        Actually I’m not making money off those ads, the video got claimed so the advertisers are just running ads and profiting on their own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                    • 【Mari Rose】
                      【Mari Rose】  4 months back

                      Jason: My mom has been nothing but nice to you!

                      Your intro: TeA!

                      • Yuliana Vargas
                        Yuliana Vargas  4 months back

                        “Jason I love you” 2:31

                        aweee that was you cute ❤️🥺 even though he said “I’m f*cking kidding” 😂😂

                        • Wamvoi Hugo
                          Wamvoi Hugo  5 months back

                          I jus love Jason
                          And the relationship with dobrik

                          • Gala-Z Wolf
                            Gala-Z Wolf  5 months back

                            Kettle pot?

                            • Chris Sims
                              Chris Sims  5 months back

                              1:40 u sound like David dobrik Ferreira car alarm

                              • Jazminx17
                                Jazminx17  5 months back

                                when he was in the tape for some reason i felt bad for🥺😂😂😂

                                • Junpei Animates
                                  Junpei Animates  5 months back

                                  I wonder if he can handle an Hour.

                                  • teadom
                                    teadom   5 months back

                                    now THAT would be interesting...