UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (7.29.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Tommaso Alì
    Tommaso Alì  4 months back

    is skip stooopid?

    • Keith Campbell
      Keith Campbell  4 months back

      Is skip jealous of Lebron

      • Basantdeep Singh
        Basantdeep Singh  4 months back


        • Carlos Garcia in the crypto space

          Get em shannon 😆😆

          • B F
            B F  4 months back

            LeCon is ridiculous I just can't with him what parent would upstage their own kid at a championship AAU game when their kid is playing well????

            • James Freeman
              James Freeman  4 months back

              Did you forget about Lavar ball? 😒

          • Harold Chairs
            Harold Chairs  4 months back

            I wish they would have posted the video of Shannon saying this. As a black man without his father I wish I had a father that did that for me. I think it is awesome and I pray Lebron James doesn’t stop being him.

            • B F
              B F  4 months back

              Shut up!!! You simp

          • Altitude Magic
            Altitude Magic  4 months back

            Arod should take a paycut if he has to cover up a bad team.

            • Ace Boogie
              Ace Boogie  4 months back

              brady good at his age,he barley get hit,his job not hard at all.

            • Altitude Magic
              Altitude Magic  5 months back

              manny and tom are on peds and blood cleansing.

              • I do care
                I do care  5 months back

                Some players want to get rich and some want to win Super Bowls and that is part of what makes the NFL so fun to watch... Watching who is chasing those SBs and who is chasing the extra dolla!

                • LeVelle Coley
                  LeVelle Coley  5 months back

                  Matt Ryan most disrespected QB

                • Rohan Singh
                  Rohan Singh  5 months back

                  He said hopefully Tom Brady doesnt have to rely on his 7.240 speed... lmao 🤣😂

                • Charles Brown
                  Charles Brown  5 months back


                  • Plug
                    Plug  5 months back

                    Can we get live video With the full podcast?

                  • Jason Stroupe
                    Jason Stroupe  5 months back

                    Pls stop with the Dak Prescott c rap.he is not that good their not gonna win the Super Bowl so just stop

                    • Jaah Rucks
                      Jaah Rucks  5 months back

                      Lebron did it to get the team hype to play, and they won the tournament. Let the man live!!!

                    • Austin Powers
                      Austin Powers  5 months back

                      Why haven’t we paid Dak yet?