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  • Astro Rockets
    Astro Rockets  4 months back

    Fans should ALWAYS be on the owners side because they’re looking out for the best interest of the TEAM (Cowboys). The players being rich does nothing for the fans.

    • Aaron P
      Aaron P  4 months back

      Skip dry snitching

      • Matt Seifert
        Matt Seifert  4 months back

        YouTube ads and podcast ads. C’mon y’all have enough money that you don’t need to go crazy like that.

        • Felix Torres
          Felix Torres  4 months back

          I love that skip doesn’t care what anyone thinks an Unc Shannon always been a O.G

          • mrchicago6984
            mrchicago6984  4 months back

            Shannon have some days when he just goof off and give is comedy and something to laugh at and then some days he come in spitting facts at skip that catch him off guard that he cant even debate.unk the real goat

            • Jerry Kwerve
              Jerry Kwerve  4 months back

              Now everyday is zeke zeke dak dak

              • First Name Last Name
                First Name Last Name  4 months back

                Jerry Kwerve lol foreal I’m a ✭ fan but damn I feel overwhelmed sometimes with all the content they put out on them

            • STJ
              STJ  4 months back

              LOL at how unashamedly, stupidly and ridiculously biased Skip is. What a clown.

              • Monty Hibdon
                Monty Hibdon  4 months back

                Nah we don't need zeke....

                • DemonSkittles
                  DemonSkittles  4 months back

                  If he doesn't want the deal I say trade him

              • The G-Bus
                The G-Bus  4 months back

                He said cowboys are over rated but yet all they talk about Is the cowboys

                • Casey C
                  Casey C  4 months back

                  Zeke knows he would get paid. He has 2 years left. This is selfish. I don't really like some of the things that Jerry does, but in this situation, he is right.

                  • Casey C
                    Casey C  4 months back

                    @CoKo A If he were to win with this team or continue production, he'd be top paid back on his new deal guaranteed

                  • Ramon Mercado
                    Ramon Mercado  4 months back

                    @DemonSkittles the four year deal includes the option for a 5th because he was a first round pick. The cowboys picked that up. Not sure what Dak had to do with anything

                  • DemonSkittles
                    DemonSkittles  4 months back

                    @Ramon Mercado lol he signed the rookie deal, not daks fault he only had a 4 year deal

                  • CoKo A
                    CoKo A  4 months back

                    @Ramon Mercado it's definitely a leverage game. I think they'll find out pretty quick they can't win without him.

                • AbrealFrank FromTheMitten

                  Get ready for an hour of cowboys talk.

                  • Astro Rockets
                    Astro Rockets  4 months back

                    AbrealFrank FromTheMitten and iLOVE it.

                  • Let’s Smoke Foo
                    Let’s Smoke Foo  4 months back

                    I just skipped it I can stand listening to skip talk about the cowboys

                  • Quinthoniy Freeman Davis
                    Quinthoniy Freeman Davis  4 months back

                    Tired of Cowboys talk there bot even relevant

                  • hellohell77
                    hellohell77  4 months back

                    @AbrealFrank FromTheMitten it's more like lebron or the warriors and the cowboys. Well until Kawhi blew up free agency this year. Lol. But hey a lot of national sports talk shows do that.

                  • AbrealFrank FromTheMitten
                    AbrealFrank FromTheMitten  4 months back

                    @hellohell77 oh yeah, lol. Just wish they would cover some other teams. Same goes for the NBA. Too much focus on the Lakers and Cowboys. Even though neither of them have won in ages 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️