What Dak Prescott's extension could look like with Dallas Cowboys | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

  • Published: 13 August 2019
  • The Cowboys may have been the source behind the false report of Dak Prescott wanting $40 million per year, and Mike Florio and Chris Simms believe it could be a sign Dallas is feeling the pressure. #NBCSports #NFL #Cowboys

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    What Dak Prescott's extension could look like with Dallas Cowboys | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports
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Comments • 75

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson  5 months back

    These QBs better start producing Super Bowls. The productivity has to match the paycheck. Can Dak deliver a Lombardi trophy to Dallas? Time will tell...

    • Queen Supreme 2
      Queen Supreme 2  5 months back

      had turned down a $30 million a year deal and instead asked for $40 million a year, which would make him the highest-paid QB in the league.

      NOT FAKE and Im on Dez Bryant Side "GIVE DAK HIS 40MIL AND DONT @ ME"

      • Steven Jenkins
        Steven Jenkins  5 months back

        Joe average.

        • WiperHunter
          WiperHunter  5 months back

          I never believed that 40 mill crap. And shame on the Cowboys if that was intentionally put out there to pressure or manipulate Dak. Just one more reason why this organization has been par more times than not.

          • Philly let’s go D
            Philly let’s go D  5 months back

            I’m an Eagles fan... So pay him long term ... lmfao

            • Philly let’s go D
              Philly let’s go D  5 months back

              Crisper Dragon - cowboys will sign an average QB for top dollar... This is awesome to me !!!!! Cowboys will be non relevant for another 10 years

            • David Punneo
              David Punneo  5 months back

              The eagles just gave a crippled 107 million guaranteed..😂😂😂😂

            • Philly let’s go D
              Philly let’s go D  5 months back

              2017 Wentz clear favorite for MVP. Dak, is an average QB, in line 15-20 Rank.. I think he’s a good leader but doesn’t have the talent

            • Glockness Monster
              Glockness Monster  5 months back

              Dan Kennedy I’d rather pay a QB who has never had a losing record and has won a playoff game over an injury prone QB who hasn’t proven anything in 3 years

            • Ian Maher
              Ian Maher  5 months back

              @Philly let’s go D He'll get $33m-$34m a year, just a matter of time...

          • Miguel Lopez
            Miguel Lopez  5 months back

            Zero Super Bowl. Come on 22 million at best he need to go and win something

            • joseph Henry
              joseph Henry  5 months back

              He makes much more than 22mil just being franchise tag every year. So why would a business person take that

          • fitandhotty
            fitandhotty  5 months back

            he will get 33 mil. same draft as wentz w more playoff exper. also better injury history. see 5 yrs 165mil w 70 mil guarnteed. ask agent for this dak and they will pay. guaranteed or get a new agent

            • jeremy x
              jeremy x  5 months back

              When will the media do an all out clarification of just how much Dak has been robbed by being rated & drafted as the 135th player

              He's out dueling & out playing the likes of Wentz, Goff, Arod, Wilson, etc

              He's out played his contract by a universe
              He's been paid pennies comparative to 6th & 7th rounders

              Do a legitimate show in how much Dak's been underpaid

              That'll really give perspective

              Feel me,?

              Of course y'all don't!
              Not won't¡

              • jeremy x
                jeremy x  5 months back

                @rashid abdur-rahim Individual stars
                Dak's out played them
                I know who trysre

                I'm in avid football fan
                Imregardless if Dak being average, below average, above average
                Experts say Brady, Ben, Wilson,etc were the same their first 4 yrs

                Last year's playoffs
                Rayne Dakota Prescott rated highest among QBs in the playoffs

                That's not my fantasizing
                That's NFL stats
                Average QB out played every other NFL playoffs QB last year

                This average QB has the best 3 yr start comp% wise
                If Dak's inaccurate
                EVERY other QB has had a lesser start accuracy wise

                He's in pace to do likewise as them

                Not saying he will
                He's just in great company as if currently

                I digress

                Peace ☮️

              • rashid abdur-rahim
                rashid abdur-rahim  5 months back

                Rogers beat him in a playoff game and 3 of those QB have won a Superbowl and all 4 of them have been in the Superbowl . Am a cowboy fan but Dak is just a above avg QB

            • Fly guy Derrick
              Fly guy Derrick  5 months back

              He's not better than Andrew Luck. I don't even think he's that much better than Jameis Winston and the Cowboys might give him 30 to 40 million Lol...

              • Philly let’s go D
                Philly let’s go D  5 months back

                joseph Henry - If u think Dak is better then Luck, no reason for me to comment. It’s not even close !!!!

              • joseph Henry
                joseph Henry  5 months back

                Dan Kennedy tell me what is Andrew luck doing? Talent isn’t everything performance is and luck is always out so his value drops. When you go “when healthy” that’s a problem. So no luck for me is talented but never available which drops him a tier and he also throws a lot of picks

              • Philly let’s go D
                Philly let’s go D  5 months back

                joseph Henry - u honestly can’t believe Dak is on the same level as Andrew Luck. Dak is who he is, mid level talent. Game manger QB, nothing wrong with that since Cowboys have top talent.

              • joseph Henry
                joseph Henry  5 months back

                Luck is debatable. Luck was talented and had potential but after all the injuries he’s just alrighty and him and dak is on the same level now. If luck wasn’t an injury prone you pay him 40m, you pay any good qb 32+. But cmon now, not that much better than Jamie’s is just pure hating. Jamies is a walking ints who got bench for fritzpatrick multiple times. You totally lost me on that and I don’t really think you believe that. Jamie’s is as bad as Blake

              • Dirk Nowitzki
                Dirk Nowitzki  5 months back

                @California Cowboy Andrew Luck has 4 playoff wins....

            • DERIC 4 REAL
              DERIC 4 REAL  5 months back

              No way dak worth that much.hes good,but CMON MAN!!!!

              • Kirk Jackson
                Kirk Jackson  5 months back

                Intelligent analysis; something we don't see with ESPN

              • Chris Jones
                Chris Jones  5 months back

                As an eagles fan, I love this. Go Cowboys! You’re doing so good

                • Chris Jones
                  Chris Jones  5 months back

                  Aajish Marahatta You might be right bro. I hope not but unfortunately we can’t just buy body parts for him. Only make it worth his while not to damage the ones he already has.

                • Aajish Marahatta
                  Aajish Marahatta  5 months back

                  Chris Jones I felt the same when Carson wentz got paid

              • West World
                West World  5 months back

                WTH? The franchise tag is currently just over $30 m ... fully guaranteed.

                You clowns want Dak to accept $25 m now over 5 years ... that will be front heavy ... and not fully guaranteed? lol.

                If the Cowboys offered $30 m fully guarnteed, Dak will sign.

                Cowboys are offering the franchise tag amount .... but without the fully guaranteed money. This is why they say Dak will be top 5.

                Dak may have accepted Cousins contract of $27 million fully guaranteed 6 months ago... but not now. And you expect Dak would accept $25 million right now, not fully guaranteed over 5 years. Bhahahahahhahahaha.

                • J Brown
                  J Brown  5 months back

                  AT WORST Dak deserves something in the range of the Wentz deal!! If philly can commit to an injury prone Wentz for that amount, the Cowboys should be fair enough to do the same for a reliable Dak. I'd offer him that, give or take a few 100k and call it a day! If he isn't satisfied with that...Thats just tough!!!

                  • Max Coffin
                    Max Coffin  5 months back

                    Dak isn't top 5... giving him top 5 money is crazy.

                    • 0oBlitzoo
                      0oBlitzoo  5 months back

                      He should get the same or more than Wentz. This isn't fantasy, this is real. Dak is the unquestioned leader. He's improving every week. He's available and reliable. And, best of all, he wasn't a racist in high school like Carson.

                      • Baron Samedi3000
                        Baron Samedi3000  5 months back

                        Dak shouldn't accept a dime less than Wentz. Point blank period. Look at the stats and the head to head matchups

                        • UsirRaMaroon
                          UsirRaMaroon  5 months back

                          So he can argue against other organization's bad gambles that didn't pay off as expected. Great reasoning you to have... Dak: Hey Jerry, look how these teams blew overpriced contracts to average-performing QBs. I believe you should do the same...and make me top 6 highest paid too!

                          • tony okrongly
                            tony okrongly  5 months back

                            Dak is fine. He is patient. He will get whatever he's asking for. He doesn't need it this month. He can play the year out - do great again - and be worth even more next year. Then he can legitimately hold out if they don't want to pay him. It's a simple process. Dak has been undervalued by every team, every scout, he was undervalued by even the Cowboys (as long as they had Romo).

                            Is $30 million a year too much? $1 million a year is too much! These people do a stupid job that is completely unnecessary and often destroys their body... So what difference does it make if he gets $30, $50 or $100 million a year? It's not your money. It's TV star money because that's what they are, TV stars. Each team needs a certain number of actors for the weekly episode. Some are lead actors so they get paid more. That's life in the You Ess of Aye!

                            • John Paul
                              John Paul  5 months back

                              Dak isn’t worth 40 million per year. This is nothing but greed. 🏈👎👎

                              • Cal_Emitch
                                Cal_Emitch  5 months back

                                5yrs 32 or 33 million per year. 32 wins with the 2nd best since 2016. Pay him per win.

                                • John Luu
                                  John Luu  5 months back

                                  The (at best) 12th ranked QB should never be a top 5 paid QB at any time. I doubt Dak asked for $40M per year, I bet his agent did though.

                                  • A.D.
                                    A.D.  5 months back

                                    That's what people are neglecting. Dak has specifically said he's letting his agent handle this. The agent is only getting a small percentage so he definitely wants to shoot the number as high north as possible.

                                • one love
                                  one love  5 months back

                                  I don’t care how much he gets I just don’t want his salary to negate other key contracts coming up because we have a good team. The only thing I’ve heard that I don’t like is Dak is he’s demanding 40 mil but that could be a false rumor. The Cowboys have gotten great service out of him basically for free at that position the last three years so he’s due a big big payday.

                                  • one love
                                    one love  5 months back

                                    Dak Pcott well first I laughed because you can’t be serious but no you couldn’t have. Still laughing but I know you’re the type that’ll never give credit to someone you don’t like. I admit he misses throws more than he should have in the last two seasons but I’m honest about what he’s done. What I like about him more than that better the passer Romo is that Dak wins more and seems like a much better leader. I was a fan of Romo as well but someone sent me stats saying he won more games than Dak in the same amount of time which is not true. The local news showed Dak has won more than any QB in Cowboys history in his first three years and it’s not close so when someone comes at me about it then they’re saying people that do this for a living is lying. I’m not wanting a certain salary for him because it won’t help me but I am saying he deserves as much as he can get especially since they’ve paid him nothing compared to a top winning QB scale for three years if you leave out Tom Brady. I know I went overboard going on and on but I’ll give you some credit, you can actually talk like an adult where half the people on here can’t.

                                  • Dak Pcott
                                    Dak Pcott  5 months back

                                    @one love I have to question the several part of your statement. A really good game for Dak seems to be in the 250 yard range which I would not call winning the game on his arm. I think I could have thrown for 300 yards against the Eagles in the game you are talking about.

                                  • one love
                                    one love  5 months back

                                    Dak Pcott several including the Eagles overtime game. Asking which “important” game has he won with his arm didn’t trip me up because they’re all important to me. I understand we don’t agree and I’m good with that.

                                  • Dak Pcott
                                    Dak Pcott  5 months back

                                    @one love What important game has Dak won with his arm?

                                  • one love
                                    one love  5 months back

                                    mill'swrld ok but I disagree. He’s won games with his arm and I believe this year he’ll show even more ability but most won’t admit what they’re actually seeing. I just think a ton of people dislike him which I don’t get but he’s a winner. I want Zeke for more years but at some point he won’t have him which he’ll show the ability to win games without him.

                                • Tyler Main
                                  Tyler Main  5 months back

                                  Pay the man more than wentz less than Russ an let's get on to Zeke.

                                  • Rude Boi
                                    Rude Boi  5 months back

                                    He's no 40 mil guy not even top 5 money. 25 mil range sounds right.

                                    • Powerlifterusa
                                      Powerlifterusa  5 months back

                                      Give me cousins, wentz, jimmy G, over Dak any day

                                      • Tony K
                                        Tony K  5 months back

                                        Powerlifterusa hope your happy with losing and paying a guy who injured.

                                    • John Tatum
                                      John Tatum  5 months back

                                      I think Dak deserves 28 or 30 mil per year at least. 5 years 28 million per...sth like that. 140 million...that is enough.

                                      • NoctemAeternusMusic
                                        NoctemAeternusMusic  5 months back

                                        I think anything over 20-25 mil for Dak is too much. He hasn’t proven anything yet.

                                        • nate k
                                          nate k  5 months back

                                          I don't understand how teams draft players especially high in the draft like Zeke, then have a problem when it comes to paying them after they have balled out and proved their worth. These guys have done everything and more that was asked of them and yet the Jones' are nickel and dimeing them.

                                          • Lane Dodson
                                            Lane Dodson  5 months back

                                            The same argument can be made about finishing the contract they’ve agreed too.

                                            Zeke in particular jumped ahead in line when Daks contract is up first.

                                            Problem is for Zeke is running backs aren’t premium anymore and are much more easily replaced than a QB. Games too weighted towards passing.

                                          • Shelly Ann Richards
                                            Shelly Ann Richards  5 months back

                                            Nate k... I agree.
                                            He doing this in the media.. is not kool
                                            Do u know they are 2 other teams doing contracts negotiations , not a word in the media aboutnit🤫🤐

                                          • Brandon L
                                            Brandon L  5 months back

                                            Because zeke isnt up for a contract. he still has two years and is holding out on the year their franchise QB needs to get paid. It's awful timing and Jones only has so much to give with salary cap. The cowboys arent making it to the superbowl now with Dak and Zeke, how are they going to get there with 0 capspace to sign another star talent to give them the edge?

                                          • NoctemAeternusMusic
                                            NoctemAeternusMusic  5 months back

                                            nate k i love how getting paid millions to play a game is being “nickeled and dimed”. These guys are already millionaires and set for life, but im supposed to feel bad because they’re not honoring their contracts and trying to get insane contracts?

                                        • nate k
                                          nate k  5 months back

                                          Dak deserves to get paid, not 40 mill, but he deserves a great contract.

                                          • alfarabi73
                                            alfarabi73  5 months back

                                            Frankly, anything over 25 million for that scrub is "greedy," and I would be uncomfortable paying him even Andy Dalton money.

                                            • OMJUWARA
                                              OMJUWARA  5 months back

                                              I like Dak, but not for 30 million let alone 40 million.

                                              • West World
                                                West World  5 months back

                                                The franchise tag is $31 m fully guaranteed.

                                                You franchise tag a player that the team NEEDS but is not willing to pay market value or what he wants.

                                                The 30 m offer is legit. The Cowboys need Dak otherwise their season is screwed.

                                                The 40 m offer is complete BS.

                                                Cowboys are clearly NOT fully guaranteeing their $30 m offer ... and likely locking Dak into a 5 year extension.

                                                Again. The tag is currently $31 m fully guaranteed. If the Cowboys don't want to offer this bare minimum for a player the NEED .... then let Dak walk after this season.

                                                The team got lucky finding Dak with a 4th rd compensatory pick. They wanted to get paxton Lynch or Connor Cook.

                                                Yeah. Go on. Release Dak next year ... and draft another QB. lol.

                                            • Monitors of Decorum & Decency

                                              $40 million per year, for Dak? Mr. Dink'n'Dunk getting that much, will hinder the Cowboys, severely. This could easily become one of the worst deals, ever, should Dallas decide to pay Dak anything more than $25 mil per year...

                                              • one love
                                                one love  5 months back

                                                Monitors of Decorum & Decency you mean Mr. Win more than most. I don’t want them to pay that much if it hurts the salary cap but he’s worth somewhere in the 30’s. Only people liking your comments are haters just like you.

                                              • John Tatum
                                                John Tatum  5 months back

                                                Yep, 25-28...seems more reasonable.

                                            • Juggie Bonebrain
                                              Juggie Bonebrain  5 months back

                                              Not worth the 40 mil. Funny how a majority of people have to get pay raises due to performance. Going rate for the NFL position. What!?

                                              • Jay Salazar
                                                Jay Salazar  5 months back

                                                Deserves more than wentz period

                                                • Derek Smidl
                                                  Derek Smidl  5 months back

                                                  Mahomes right now is the only player in the league worth paying 40 mil a year too for the next 5 years