Jimmy Garoppolo couldn't be happier with health of knee (FULL INTERVIEW) | NBC Sports


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  • E
    E  4 months back

    Beautiful man.

    • FOE7
      FOE7  4 months back

      I like Jimmy but I like Nick Mullens better. I see so much potential with him.

      • Setsuna
        Setsuna  4 months back



        • epicwolf
          epicwolf  4 months back

          Am I the only person who only see Superman here?

          • xMtF54x
            xMtF54x  4 months back

            We comin back baby jimmy gesus

            • Mark Gitschel
              Mark Gitschel  4 months back

              Awaiting for another season let down ! I can't wait to see what happens next !

              • MTB4L
                MTB4L  4 months back

                5 INTs at practice. Wow! I submit a question to you all overreacting fans: How do you get better at practice? Is practice not to try different things to see what works and what doesn't? Y'all must of never practiced in any sport before. Smh

                • TX Made Niner
                  TX Made Niner  4 months back

                  @KingKush its not an excuse its the truth. We'll be fine and he'll be lighting up Tampa so thats whats gonna happen

                • Ricardo Rodriguez
                  Ricardo Rodriguez  4 months back

                  It just tells me hes trying to fit it in tight windows in practice. That's why it's called practice. No Biggie. I remember Patrick Mahomes had a similar practice last year in KC and he was fine.

                • Anthony Best
                  Anthony Best  4 months back

                  Free plays

                • Kevin Pelanne
                  Kevin Pelanne  4 months back

                  A man these people are crazy lol Nate Burlsons

              • Jessie Jonez
                Jessie Jonez  4 months back

                I still think jimmy is a backup QB

                • Andrew Martinez
                  Andrew Martinez  4 months back

                  He gona be Nick's back up just watch

                • TX Made Niner
                  TX Made Niner  4 months back

                  I guess you guys haven't been watching film. Jimmy has an IT factor that you just can't coach. Hence why Brady didn't want him there anymore. I hope you're not Niner fans because if you are I suggest finding a different squad. We Niner Faithfuls are ready to be back on top and this year will show the world were back. Whether you like it or not Jimmy is here to stay.

                • Daniel Andre
                  Daniel Andre  4 months back

                  That's because your stupid

                • a k
                  a k  4 months back

                  @doT03 lol

                • doT03
                  doT03  4 months back

                  Jessie Jonez mannnn I couldn’t agree with you even more on this. I really wanna see slick nick take over.

              • Dwight Lyon
                Dwight Lyon  4 months back

                I am happy that Jimmy G gets to play, he deserves it. Just sorry it's not back here in the East!

                • anthony patterson
                  anthony patterson  4 months back

                  Threw 5 straight interceptions in practice, I don't think that's the knee.

                  • zyck zyck
                    zyck zyck  4 months back

                    @Daniel Andre finally. I haven't heard one analysts make this point yet!!! It's called PRACTICE for a reason. It isn't like he's in a QB battle. He can afford to test himself and try new things. Kyle Shanahan said he was calling the defense. It's clear what was going on.

                  • Daniel Andre
                    Daniel Andre  4 months back

                    Kyle Shanahan called the defense, u think Kyle doesnt know his own offensive system ? How stupid r u ?

                  • Daniel Andre
                    Daniel Andre  4 months back

                    He threw 5 ints in practice because it was KYLE SHANAHAN who was calling the defense. Do you think Kyle doesn't know his QB and his own offensive system ?

                    I WONDER WHY THAT PART WAS LEFT OUT 🤔

                • Aaron Boismier
                  Aaron Boismier  4 months back

                  He threw 5 straight INTs yesterday in practice.. the knee is back to perfect form

                  • NITO JR
                    NITO JR  4 months back

                    @Kevin L i agree, dont be suprised if u see our defence doing that to other QBs... Imagine being picked off 5 times by the same defence u practice against everyday... Now imagine being a QB who only gets to play that same defence once or twice a year, dont be suprised if we make history for the best turnover ratio in NFL history.

                  • Kevin L
                    Kevin L  4 months back

                    It's Practice and the Niners defense is a lot better than you think

                • Brian Fitzsimmons
                  Brian Fitzsimmons  4 months back

                  Maybe it was fake, but I read yesterday that he threw like 6 interceptions in a row at practice.

                  • CEN CAL
                    CEN CAL  4 months back

                    NFC IS GOIN DOWN

                    • Szymon Ciasnocha
                      Szymon Ciasnocha  4 months back

                      Go Jimmy!

                      • Shawn B
                        Shawn B  4 months back

                        lmao: the ending is cringy No Handshake! wtf Jimmy sorry

                        • Phi Tech
                          Phi Tech  4 months back

                          he was waiting for the handshake, but that host was dumb founded

                      • Josh1
                        Josh1  4 months back

                        Watch jimmy g do the philly speacial now.

                        • Daniel Andre
                          Daniel Andre  4 months back

                          He threw 5 ints in practice when it was his coach Kyle Shanahan (who knows him better then himself) and knows his own offensive system, was the one calling the defense.

                          I WONDER WHY THAT PART WAS LEFT OUT 🤔

                        • Joshua scott
                          Joshua scott  4 months back

                          He threw 5 ints in practice

                      • Ray Fabris
                        Ray Fabris  4 months back

                        Peter king thank you,love my 49ers
                        thanks to the king

                        • Bobby johnson
                          Bobby johnson  4 months back

                          My ACL and ABC and MSNBC works fine on and off the field 🤔🤣🤦‍♂️