KENTA Joins Bullet Club & Legend Returns At NJPW G1 Climax

  • Published: 12 August 2019
  • Has the G1 Climax just dropped the hottest wrestling angle of the year?!

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Comments • 113

  • Dan M.
    Dan M.  4 months back

    The real Bullet Club is back and I can't be happier.

    • FullMetal Bernie
      FullMetal Bernie  4 months back

      Ready to get a Kenta BC shirt!!

      • Hamzah Iftikhar
        Hamzah Iftikhar  4 months back


        • Ask your mama for one you BLEEP

          I marked out so much when shibata came out, my phone almost fell out of my hand

          • pvanganimare
            pvanganimare  4 months back

            Andy will join the bullet club too. You just wait... just saying. Lol.

            • Pete Walton
              Pete Walton  4 months back

              I dont like shibata after that headbutt

              • ナマハゲ
                ナマハゲ  4 months back

                Shibata vs KENTA WK14

                • AKASH ANANDANI
                  AKASH ANANDANI  4 months back

                  Omg shibata return my hero returo real wrestler return

                  • Jeff Warburton
                    Jeff Warburton  4 months back

                    Doesn’t anybody actually care about The Bullet Club anymore? It reminds me of when WWE tried to bring nWo in and it was just lame.

                    • ginn Dro
                      ginn Dro  4 months back

                      I will always love the Bullet club and the Elites 444Life!

                  • Mark Michel
                    Mark Michel  4 months back

                    Leave Fale alone!!!

                    • McKeal Lyons
                      McKeal Lyons  4 months back

                      Bullet Club is revived now. Holy shit that angle was crazy. KENTA is already hated by most of NJPW fans so he just gave them the bad guy they were making him out to be. Shibata hitting the ring again and hitting some of his signature offense had me going crazy!!! Can’t wait to see where this goes especially if it leads to a match somehow

                      • paris beech
                        paris beech  4 months back

                        Man about kenta leaving Noah but maybe things didn't work out you know

                      • paris beech
                        paris beech  4 months back

                        @Adam L hahaha you're right my bad and that's so stupid to hear about Noah

                      • Adam L
                        Adam L  4 months back

                        paris beech it’s not Japanese fans, it’s njpw fans. KENTA was the golden boy of NOAH. He’s the enemy

                      • paris beech
                        paris beech  4 months back

                        I don't understand why is he hated by the Japanese fans???

                    • Red Fish, Blue Fish
                      Red Fish, Blue Fish  4 months back

                      I'm brand new to NJPW so I don't know a lot of the history and the in and outs, but when Shibata came running out and everyone went nuts, it really signified to me that this was a big moment, even if I didn't really know why. And of course, Kenta joining the Bullet Club was great, and I'm glad to see him going in this direction if he wasn't going to be cheered in Japan.

                      • Konsistency -_-
                        Konsistency -_-  4 months back

                        Shibata got injured BADLY in 2017, even to the point where people were questioning his retirement. He's only returned a few times just for Promos and he works more with the L.A. Dojo in America. He even trained KENTA for the G1. So Shibata coming out shocked the crowd

                      • ginn Dro
                        ginn Dro  4 months back

                        Check out my bullet club playlist on my page

                      • Red Fish, Blue Fish
                        Red Fish, Blue Fish  4 months back

                        @Armin Films Thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to check it out right now.

                      • Armin Films
                        Armin Films  4 months back

                        Watch Shibata vs Okada at Sakura Genesis 2017 if you haven't already, that match is probably my favourite wrestling match of all time

                    • Roberto C Rodriguez
                      Roberto C Rodriguez  4 months back

                      Wow i couldnt wait for summerslam to b over .... summerslam took all nite and my energy.... couldnt stay up past lij entrance... wish i watched this instead

                      • Randy Monster
                        Randy Monster  4 months back

                        LOL! WWE messed up Kenta and Moxley and now they are the 2 hottest names in all of wrestling while Summerslam floundered like a fish.

                        • Tha Silver-Haired Gawd
                          Tha Silver-Haired Gawd  4 months back

                          As true as you are on the Kenta and Moxley bit, Summerslam was actually a pretty good show. Only down was the Kofi/Randy double countout (but I figured it was for a longer feud). Too many positive for that show to be wack imo

                      • Matthew Stewart
                        Matthew Stewart  4 months back

                        NJPW literally just said “here’s how you do a big summer show”

                        • Terrence Carter
                          Terrence Carter  4 months back

                          @Will Freaking Ospreay they have a tv deal on Axis TV. Direct TV
                          ch. 340

                        • Ryan Kim
                          Ryan Kim  4 months back

                          The whole angle reminds me of HBK vs HHH in 2002.

                        • Will Freaking Ospreay
                          Will Freaking Ospreay  4 months back

                          All they need is a damn tv deal

                      • Hector Vargas Jr.
                        Hector Vargas Jr.  4 months back

                        Kenta joining Bullet Club is fucking awesome

                        • Musattique Ali
                          Musattique Ali  4 months back

                          Finally, a strong contender for the heavyweight belt in Bullet Club besides Jay White.

                          • Brian Banegas
                            Brian Banegas  4 months back

                            Ic and NEVER openweight weight title reigns

                        • Karl Renner
                          Karl Renner  4 months back

                          So Tina Tonga had to recruit more help to take out MOTHER FUCKING PHIL! WC might want to call up Joe Hendry or something.

                          • T. Riley Roo
                            T. Riley Roo  4 months back

                            It would be great if Nakamura could return to help Chaos get vengeance. Unfortunately he's busy being wasted by WWE.

                            • Konsistency -_-
                              Konsistency -_-  4 months back

                              Give Up Already! He isn't going back. He already said a few months ago it's hard to move his family from Japan to U.S. all the time.

                            • Rojan Rj Eugenio
                              Rojan Rj Eugenio  4 months back

                              WWE is vacation to that guy

                            • Dynamic Jae Thought
                              Dynamic Jae Thought  4 months back

                              T. Riley Roo He is the damn intercontinental champ, and wasn't anywhere on the show. Was he too busy in catering making sashimi, sushi, tiramisu, noodles, and pork be bothered to show up on the show?

                          • vanessa.
                            vanessa.  4 months back

                            So many people are in the comments complaining that BC is dead, instead of appreciating the greatest storyline of the YEAR in KENTA joining BC, and Shibata possibly returning to fight the man he trained. Shut up, damn, all this negativity.

                            • Il Salvatore
                              Il Salvatore  4 months back

                              Which idiots said bc is dead? Must be AEW trash

                            • Dynamic Jae Thought
                              Dynamic Jae Thought  4 months back

                              Lady Truth truth

                            • Lady Truth
                              Lady Truth  4 months back

                              Most people just stupid, BC didn't die most of everyone is in different company like The Young Bucks and them doing AEW they still talk to the other members, AJ and them is in WWE, BC was never dead people are to quick to move on and don't realize it. Thats how I see it.

                            • Romi Arkan
                              Romi Arkan  4 months back

                              with KENTA in BC the amount of personality in that stable is getting insane

                          • Exequiel Aguirre
                            Exequiel Aguirre  4 months back

                            Bullet club died after the young bucks, omega, cody left. Now, there are a bunch of nobody in there.

                            • Sefo ah siu
                              Sefo ah siu  4 months back

                              Aew will be dead after shit ratings

                            • paris beech
                              paris beech  4 months back

                              @ginn Dro no prob have a great day Go njpw number #1

                            • ginn Dro
                              ginn Dro  4 months back

                              @paris beech thank you Paris ❤

                            • paris beech
                              paris beech  4 months back

                              @ginn Dro hahaha that's funny but too me bullet club is dead but I respect your opinion

                            • ginn Dro
                              ginn Dro  4 months back

                              @paris beech well if that's true Sharon Stone is my cousin

                          • NesDogg
                            NesDogg  4 months back

                            I feel like another ex-WWE guy shoulda joined.

                          • Super Sedated
                            Super Sedated  4 months back

                            The fans and crowds not accepting him plus dropping his last 4 turned KENTA heel. It makes sense story wise, at least for me. I'm just worried about the dynamic between him and Jay White. They both wanna be the top dog.

                            • vanessa.
                              vanessa.  4 months back

                              @Super Sedated that's true

                            • Super Sedated
                              Super Sedated  4 months back

                              @vanessa. I don't see it either, Jay White is too good at talking, but if the BC are going after the heavyweight belt it's KENTA that has to hold it, imo.

                            • vanessa.
                              vanessa.  4 months back

                              I don't see KENTA being the leader of BC.

                          • Fontez Cowper
                            Fontez Cowper  4 months back

                            So is Shibata cleared to wrestle again?

                            • Bance Wiko
                              Bance Wiko  4 months back

                              yes. if he can take that bump. so he can wrestle back. but lets we wait for his comformation first. kenta vs shibata at wk

                          • Dave1815
                            Dave1815  4 months back

                            Nice spoiler for the title...thanks for that

                            • DigestiveCeremony
                              DigestiveCeremony  4 months back

                              It's your responsibility to avoid spoilers, not everyone else. You can't ask the rest of the world to wait around until you get to watch something. That's just ridiculous.

                          • Maurice Nixon
                            Maurice Nixon  4 months back

                            Damn you Kenta! DAMN YOU!!!!!

                            • Raghavan N
                              Raghavan N  4 months back

                              No Simon Miller so far today.Waiting to Up those Downs.

                              • Grayman Media
                                Grayman Media  4 months back

                                KENTA kicked Shibata in the head.

                                • Kresien //M
                                  Kresien //M  4 months back

                                  I enjoyed watching WhatCulture's video "10 things WWE want you to forget about Goldberg" Adam made me laugh about Simon's dad and William Regal

                                  • icecreampimpdeux
                                    icecreampimpdeux  4 months back

                                    All he needs is an orange S14

                                    • East Killer
                                      East Killer  4 months back

                                      Dude on the left is trying too hard with the beard and haircut to be like every other trending following guy but too much of a nerd. Dude on the right 0/10 on too many levels.

                                      • Andre van Niekerk
                                        Andre van Niekerk  4 months back

                                        This is such a sad comment... how much of a loser do you have to be to whine about what people who present wrestling news look like?

                                    • 孫無敵
                                      孫無敵  4 months back

                                      🤘NJPW IS TOP.1 IS BEST IN THE WORLD 🤘

                                      • paris beech
                                        paris beech  4 months back

                                        @vanessa. agree

                                      • vanessa.
                                        vanessa.  4 months back

                                        @paris beech tbh. But Takeover was great, and SS was solid.

                                      • paris beech
                                        paris beech  4 months back

                                        I agree njpw is number#1

                                    • ginn Dro
                                      ginn Dro  4 months back

                                      Good pick up for the club

                                      • Dashie41
                                        Dashie41  4 months back

                                        @Men Should Respect All Women shut up Niggashit

                                      • vanessa.
                                        vanessa.  4 months back

                                        @Men Should Respect All Women oof

                                      • Men Should Respect All Women
                                        Men Should Respect All Women  4 months back

                                        ginn Dro I’d rather a women but we all know bullet club is sexist

                                    • C McG
                                      C McG  4 months back

                                      Now this is a fucking angle. I want Shibata to destroy Kenta. I am desperate to watch Shibata kick Kenta's head off his shoulders. No other promotion in the world can do that to me.

                                      • Manu Sabu
                                        Manu Sabu  4 months back

                                        NJPW high time they need to think something other than bullet club for story line

                                        • OtakuDancer117
                                          OtakuDancer117  4 months back

                                          Njpw has like, 7 story lines going at the same time lmao.

                                        • Threezus
                                          Threezus  4 months back

                                          @Men Should Respect All Women I'm gonna ignore the obvious trolling but if you don't like wrestling why are you on a wrestling channel commenting under "Chinese" wrestling videos?

                                        • Jarell G
                                          Jarell G  4 months back

                                          @Men Should Respect All Women its japanese, you racist

                                        • Dashie41
                                          Dashie41  4 months back

                                          @Men Should Respect All Women its Japan you Maggot

                                        • vanessa.
                                          vanessa.  4 months back

                                          @Men Should Respect All Women you are such a dumbass, your literally everywhere. Your just a WWE mark, who doesn't even have the common sense eto know this is New JAPAN Pro Wrestling

                                      • MoviesNGames007uk
                                        MoviesNGames007uk  4 months back

                                        The final wasn't anywhere near as good as last year's final. Very average match. I'm glad Ibushi won or I would of unsubbed NJPW World.

                                        • vanessa.
                                          vanessa.  4 months back


                                        • C McG
                                          C McG  4 months back

                                          MoviesNGames007uk Average for a NJ main event. Incredible for anyone else. It’s amazing how numb to great wrestling we’ve become over the last 3 years.

                                      • This is John
                                        This is John  4 months back

                                        This channel inspired me to start my channel !😁especially Adam sandler sadly not here anymore

                                        • Kresien //M
                                          Kresien //M  4 months back

                                          Yeah Adam is cool and admits that Simon's dad sucks

                                      • Shane J
                                        Shane J  4 months back

                                        Fire Andy Murray

                                        • Adam L
                                          Adam L  4 months back

                                          The bullet club is dead... they need to get over it!
                                          It’s like if road dogg and tori became the leaders of dx 😂

                                          • Shaw Powers
                                            Shaw Powers  4 months back

                                            Shut your dumbass up

                                          • paris beech
                                            paris beech  4 months back

                                            Bullet club needs to die it ran its course they're like a sad version of NWO 2.0

                                          • Dashie41
                                            Dashie41  4 months back

                                            Bullet Club never dies 🤘

                                          • ginn Dro
                                            ginn Dro  4 months back

                                            Hell no

                                        • Subimal Mandal
                                          Subimal Mandal  4 months back


                                          • Boi 1der
                                            Boi 1der  4 months back

                                            Wow I'm early

                                            • IçeSkeletoภ
                                              IçeSkeletoภ  4 months back