Are Cowboys struggling in Prescott, Zeke negotiations? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  • Kenneth Tarlow
    Kenneth Tarlow  4 months back

    The Cowboys are never going to win another Superbowl. Compare them to the Rams. The Rams pay their guys, they believe in their guys. guess who wins?

    • Everybody knows A Mike
      Everybody knows A Mike  4 months back

      That analogy was garbage af lol

      • Mr. AKA Manage Man Henderson

        Jerry stop playin actin broke

        • Mann Made
          Mann Made  4 months back

          What's the track record of Jerry & Stephen? Stop it. Use Cowboys name, get clicks!

          • Juggie Bonebrain
            Juggie Bonebrain  4 months back

            Jerry Jones response > Bizarre

            • Jerry Vasquez
              Jerry Vasquez  4 months back

              That does NOT look like a football team.

              • Sundincubus
                Sundincubus  4 months back

                Chris Simms is right. I'm saying this and I'm not even a cowgirls fan. With the talent like Zeke, he can go to any team and make them better. Oh..yes, I hope Jerry Jones will let Zeke go. GB and the rest of the remaing 31 teams will be happy to have Zeke on their roster.

                • Khai Tran
                  Khai Tran  4 months back

                  Let Dak walk, let see with team is willing to give 30 millions a year.. I think no team is stupid enough to give him that except for the Jones of the cowboy organization! !!

                  • kalel33
                    kalel33  4 months back

                    Yep, they're bidding against themselves. Dak would definitely not make $30M in free agency.

                • UBQ TV
                  UBQ TV  4 months back

                  Wtf is he talking about!

                  • Dan M
                    Dan M  4 months back

                    "They're not going to know what they're missing without Elliot"

                    Yeah, because none of us can remember a year ago.


                    • one love
                      one love  4 months back

                      I’m just wanting the full squad to be on the field together because it could be really special this season. When they get these contracts done we’ll have top talent at every position. Go Cowboys!

                      • one love
                        one love  4 months back

                        Still Learnin 4332 I think so and he’s way better than most give him credit for.

                      • kalel33
                        kalel33  4 months back

                        If they get the contracts done for those three, they'll have to start cutting elsewhere. That defense is going to lose players, because they can't afford them with the salary cap. If that defense goes then they are an 8-8 team at best. I hope they do pay all three, because I'm a Giants fan and look forward to seeing the Cowboys back to mediocrity.

                      • Still Learnin 4332
                        Still Learnin 4332  4 months back

                        The Star not at QB.

                    • Broken King
                      Broken King  4 months back

                      In the next 2 years, Dallas will be right back were they were for the past 20

                    • Berzerker King 13
                      Berzerker King 13  4 months back

                      the Cowboys need all these pieces to fuction Dak needs Zeke so he cant be the focus Zeke is our bell cow.

                      • myko freder
                        myko freder  4 months back

                        So what is the help, a crappy start is the only help I can see reducing the salary demands, Dak or Zeke being a lot worse than the end of last year is all he has. Zeke might come back for $8 or 10M a year, but he shouldn't show up for something a lot closer to his current $3M considering Dak is going to get $30M and the center is getting $10M.

                        • Big B Meyer
                          Big B Meyer  4 months back

                          Zeke is a POS and Prescot is no good without a premiere running back, just like Aikman!

                          • Ricky Rodriguez
                            Ricky Rodriguez  4 months back

                            Zeke is the team dumbass!!!! Dak is pure trash!!! We can replace him with a mediocre qb and we’ll be in the same spot! Dak is not who is making cowboys look good last year... he cant drop it between the numbers

                          • London B.
                            London B.  4 months back

                            stfu stoopid

                          • Jourdan Parkinson
                            Jourdan Parkinson  4 months back

                            zekes a bum that goes to music festivals like a teenage girl and gets arrested. Dont waste money on this guy

                        • William Deemer Jr.
                          William Deemer Jr.  4 months back

                          Dallas is banking a LOT on a first year OC.