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  • Victor Palamar
    Victor Palamar  4 months back

    Can Derek Carr perform & throw like Big Ben?

    • B dash Lee
      B dash Lee  4 months back

      They were right on , AB sent out a tweet looking for helmet

      • soysaws
        soysaws  4 months back

        Funny with the Chicken and the Egg comment; Bcuz AB and DC have a ChickenPlan for all the haters! #🐔Plan

        • Steve Steele
          Steve Steele  4 months back

          Carr can throw the deep ball just as well as Big Ben, don’t kid yourself. Look at the numbers Mr. PFF. Who was the most accurate deep ball thrower last year? And over the last three years? Derick Carr. Yes, that’s right, 2 out of 3 years.

          • Oliver Lopez Villa
            Oliver Lopez Villa  4 months back


            • Kyle Wood
              Kyle Wood  4 months back

              Florio backpedaling on his clown unicycle

            • J the Great Full
              J the Great Full  4 months back

              AB could have been manipulating the media, maybe he was letting his feet heal more?

              • Joshua scott
                Joshua scott  4 months back

                Yes he came back the haters probably mad

                • Victor Reyes
                  Victor Reyes  4 months back

                  as soon as they found out AB was going back to the facility . Their tune changed. They know AB gonna ball out in the season

                  • autistic Hockeyguy
                    autistic Hockeyguy  4 months back

                    Can’t wait to see AB chew DC

                    • Andrew Lane
                      Andrew Lane  4 months back

                      Wish the season would start already

                      • William Ivery
                        William Ivery  4 months back

                        Yes 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

                        • Kelly Conroy
                          Kelly Conroy  4 months back

                          He just showed up to tell the owner and coaches what he expects out of them.

                          • Jeff Cavanaugh
                            Jeff Cavanaugh  4 months back

                            Lol remember yesterday when people were saying these guys were the biggest raider haters? Lol proves raider fans are more of babies than the Cowboys b

                            • Julian Sancez
                              Julian Sancez  4 months back

                              Go Oakland