9 Layer SEAFOOD TOWER! Congee STEAM HOTPOT in Hong Kong

  • Published: 30 June 2019
  • When in Hong Kong, you MUST try seafood, and one of the BEST ways to taste the ocean is at a steam hotpot restaurant where all the seafood juice drops to the bottom of the pot and is mixed with congee. Might be the BEST congee I've ever had.

    The congee at the first place is much better than the congee at location 2 but the second location had 9 LAYERS and is a bit more affordable.
    #hongkongseafood #hongkong #hotpot

    Location 1:
    ✧ Boat Dweller Steam Hotpot
    11 Hau Fook St, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

    Location 2:
    ✧ 九重天 Shop G26, G/F, Treasure World (Site 11), The Whampoa, Hung Hom

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    How to be you?

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      Maya Beauty  3 days back

      You should come Uzbekistan and try our food

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        Maya Beauty  3 days back

        I never try cooked oyster i will love to try it looks delicious

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          Maya Beauty  3 days back

          If you had choice which country would you choose to live forever

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            Gypsymom08  4 days back

            Anybody wonder how this guy stays thin? I gained 5 lbs just watching him.

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              The Adventures of Bob  5 days back

              I need some of this food in the world of bob

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                Mickey Miki  6 days back

                Youre hilarious and entertaining!

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                  Mickey Miki  6 days back

                  OMG you have no idea how much i appreciate your videos! youre adorbs. im living thorugh u and enjoying every meal! one day...

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                        No one:


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                          Judith Balchin  2 weeks back

                          Yum yum goodness bravo

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                            Taliyah's World  2 weeks back

                            Lol I could eat everything else except the congee the visual is what throwing me off

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                              Taliyah's World  2 weeks back

                              He makes me wanna drop everything I’m doing grab my boyfriend and just go travel the world and try new foods

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                                you always keep great company i see

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                                  Do more Japanese or Chinese food videos please.

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                                    He looks like Jackie Chan

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                                      Take me with U.....PLEASE🙏

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                                        He got lucky tonight

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                                          Great vid.Check out my food vlog channel.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                                Where and how i can buy this type of hot pot device? It seems really good

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                                                  When shrimp look like full sized lobsters.......

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                                                    Man, the spots you go to - every place you eat at, I always end up hungry as heck. I’ll bet it’s ALL freaking good.

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                                                      Kyle Hearnsberger  1 months back

                                                      Lol your description of the Wagyu beef. Hahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!

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                                                    Sad thing is... im allergic

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                                                      I really want to have a seafood buffet like what you are doing in your vlog .

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                                                        this guy would eat a dog turd and tell you how good it is

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                                                          MAN you make me soooooo hungry for some seafood!!!!!! 😂😜 I'm a new subscriber! Great videos ❤️👍👏 Nobody cooks like that around here!!!!!

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                                                                                Mike : what can you hate about lobster!?
                                                                                Me: LOL! When you r allergic to it.. 😂😂😂. . Shacks!

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