• Published: 13 January 2020
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    idk why i did this


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Comments • 12 024

  • Nia Gonzalez
    Nia Gonzalez  1 hours back

    I’ve tried the function shampoo and conditioner and it made my hair realllly greasy and made my hair fall out..didn’t even use it for a month

    • Stefanie Vohs
      Stefanie Vohs  2 hours back

      the word “FAIL” is literally defined as “to be unsuccessful in a GOAL.” I don’t understand how people are applying the whole “fail was in the title” as a “i didn’t do this at all.”

      also, i agree - hatred isn’t necessary, criticism is fine, bur it’s really not that big of a deal - nor does it constitute hatred.

      • eeteeweetee dolan
        eeteeweetee dolan  3 hours back

        Lol ppl who post hate comments are just IMMATURE. Lol grow up guys, READ THE TITLES OF VIDEOS BEFORE YOU TALK RUBBISH🤭😘

        • Jordan Bishop
          Jordan Bishop  3 hours back

          Everyone said there was a ton of hate on this video but all I see is people defending Emma 🧐

          • k beierling
            k beierling  3 hours back

            What would happen if these people didn’t make videos and all these people didn’t have any of this to watch🤣🤣🤣

            • k beierling
              k beierling  3 hours back

              Lmfao I love how people get sooo But heard about videos that these people go out of their time just make for you and all she do is bitch about it

              • MaverickBull
                MaverickBull  4 hours back

                She keeps saying she's dyeing her hair for no reason but... isn't the reason to sell/promote that random hair product company and make money off of it? Her content is based solely around marketing and sales.

                • Emerson King
                  Emerson King  4 hours back

                  if y'all wanna hate, literally don't watch her bc this is literally her content

                  • valerie lopez
                    valerie lopez  4 hours back

                    LMFAOOO “Winnie hut junior”

                    • Abby Jackson
                      Abby Jackson  4 hours back

                      This video literally goes nowhere

                      • hallie jimenez
                        hallie jimenez  5 hours back

                        you could've dyed your hair with Kool-aid!

                        • thechloeballard 13
                          thechloeballard 13  6 hours back

                          yall hate on her for being real and uploading shit like this that she wants to upload but then get mad at other videos saying she's changed.. wtf yall want

                          • Sunny R
                            Sunny R  6 hours back

                            Her nails loos sooo pretty

                            • GABRIELLA PILARTE
                              GABRIELLA PILARTE  7 hours back

                              Y’all so triggered

                              • chding zuure
                                chding zuure  7 hours back

                                I wish she didn’t get so much hate for this like why were people so mad that she didn’t dye her hair?

                                • Paulina Vazquez
                                  Paulina Vazquez  7 hours back

                                  Hahahah I LOVE YOU. You're so great

                                  • Lexi Cruz
                                    Lexi Cruz  8 hours back

                                    Um whoever disliked rethink your life. Love u bbygirl keep being great

                                    • joseph reis
                                      joseph reis  8 hours back

                                      I went on acutane and the doctor was not on top of it and I took too high of a dose too quickly. If u notice that the acne is producing cists make sure u slow it down and use moisturizer!
                                      U don’t want to get scars bc scars are much worse and more permanent than acne

                                      • chding zuure
                                        chding zuure  7 hours back

                                        Seen her videos now it's not the same when I used to see it 2 years ago. I don't feel the same...Do I finally grew up? Maybe I don't know. People change and you started to not

                                    • Avery Equine
                                      Avery Equine  8 hours back

                                      Emma is a mood

                                      • Hannah -
                                        Hannah -  8 hours back

                                        ok when they say *fail* in the title it usually means they did it and it looks bad, so people actually wanna watch it

                                        • MissBallerina31
                                          MissBallerina31  9 hours back

                                          emmaaaaa whyyyy the lip injections??

                                          • shezza Elliott
                                            shezza Elliott  9 hours back

                                            Ok here is the thing... If function of beauty was concerned they wouldn't have let her post it with the sponsorship they would have said no and not paid her but they seemed fine with we y'all needa chill

                                            • Ap3x gaming
                                              Ap3x gaming  9 hours back

                                              Ily Emma 🥰🥰

                                              • Ailin Behar
                                                Ailin Behar  9 hours back

                                                Accutan is the best shit that's ever happened to me

                                                • Sharon Mendez
                                                  Sharon Mendez  9 hours back

                                                  Oh so that’s how it’s the worst video i see

                                                  • Shannon Bouvier
                                                    Shannon Bouvier  9 hours back

                                                    Girl you are loved!!!

                                                    • Mimi Valley
                                                      Mimi Valley  9 hours back

                                                      I watched this video when you uploaded it and left no comment and liked the video, like why were yall mad, she tried lol and still being herself like stfu

                                                      • Josh B
                                                        Josh B  10 hours back

                                                        I came here to see why this video was so bad... left here feeling so relatable when it comes to trying to bleach your own hair. Tried it once.... never again!!!

                                                        • Josh
                                                          Josh  10 hours back

                                                          Who is hating on this I have seen 0 hate comments

                                                          • Jenn Roberts
                                                            Jenn Roberts  10 hours back


                                                            • Aaliyah Shroyer
                                                              Aaliyah Shroyer  10 hours back

                                                              6:16 Literally from the song “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” from Louis Tomlinson 😂 and then her most recent video she used Harry Styles as a reference to an outfit and then she sand a lyric close to Taylor Swifts song last video and now it’s Louis Tomlinson this video. How is this possible?! I stan all 3 of them. Who’s next? Niall Horan?? We shall see 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

                                                              • Noel
                                                                Noel  10 hours back

                                                                sooo... how is this video bad. i mean ik she failed but the video isn't bad. if anything its funny lmao.

                                                                • Lulu Belle
                                                                  Lulu Belle  11 hours back

                                                                  I’m going to scroll through the comments and look for every hate comment and thumbs it down

                                                                  • sophia montesco
                                                                    sophia montesco  11 hours back

                                                                    Seen her videos now it's not the same when I used to see it 2 years ago. I don't feel the same...Do I finally grew up? Maybe I don't know. People change and you started to notice it.

                                                                    • Samira Farah
                                                                      Samira Farah  11 hours back

                                                                      Damn almost 50k dislikes yikes...

                                                                      • Jojo Guerra
                                                                        Jojo Guerra  11 hours back

                                                                        YES! I’m on accurate rn too and my hair falls out and I got a flaky scalp and your girls lips and face are DRY AF!

                                                                      • mAiA tHe MuSiCaL
                                                                        mAiA tHe MuSiCaL  12 hours back

                                                                        Lmao ignore the haters you don’t need them sisss💗💗

                                                                        • M Mac
                                                                          M Mac  9 hours back

                                                                          mAiA tHe MuSiCaL what haters?

                                                                      • Isabella Tompsett
                                                                        Isabella Tompsett  12 hours back

                                                                        If ur someone who disliked the vis I stupid

                                                                        • lil nugs
                                                                          lil nugs  12 hours back

                                                                          What I don’t understand is her Snapchat show

                                                                          • Emma Torode
                                                                            Emma Torode  12 hours back

                                                                            People worrying about the animals by using vegan shampoo and conditioner when really it’s the plastic free that will help ecosystems the animals need

                                                                            • Megan86
                                                                              Megan86  12 hours back

                                                                              Let me assist in the definition of fail......To FAIL means to attempt something and that something not going right. So she NEVER even applied bleach to her hair therefore she never FAILED. FAILING is if she actually put bleach on her hair and the bleach didnt do what she wanted it to do and the end result was completely different. Since the end result was the same and nothing changed she failed at nothing....since. her. Hair. Never. Changed......

                                                                              • Ivy Nelsen
                                                                                Ivy Nelsen  13 hours back

                                                                                i don’t see how this is the “worst video ever” it’s not even that bad

                                                                                • Lo
                                                                                  Lo  13 hours back

                                                                                  Such a lazy video. You only post one video a week and it’s clear you literally make the video and edit it in one day. Bahahahha

                                                                                  • Quinoa Karaoke night
                                                                                    Quinoa Karaoke night  13 hours back

                                                                                    This is a win for us that strip of hair would’ve looked like trash

                                                                                    • Artistic Plant
                                                                                      Artistic Plant  13 hours back

                                                                                      Low key one of my favourite videos of her ?? Why is it getting so much hate lmao pwp

                                                                                      • Ashley & Family
                                                                                        Ashley & Family  14 hours back

                                                                                        Confused thought you were dying your hair 🤔 lol but still love the video not sure why it’s becoming so big on YouTube

                                                                                        • Elly Pinedo
                                                                                          Elly Pinedo  14 hours back

                                                                                          the reason this didnt work out for her is because she was putting so much negative energy into it while doing it.
                                                                                          saying its going to fail and it wont work isnt going to help you. tbh i feel like with all the bad shit she says ab herself and her videos is why she gets hate for no reason cause she literally manifests it onto herself smh i hope she learns to switch up the way she speaks ab herself cause it really makes a difference in your life.

                                                                                          • Brittany R
                                                                                            Brittany R  14 hours back

                                                                                            Yall talking about how disappointing and click bait this was. Like 3 strands of her hair being blue would've made it more entertaining. Arent you guys subbed just to see her talk about random shit? How is this different than any of her other videos? Yall childish.