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  • JJs
    JJs  4 months back

    This dude is such a hater lol almost every report is niners... this and that hes probably a shehawk fan 😂😂

    • KingEnvy SquadUp
      KingEnvy SquadUp  4 months back

      49ers got a curse because of Kap forget them they left him 2 die

      • Emanuel Compere
        Emanuel Compere  4 months back

        I'm hoping when the Bucs hoist the NFL Lombardi trophy, with Jameis Winston at the helm, he "eats a W." Lol That'd be a boss move and no one would have crap to say about him then..

        • Lajlim H
          Lajlim H  4 months back

          It is the bad luck of the stadium/city of Santa Clara, they need to go back to the city of San Francisco or this injuries will continue.

          • omar Breezy
            omar Breezy  4 months back

            That's the product of Lynch signing player after player in free agency with a history of injuries.. I guess the saying , you get what you paid for is fitting...

            • madboyreadynow28
              madboyreadynow28  4 months back

              Please stop comparing Nick to his brother. It’s so stupid to compare what happened to his brother in his first season as if somehow there is going to be a duplicate of rookie seasons. We have seen twins play different on the field and in the court. I hate when they compare brothers as if they’re going to be the same

              • Angus Beef
                Angus Beef  4 months back

                just gotta hope Nick Bosa kills it once healthy

                • Deez Tanks
                  Deez Tanks  4 months back

                  That lady is crazy

                  • Lawn Bear
                    Lawn Bear  4 months back

                    Having a 300 pound man step on your ankle is going to cause an injury. Doesn't really matter how much conditioning you have.

                    • Jason Mass
                      Jason Mass  4 months back

                      Lawn Bear tell em. Bro bro !!!! 49ersssss

                  • Simon Lepe
                    Simon Lepe  4 months back

                    Does she not hear you? She talks about completely unrelated things.

                    • Simon Lepe
                      Simon Lepe  4 months back

                      Boston Strong exactly. Like I understand if my coworker confuses nick and Joey, or tells me “have you noticed how good DHop is?!”, but Jesus it’s her job 😂

                    • Boston Strong
                      Boston Strong  4 months back

                      Haha it was honestly hilarious she seemed completely lost started off talking as if Nick Bosa is in his 2nd year. Even said DeAndre Hopkins is underrated which sure he was underrated like 2 or 3 years ago but he's most peoples 1 or 2 today

                  • Jeff Cavanaugh
                    Jeff Cavanaugh  4 months back

                    Usually I really don’t like Florios take on the Niners but this is on the money. It’s something outside of “bad luck” these guys aren’t being conditioned right

                    • Jeff Cavanaugh
                      Jeff Cavanaugh  4 months back

                      Willie Johnson I had gotten in an argument with another Niner fan a couple days ago telling people we need to re-evaluate the entire strength and conditioning staff. I was told that we just rehired a new staff this year, like I didn’t know that. Just because we’re hiring the new guys to replace the old guys doesn’t mean the same in house problems are going to happen.

                    • Willie Johnson
                      Willie Johnson  4 months back

                      I've said that time and time again. Statistically, bad luck can account for only so much. There is something wrong with the Redskins. You cannot chalk up the number of injuries and the types of injuries they continually sustain due solely to bad luck. That's why Tent has refused to play there anymore. Statistically there are errors and mistakes. You can't eliminate errors (luck and entropy) but you can eliminate/reduce mistakes. After a certain point these injuries become mistakes. Bad training staff, bad field, bad shoes, bad equipment, something is causing this rash of injuries. I remember for years when the Raiders had McFadden they always seemed to have players with pulled hammies and severe foot problems. Bengals need to have a serious review of their training facilities/ methods/equipment also.

                  • P Good
                    P Good  4 months back

                    Karma 1 , joey Bosa 0

                    • jagsfanrick
                      jagsfanrick  4 months back

                      DE Josh Allen > Nick Bosa

                      • Cornsnake 4815
                        Cornsnake 4815  4 months back

                        Jason Verrett getting injured was a yearly occurrence for the Chargers. After the second year I was hoping we would trade him as soon as possible because it just seems like he's destined to always be injured

                        • UCON
                          UCON  4 months back

                          Incompetent reporting.

                          • John S
                            John S  4 months back

                            Someone fell on top of him

                            • Abraham Herrero
                              Abraham Herrero  4 months back

                              I am not worried about nick bosa. He got his brother to help him with all this and he all the family bosa.

                              • RichardLancaster03
                                RichardLancaster03  4 months back

                                Dude the niners just replaced their trainers and strength and conditioning people. They’re being proactive about figuring the problem out

                                • RichardLancaster03
                                  RichardLancaster03  4 months back

                                  Mr Smith I got it. But it’s not like they’re all related. Frank gore is a perfect example of someone perceived as injury prone out of college who has been an iron man. Tore up his knee a bunch before the pros. My only point is that it remains to be seen if he’ll be injury prone as a pro

                                • Mr Smith
                                  Mr Smith  4 months back

                                  @RichardLancaster03 Look at his history. Im not talking about one ankle sprain. He strained his hamstring 3 months ago, only played in 3 full games his last year of college and tore his ACL in high school.

                                • RichardLancaster03
                                  RichardLancaster03  4 months back

                                  Mr Smith I think it remains to be seen if he’s injury prone. Having a 300+ guy fall on your ankle a funky way will sprain anyone’s ankle. Dude has been looking legit in practice

                                • Mr Smith
                                  Mr Smith  4 months back

                                  Thank you for drafting Bosa so we didnt. Big screw up, he's injury prone.

                                • Butch Davis
                                  Butch Davis  4 months back

                                  Well...yea I guess. Jason Verrett has not been healthy really ever, Dee Ford has only had one good year of production and for the others he was really banged up, Bosa has a spotty injury history, Jalen Hurd came into the league with shoulder and knee issues and Jimmy G has yet to start more than 5 games in a single season.

                                  To say I'm worried for these guys understatement

                              • Kexin
                                Kexin  4 months back

                                Eating a W is the best thing about Winston. Don’t ruin it.

                              • Lazy Dave
                                Lazy Dave  4 months back

                                McCoy or Gore to Dallas would be interesting... get em cheap, theyre RB's = JK RB's way underated

                                • Nathanael Brock
                                  Nathanael Brock  4 months back

                                  Man chris needs a hair cut

                                  • Nicholas Sodaro
                                    Nicholas Sodaro  4 months back

                                    It’s called no defense and horrible kicking game! Plzzzz

                                    • Kevin Ryan
                                      Kevin Ryan  4 months back

                                      1st comment lol.