Joe Rogan and Reggie Watts Talk Hip Hop


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  • Yehya Koussa
    Yehya Koussa  3 weeks back

    When he said NAS, he got a whole level deeper to me
    He even mentioned Gangstarr in a previous podcast

    • Ricky Bash
      Ricky Bash  2 months back

      This is awesome. If you'd like contact us to post your songs on playlist. Shoot us a subscribe or email.

      • John Miles
        John Miles  2 months back

        It’s because when you’ve been poor most of your life you feel a high when you come into some money. There is like a legit rush you feel when you get some money.

        • gimme jokers
          gimme jokers  4 months back

          There are sooo many great rappers out there, it's impossible to keep up unless you do literally nothing else then listen to HipHop. Even more so when you not from the US. Just a few random names: Tech N9ne, KAAN, Token, Ces Cru, JID, Joey Badass, Locksmith, Murs, Royce 5'9...

          • Mn B
            Mn B  4 months back

            A large part of hip hop, rap is coming from a place of no wealth for generations so they think material items have more value than what they actually have. Its the same with many societies. Large parts of Asia, China who traditionally have not had any wealth, who now have some, also like to flaunt it and are highly into labelled, high end goods. It goes in cycles. If you didnt know who Bill gates or Mark Zuckerberg were and you saw them walking down the street you wouldn't assume they had billions of dollars. After a few generations material items and flaunting it loses its appeal. It becomes like meh. Almost is actually uncool to flaunt it. Thats when you know you have real wealth through the family.

            • Nigredo Channel
              Nigredo Channel  4 months back


              • Ike Phillip Ruffin
                Ike Phillip Ruffin  4 months back

                Music changed based on the medium used to produce it and consume it. You had to really search for the good shit, and this is where the bloggers started to become big such as 2DopeBoyz,, and the likes. Underground really became underground during the Ringtone era... But the music has always been about partying in. Reggie Watts sounds like how I used to be, a real music snob. Once I gained more knowledge of the genre, I realized that music has always been about party life.

                • JusTime St. Louis
                  JusTime St. Louis  4 months back

                  Rogan has been one of my favorite humans for many moons.. but now that I know he’s a Nas fan, he is definitely that dude. Dang

                  • Cory Falcone
                    Cory Falcone  4 months back

                    Hip hop conversation and no mention of Talib Kweli and Atmosphere? Come on guys. Get it together. Nas is goated doe.

                    • Blanco Slim
                      Blanco Slim  4 months back

                      Bee Sixty i love talib and atmosphere; I grew up on them. But they’re not top 10 my friend

                  • DeeLee
                    DeeLee  4 months back

                    I was so hoping for him to say "I'm a Metal type of guy" then I would've been 100% on board ready to defend against the beat warriors.

                    • mike LANG
                      mike LANG  4 months back

                      THANK YOU REGGIE

                      • Maxwell Russell
                        Maxwell Russell  4 months back

                        Nas is God's Son

                        • lilSenDog
                          lilSenDog  4 months back

                          Great way to derail a conversation take note

                          • Maverick Boone
                            Maverick Boone  4 months back

                            Joe Rogan know about rewind lol litt

                            • manic
                              manic  4 months back

                              He is thee whitest black man on the planet earth

                              • reggi extra 1
                                reggi extra 1  4 months back

                                He stopped listening in 95 yet Biggie was killed in 1997

                                • sean hurley
                                  sean hurley  4 months back

                                  I’ve heard Nas is the worst beat picker of all time

                                  • manic
                                    manic  4 months back

                                    Ok vlod

                                • Shooter Mcgavin
                                  Shooter Mcgavin  4 months back

                                  As NAS fanatic. Joe just became. awesome!

                                  • dagnut
                                    dagnut  4 months back

                                    Jurassic 5

                                    • caesar349
                                      caesar349  4 months back

                                      Hip hop turned to complete SHIT after the late 90s

                                      • Sick Boy
                                        Sick Boy  4 months back

                                        this is like Green Book

                                      • Manuel Lujan
                                        Manuel Lujan  4 months back

                                        99 problems is a Ice-T song actually

                                        • Todd Adams
                                          Todd Adams  4 months back

                                          Ahhhhhh old school head!

                                      • ShininigamiXpanda
                                        ShininigamiXpanda  4 months back

                                        Yikes so many good albums have passed since 95.

                                        • Skully D. ÆDD
                                          Skully D. ÆDD  4 months back

                                          Best lyrics in the game


                                          • Skully D. ÆDD
                                            Skully D. ÆDD  4 months back

                                            @pittypopo Killshot. Nuff said

                                          • pittypopo
                                            pittypopo  4 months back

                                            "uh your finger just went in my ass!
                                            Ow that hurts! take it out now
                                            Oh wait a minute oww put it back in, in in in
                                            This don't mean I'm gay, I don't like men"
                                            -Eminem, the "greatest" lyricist ever

                                        • gdub85
                                          gdub85  4 months back

                                          Reggie 'Im an electronic guy' watts

                                          I'm baffled by this

                                          • gdub85
                                            gdub85  4 months back

                                            @Shooter Mcgavin yeah i would say so. Back in his Youtube days I just assumed he was a hip hop head

                                          • Shooter Mcgavin
                                            Shooter Mcgavin  4 months back

                                            Is techno electronic?

                                        • Rich33
                                          Rich33  4 months back

                                          He gets it!

                                          • Indigenous Again
                                            Indigenous Again  4 months back

                                            I agree with Watts about hip hop after 95 sucked when it became club rap

                                            • Peter Badami
                                              Peter Badami  4 months back

                                              Joe seems genuinely disappointed Reggie's lack of awareness of post 95 hip hop.

                                              • luke shaw
                                                luke shaw  4 months back

                                                *started listening to hiphop in '95

                                            • Sinister Mephisto
                                              Sinister Mephisto  4 months back

                                              Hip Hop really hit the toilet mid 2000s

                                            • thomas smith
                                              thomas smith  4 months back

                                              I kinda hate Reggie

                                              • shaolinWOLF36
                                                shaolinWOLF36  4 months back

                                                Joe rogan name dropping Nas And Run the Jewels. He really knows his stuff

                                                • piecesofabrown man
                                                  piecesofabrown man  4 months back

                                                  Joe you've been my favorite podcast but now saying nas is you're favorite solidifies it! Get him on the cast asap😁😁

                                                  • Brian Lokenall
                                                    Brian Lokenall  4 months back

                                                    Run the Jewels is amazing.

                                                    • Adrian Pliszka
                                                      Adrian Pliszka  4 months back

                                                      Is that a coke nail on his pinky?

                                                      • vmwindustries
                                                        vmwindustries  4 months back

                                                        Run the Jewels is good. I listen that all the time. I must say that their Rick and Morty video is one of the best music videos ever. Lol

                                                        • Conner
                                                          Conner  4 months back

                                                          Joe doesnt know anything about hip hop except for cypress hill and that's cuz he met the fucking guy

                                                          • Jemal Rankin
                                                            Jemal Rankin  4 months back

                                                            LMAO !! I love white people in the comment section . That's the same way I felt about Hip Hop in the late 80s early 90s it was so great , but after that I just didn't like it . So fucking what !!! We give zero fucks about how you feel about Hip Hop . It wasn't made for you . I don't know why you guys think people are just waiting for your advice on our music . FOH !!

                                                            • Dark Knight
                                                              Dark Knight  4 months back

                                                              Nas is good. All the 90s dudes are good but....I'm about to be that guy...Em is the greatest lyricist there is.

                                                            • NPC #1337
                                                              NPC #1337  4 months back

                                                              Hip hop golden era 1980-1995

                                                              • fredo310
                                                                fredo310  4 months back

                                                                Joe knows shit about hip hop

                                                                • DonYeezy90210
                                                                  DonYeezy90210  4 months back

                                                                  Cant wait for #DETOX to drop so this whole TRAPadiction gets out of our SOUL 😇😇😇

                                                                  • Johnathan Jaco
                                                                    Johnathan Jaco  4 months back

                                                                    DonYeezy90210 whens the last time anyone mentioned detox commin down the pipes? Lmao

                                                                • ecdctechmma
                                                                  ecdctechmma  4 months back

                                                                  Joe “ Nas, kinison, Roy Jones “ rogan

                                                                  • LeJon Brames
                                                                    LeJon Brames  4 months back

                                                                    That's the darkest white guy ive ever seen

                                                                    • black god
                                                                      black god  4 months back

                                                                      This is what it looks like when somebody is ignorant of their own culture and completely disconnected.

                                                                      • RSVaughan
                                                                        RSVaughan  4 months back

                                                                        black god it may come from the culture but you cant say someone is completely disconnected from the culture of their race just bc they aren’t informed on one, relatively small part of it

                                                                      • black god
                                                                        black god  4 months back

                                                                        @RSVaughan Don't speak on things you know nothing about. Hip Hop comes from Black suffering. Rap Music is just the artform, Hip Hop is culture + artform.

                                                                      • RSVaughan
                                                                        RSVaughan  4 months back

                                                                        black god hip hop culture is not the same as music culture or black culture

                                                                    • Brian Noname
                                                                      Brian Noname  4 months back

                                                                      Love NF and upchurch

                                                                      • Gabriel Salinas
                                                                        Gabriel Salinas  4 months back

                                                                        Mr Rogan, u go so hard but ur buddy sucks weenie

                                                                        • Madsmore
                                                                          Madsmore  4 months back

                                                                          Damn Reggie... I stopped in 2002, myself. But thats nuts you know shit about Nas!!! You like goddamn EDC bullshit????

                                                                          • harvey weinstein
                                                                            harvey weinstein  4 months back

                                                                            White people- you don't have to say you like rap in order to not seem racist. Its ok to say the truth, which is that is terrible and only low IQ people could enjoy it. The emperor wears no clothes.