Helios 300 (2019) - The Best $1200 Gaming Laptop


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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee   4 months back

    I legit think that most companies HATE the existence of this gaming laptop. This puts a LOT of pressure on companies to make something competitive.

    • X3MCTZN
      X3MCTZN  3 weeks back

      @Charles Vernier Make your own enclosure, with a nice screen u good to go, and u loose like 12 to 20% (at maximum) big WOW....this for people on the MOVE constantly, but don't wanna carry bulky and heavy gaming laptops ( actually I am here to justify meself of buying a g-laptop) I don't need a static home rig, cuz yeah mostly away from home, but spending that much money (and believe me here in europe parts and techs are expensive ( lucky muricans) !!!

    • Aniket Jadhav
      Aniket Jadhav  3 weeks back

      I received the laptop yesterday and have some questions
      1- The product I received has more hinge gap on left and less on right so is it common or should I replace?
      2- My laptop came with firefox installed, should I be concerned about it?
      3- Does the turbo mode button have backlit button or normal button?

    • Mithun Rajiv
      Mithun Rajiv  4 weeks back

      Hi Dave. It would really kind of you to review the New Acer Nitro 7. Please share your feedback on this device.

    • Damir Horvat
      Damir Horvat  1 months back

      I am going to tell second problem on that laptop. There is no microphone jack like on MSI Leopard Pro

    • AmpEdition
      AmpEdition  1 months back

      @Andrew Paulo Lubian it would be ok, of course a desktop would be better

  • shrishibi Lionel
    shrishibi Lionel  11 hours back

    Can I buy this product in flipkart.... Is it reliable to buy there? Or I should buy at showroom
    Please somebody suggest me something....

    • Nirmal parmar
      Nirmal parmar  1 days back

      Is there a big issue to buy this laptop between i5 & i7 processor ?

      • Penboy as 'god'
        Penboy as 'god'  2 days back

        I just bought this one for $900 + tax, recycling fee + warranty.
        My complaints (minor, but noticeable:)
        1. NO SD card reader of any kind --- you need an external, USB reader
        2. NO CAPS LOCK light
        3. NO NumLock light
        This is one you'll be wringing your hands over if you want Linux & Windows to co-exist on the 256GB NVMe SSD:
        Out of the box --- you can't have both. You MUST tweek the BIOS settings of SATA and Secure Boot and re-install Windows driver for SATA.
        It took me 4 days, but I finally found the solutions and now have 3 Linuxes with Windows 10 on the SSD.

        • ChefKevinShow
          ChefKevinShow  4 days back

          What is the diff between Helios 300 (2019) and Triton 300?

          • Bruce
            Bruce  5 days back

            So, how do you run benchmarks to make sure you don't have a lemon? Name of these benchmarks??

            • qusai gho
              qusai gho  4 days back

              How much did you pay, and what is your country? here's a link to run your benchmarks https://appuals.com/how-to-run-a-computer-performance-benchmark-test-on-windows/

          • crymric
            crymric  6 days back

            Corridor with bananas! :)

            • Leonsky Vibes
              Leonsky Vibes  6 days back

              *So uhhhh... Alienware or Acer?*

              • Akhil Dev
                Akhil Dev  1 weeks back

                I wish they make a 2020 version with a bigger battery.

                • mvaldes81
                  mvaldes81  1 weeks back

                  I'm coming from a MacBook Pro 13 inch, will this monster feel much heavier? I mean, is it like too much to carry around as your primary machine?

                  • DNB
                    DNB  1 weeks back

                    That computer has a turbo light? We haven't seen those for years!

                    • Yirme Xeride
                      Yirme Xeride  1 weeks back

                      Holy $$$, I bought Acer Predator Helios 300 last year after saving up some money.
                      Then Acer released same model with much better specs.
                      Man this is depressing.

                      • ABranFreeMuffin
                        ABranFreeMuffin  1 weeks back

                        check out the lenovo legion y545, same specs as this, 500 gig m.2 ssd and 1 tb 7200 rpm hdd for $100 cheaper

                        • Jorge Manzano
                          Jorge Manzano  1 weeks back

                          Where and how do I get pc games? Do I buy online or on CD

                          • Virdeus
                            Virdeus  1 weeks back

                            Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, Ubisoft etc.

                        • Crevvy -
                          Crevvy -  1 weeks back

                          The cable gets *SUPERHOT*

                          Meanwhile I’m playing super hot in virtual reality

                          • Bob JR
                            Bob JR  2 weeks back

                            Got it for 870$ :) best purchase ever.

                            • Bob JR
                              Bob JR  3 days back

                              I bought it from a friend. He realized he didn’t want this computer and sold it to me.

                            • bot destroyer
                              bot destroyer  3 days back

                              Where did you get it for so less

                            • qusai gho
                              qusai gho  4 days back

                              Would you please tell me how?

                          • Mr. Nobody
                            Mr. Nobody  2 weeks back

                            If i may sacrifice weight , battery because i will be using it charging , maybe keyboard because i would buy peripherals like mouse/headset , what would be the best gaming machine , and that have decent quality to not burn or break or scam me i dont know how , i think 90% of reviewers are sponsored/paid

                            dell g7 17 7790 vs acer nitro 7 vs alienware m15 vs acer predator helios 300 vs dell inspiron 7000 gaming vs acer predator triton 500 vs hp omen 15 vs asus scar 2

                            i want sharp living eye candy colors and a fast refresh 120+ , not 60hz.
                            I dont know , i think that the real battle may be between Omen 15, Scar 2 , Helios 300 2019 144hz version
                            What do you think guys ???

                            • ChubzGaming MP
                              ChubzGaming MP  2 weeks back

                              They had a discount from 1200 to 1099

                              • Ken Huey
                                Ken Huey  2 weeks back

                                What do you think about dell’s g series?

                                • shantanu dubey
                                  shantanu dubey  2 weeks back

                                  Bro can you suggest me any laptop of DELL company in the price range of 1200 Dollar. Which can be used for heavy coding & heavy editing.

                                  • Hamza SEZER
                                    Hamza SEZER  2 weeks back

                                    You don't need a good pc for coding go with xps 13 if u want for editing

                                • Raj Roy
                                  Raj Roy  2 weeks back

                                  alienware m15 or helios 300

                                  • Gekko Bos
                                    Gekko Bos  2 weeks back

                                    Trackpad is off-centered, gigantic dealbreaker spotted

                                    • mohammad waleed
                                      mohammad waleed  2 weeks back

                                      just a quick question, could I insert an hdd in this laptop?

                                      • Schipunov
                                        Schipunov  2 weeks back

                                        Yes, as long as it's 2.5 inches.

                                    • sujan bhattarai
                                      sujan bhattarai  2 weeks back

                                      According to your view|
                                      Acer predator Helious 300 is better or HP omen 15 is better according to your view Hp omen 15 RTX1060 CORE I7 8750 and Acer predator helious 300 1650 ti 9 th gen

                                      • Teena Wabe
                                        Teena Wabe  2 weeks back

                                        Thanks Dave for the recommendation!

                                        • SenuOfTheCulture
                                          SenuOfTheCulture  2 weeks back

                                          What's the name of those light sticks in the back? A link would be appropriated too

                                          • Brandon Bombard
                                            Brandon Bombard  2 weeks back

                                            Come on man!!!!! 4 hours of better life. Where are we in nearly 2020. I’m saving my money.

                                            • Crevvy -
                                              Crevvy -  2 weeks back

                                              Relax, when something has great specs you can’t really get everything, it’s a BUDGET laptop, and most people keep it plugged in since it runs better.

                                          • John
                                            John  2 weeks back

                                            Dave Lee. I need your valuable opinion. Which should I choose? Helios 300 or Y540?? Help me please.

                                            • M Power
                                              M Power  2 weeks back

                                              How can I open the RAID option after entering the BIOS?

                                              • Peter Parker
                                                Peter Parker  2 weeks back

                                                I got it for £700

                                                • Diego Marzorati
                                                  Diego Marzorati  2 weeks back

                                                  Which benchmark should be used to test thermal performarnce as recomended please?

                                                  • 64 Hellers
                                                    64 Hellers  2 weeks back

                                                    Fps difference between i7 and i5 variant?

                                                    • JItterRy PoKERy
                                                      JItterRy PoKERy  3 weeks back

                                                      Ill stick with the strix 3

                                                      • Gurwinder singh
                                                        Gurwinder singh  3 weeks back

                                                        Bro is this laptop good for content creation ? I mean i know that this laptop is one best perfoming laptop in this proce range .. my main question js i have used asus rog hero 2 / scar 2 i love their speaker and display panel ... Is this laptop's speaker and display panel good enough to compete with those asus laptops in terms of display quality and speakers ... Coz i have seen your review about asus scar 2 ..

                                                        • TheLone Clone
                                                          TheLone Clone  3 weeks back

                                                          Thanx lee , i was about to buy legion y540 , now I've changed my mind in India helio is little expensive. i could buy this lap for 90000 rupees (1267 dollars) from flipkart .. but still a better deal than y540

                                                          • w4tch
                                                            w4tch  3 weeks back

                                                            Has anyone connected this through an external 144hz monitor? Ive read it has a mini dp port

                                                            • Soaham saraswat
                                                              Soaham saraswat  3 weeks back

                                                              Please make a review of dell g7 7590 2019 model if you can.

                                                              • Mu'min Muhammad
                                                                Mu'min Muhammad  3 weeks back

                                                                what about a 17" one at the same price point >> which one could you recommend ?

                                                                • #Aqua Seekers#
                                                                  #Aqua Seekers#  3 weeks back

                                                                  This laptop is above 2000 dollars in India RS165000

                                                                  • Howard Lam
                                                                    Howard Lam  3 weeks back

                                                                    Omen from HP may be cheaper but don't buy that thing.

                                                                    • Ajit Singh
                                                                      Ajit Singh  3 weeks back

                                                                      It's US$ 1100 now.

                                                                      • Jon Wilbur Tan
                                                                        Jon Wilbur Tan  3 weeks back

                                                                        I agree re the power cable heating up and blocking the exhaust. Same problem with the Asus Zephyrus.

                                                                        • Martin Riggs
                                                                          Martin Riggs  3 weeks back

                                                                          I have the 2018 model with the GTX 1600. The thing is a damn furnace. The WASD keys get so god damn hot after an hour of gaming. It was hitting 180f regularly.

                                                                          • Aadhar Gupta
                                                                            Aadhar Gupta  3 weeks back

                                                                            Is the screen good enough for video editing? Looking for a laptop geared towards video and photo work

                                                                            • Relax just be more tea
                                                                              Relax just be more tea  3 weeks back

                                                                              Should I get the 15" or 17" 😭 I'm buying one very soon

                                                                              • Cen Jake
                                                                                Cen Jake  3 weeks back

                                                                                i prefer 15"

                                                                              • Justin
                                                                                Justin  3 weeks back

                                                                                IIschool he meant 15 inches or 17 inches, but you’re right that i7 is generally better than i5

                                                                              • IIschool
                                                                                IIschool  3 weeks back

                                                                                Core I 7 is a higher CPU

                                                                            • Nobody Nobodoy
                                                                              Nobody Nobodoy  4 weeks back

                                                                              confused, one reviewer said plastic, another said glass, wut is the touchpad...

                                                                              • Maxxx Langel
                                                                                Maxxx Langel  4 weeks back

                                                                                Damn i need this one...but i jst got the asus tuf 505dt, n im not satisfied wit the performance!!! Dammit!!!

                                                                              • Hmmod ba eisa
                                                                                Hmmod ba eisa  4 weeks back

                                                                                Thums up for the two lights background