WWE Sign Lucha Underground Star, Enzo Amore Announces In-Ring Return & More

  • Published: 02 August 2019
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    More wrestling news including WWE cancel more house shows, Enzo Amore to wrestle again, WWE sign Lucha Underground star, everything you need to hear about Triple H's birthday bash and an update on AEW's first episode of TV.

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Comments • 325

  • WhatCulture Wrestling
    WhatCulture Wrestling   4 months back

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    • Can't Double Jump
      Can't Double Jump  4 months back

      You have a gaming channel for this shit!

    • andrewkmoodie
      andrewkmoodie  4 months back

      No rhymes good, daft advert bad.

      By all means, have a "thanks to our sponsor" or whatever, but "GUYS I JUST LOOOOVE THIS APP" comes across very disingenuously and undermines the unbiased journalism. It suggests you'd accept a few quid to say that a certain wrestling promotion is your new favourite, for example.

    • Brandon Hall
      Brandon Hall  4 months back

      Keep the lights on, food on your tables, and money in your wallets.

    • WrestleCrateUK_Reviews89
      WrestleCrateUK_Reviews89  4 months back

      @Plumpy of Originalwidz 95 which Adam vs which Adam?

    • Logan8
      Logan8  4 months back

      Pretty ironic that WhatCulture gaming has done loads of videos discussing loot boxes recently...

  • Silent Boy
    Silent Boy  4 months back

    Idk why you call Enzo bill Cosby he didn't rape anymore like bill Cosby did so that's kinda falls under slander to compare Enzo to a rapist

    • Mark Us Nier CHS
      Mark Us Nier CHS  4 months back


        CLINTON WESLEY  4 months back

        Nzo and Caz XL will be together on August 16th in Poughkeepsie, NY and again on August 17th in Norwich, CT
        If you never seen a Northeast Wrestling event
        I highly recommend it

        • andrewkmoodie
          andrewkmoodie  4 months back

          No rhymes good, daft advert bad.

          By all means, have a "thanks to our sponsor" or whatever, but "GUYS I JUST LOOOOVE THIS APP" comes across very disingenuously and undermines the unbiased journalism. It suggests you'd accept a few quid to say that a certain wrestling promotion is your new favourite, for example.

          • Michaeux Ervin
            Michaeux Ervin  4 months back

            Damn copy right logo is wrong on the impact photos

            • Big meets Small
              Big meets Small  4 months back

              Incredible signing

              • Raymond Segura
                Raymond Segura  4 months back

                I think Maria will lose the 24/7 title to her baby once its born!!!Youngest Champion ever!!!!!

                • DeathByEric
                  DeathByEric  4 months back

                  Wait, WWE are hiring El Hijo del Fantasma? I wonder which luchador is getting released!

                  • Fly Boy
                    Fly Boy  4 months back

                    Sign a big star from lucha underground just so they can give them a trash push and gimmick

                    • Stan dodge
                      Stan dodge  4 months back

                      I'm waiting to see if wwe cancels or does a bait and switch for their show Saturday September 7th in Halifax

                      • Kris Neighbour
                        Kris Neighbour  4 months back

                        It's funny because if these two guys were in front of enzo right now they would both suck up to him so bad lol

                        • Chi Sasa
                          Chi Sasa  4 months back

                          Imma let y'all talk shit. If I could give a Fuhhk I would have already givin it. Still I RISE!...

                      • rahul mzd55
                        rahul mzd55  4 months back

                        aew has already sold out its debut TNT show buddies

                        • SupaSmoothM16
                          SupaSmoothM16  4 months back

                          Caz XL vs Moxley is on the same card as nZo's return

                          • Sin Sanity
                            Sin Sanity  4 months back

                            Another episode of Ginger & The Gargoyle- nope. No thanks.

                          • Nora Brandt
                            Nora Brandt  4 months back

                            Happy early Birthday, Adam Wilbourne!!! Mine was July 25th.

                            • Nora Brandt
                              Nora Brandt  4 months back

                              I'll be Enzo's opponent. He'd have about 30-45 seconds of running his mouth, then I'd drop him like 3rd period French!

                              • EvilGoku 730
                                EvilGoku 730  4 months back

                                Ricochet is a Lucha Underground star a.k.a. PRINCE PUMA

                                • Chi Sasa
                                  Chi Sasa  4 months back

                                  PUMA PUMA PUMA PUMA

                              • I Got Dibz Gaming
                                I Got Dibz Gaming  4 months back

                                So yourself a favor and skip to 1:30

                                • Jesse Ealey
                                  Jesse Ealey  4 months back

                                  Booooo!!! no ads mid vid from whatculture. -.- we get enough from YouTube itself without yall trying to make more money making commercials of your own.

                                  • hoffy0000
                                    hoffy0000  4 months back

                                    Video starts at 1:30 after a shameless plug

                                    • DeJuan B
                                      DeJuan B  4 months back

                                      Enzo said no amount of money would get him to wrestle again.....😑

                                      • Not My Problem Brah
                                        Not My Problem Brah  4 months back

                                        Nooooo WWE is gonna ruin El Hijo del Fantasma. They prolly won’t let him be a Lucha at all cuz they have enough they don’t use at all. He will prolly have to do what Ricochet has to do a take the mask off and come up with some new without a mask. I just don’t see this going well at all for El Hijo del Fantasma. And yes I know he’s had a gimmick where he didn’t have a mask on before. But he didn’t thrive until he became El Hijo del Fantasma. But idk I’m hoping and praying they don’t ruin him and throw him in Lucha house party

                                        • Shane Mullins
                                          Shane Mullins  4 months back

                                          Was the Inspirational One in a rest hold for the duration of that ad break or is this the era of no news during commercials?

                                          • Phil VanEman
                                            Phil VanEman  4 months back

                                            ugh, the game ad is pretty sleazy.

                                            • Splatoon Splatter
                                              Splatoon Splatter  4 months back

                                              These lads don’t know how business works

                                              • Asterik cAde
                                                Asterik cAde  4 months back

                                                I think MJF would destroy Amore on the mic.

                                                • mike korn
                                                  mike korn  4 months back

                                                  Why do you feel the need to say bloody on every youtube video... And who have you inspired out of interest, otherwise thank you for the news

                                                  • 266castillo
                                                    266castillo  4 months back

                                                    Great El Hijo Del Fantasma another great Luchador that will be buried in WWE

                                                  • thribs
                                                    thribs  4 months back

                                                    Shane will defeat him at Summerslam so it’s immaterial.

                                                    • oCorrupts
                                                      oCorrupts  4 months back

                                                      If Enzo can keep his ego under control and he improves in-between the ropes I see him actually doing well and he needs to listen to his critics instead of trying to fire back at them

                                                      • Mr. Chamberlain
                                                        Mr. Chamberlain  4 months back

                                                        Is Impact Wrestling owned by WWE now? Why are the pictures of Impact credited to WWE? 😂

                                                        • Lucci Robbins
                                                          Lucci Robbins  4 months back

                                                          Anyone here miss Lucha Underground? Or know if we’re getting another season? I swear that was the best wrestling show. My favorite ever.

                                                          • Chi Sasa
                                                            Chi Sasa  4 months back

                                                            Netflix are douches for giving us 2 seasons when they have like 6 now.

                                                        • Adamoftheeast
                                                          Adamoftheeast  4 months back

                                                          I didn’t get the tickets I wanted but I did get tickets to AEW on October 2! So excited! It was tremendously difficult to get the tickets you wanted. I must have clicked 100+ tickets before I got the general admission tickets I ended up with.

                                                          • Lisa M
                                                            Lisa M  4 months back

                                                            In the title before I clicked on the video I saw "Enzo Amore announces in-ring..." and I was really hoping the next word was gonna be "retirement" so you can imagine my disappointment at the R word that was actually there

                                                            • l Z I
                                                              l Z I  4 months back

                                                              5:30 im sure whatculture know what good wrestlers are

                                                              • l Z I
                                                                l Z I  4 months back

                                                                "lucha underground star" like the indies have stars lol, people dont even care about wwe wrestlers let alone underground ones

                                                                • Hmpppf
                                                                  Hmpppf  4 months back

                                                                  Now you guys are jumping on these shitty mobile game ads? Hemorrhaging too much money?

                                                                  • Kouji Chan
                                                                    Kouji Chan  4 months back

                                                                    Vid starts at 1:40.

                                                                    • SHARK ATTACK
                                                                      SHARK ATTACK  4 months back

                                                                      he should stay in impact......it's better for him....other wise he'll end up with the rest of them idiots chasing after the 24/7 belt with a cup in his hand...Bobby Roode, EC3, Titus O'Neil, etc........what a waste of talent....especially Bobby Roode.....he has the potential to be like a new age Ric Flair.....Bobby Roode should join ELi Drake in NWA 10 lbs of gold along Nick Aldis, James storm. Bring tradition back...."THE NWA"

                                                                      • Tom Class
                                                                        Tom Class  4 months back

                                                                        CAZ XL & nZo’s opponents at NEW: Prison Break are Thrillride & Jared Silberkliet

                                                                        • Deesire007
                                                                          Deesire007  4 months back

                                                                          I hated the rhymes, but that ad is even worse...

                                                                          • The Last Yateman
                                                                            The Last Yateman  4 months back

                                                                            Hey just throwing this out there, the axe throwing is probably less because Triple H wishes he was Conan and more because Axe throwing is like a trendy thing to do while you drink in America now.... lots of big bars, and carnivals and such do as throwing now.

                                                                            I heard Waltman say that Vince was definitely all about the Axe throwing.

                                                                            • David Fisher
                                                                              David Fisher  4 months back

                                                                              How you doin

                                                                            • Big Billy Willy
                                                                              Big Billy Willy  4 months back

                                                                              Christ What Culture is trash now

                                                                            • kingofarkansas2710
                                                                              kingofarkansas2710  4 months back

                                                                              Seriously its getting to the point pretty soon impact will be on animal planet

                                                                              • Wayytoosaucyy
                                                                                Wayytoosaucyy  4 months back

                                                                                I can't stand when y'all talk down on Enzo!! Wrestling isn't always about ur in ring work!!! Enzo is the best on microphone in the wrestling biz hands fuckin down

                                                                                • Section 8
                                                                                  Section 8  4 months back

                                                                                  YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT!