Joe Rogan | Mainstream Acceptance of Antifa Violence w/Andy Ngo


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  • Andrei Nicolai Amadeo
    Andrei Nicolai Amadeo  1 weeks back

    Cause and Effect.

    • Joe
      Joe  3 weeks back

      You couldn't be more wrong Joe. Antifa did not organize because of what happened in Charlottesville. In fact, they are the cause of what happened in Charlottesville. Antifa has been around at least since before the 2016 election. I have seen many videos of them showing up at Trump campaign rallies causing violence. Attacking Trump supporters. Showing up at universities causing riots when conservatives are invited to speak. Then when Trump supporters finally got fed up and decided to fight back, they formed groups like The Proud Boys. So do not say that Antifa formed because of what happened in Charlottesville. Everyone who has been paying attention knows that Antifa ARE the fascists.

      • JTK
        JTK  3 weeks back

        Antifa is born out of anarchy and Communism. Guess what? They're cruising for a bruising and you're right, Joe. They will get their comeuppance. Soon. Your guest did nothing to deserve being beaten. And it's not unhinged to defend yourself or others when the people charged with keeping order will not do it.

        There is a 4th Amendment but you cannot - as these "people" do - use your Constitutional rights to deny others theirs.

        Unite against ANTIFA via beating the shit out of them because Joe is right. They do not understand the extreme violence that is coming to them. It is not "far right" to see what ANTIFA is doing and step in violently when they are beating an innocent person.

        • Azerty Qwerty
          Azerty Qwerty  2 months back

          The black guy in the thumbnail has a super punchable face!

          • Mr.Johnny_Raincloud
            Mr.Johnny_Raincloud  2 months back

            Ugh. Don Lemon has one of the most punchable smug faces I've ever seen.

            • ds2jim
              ds2jim  2 months back

              exactly! Joe nailed this one.

              • Edu Vera
                Edu Vera  2 months back

                Wtf, how retarded is that? If someone is already commiting a crime theyre gonna try to hide who they are no matter what, doesnt matter if doing it is illegal

                • Andrew H
                  Andrew H  2 months back

                  These Antifa motherfuckers deserve anything they get.

                  • C Toland
                    C Toland  2 months back

                    Joe makes millions on violence! He is violent! He lives in a testosterone world where dudes try to beat each other up. ANTIFA is Occupy Wall-street on Meth!

                    • Folk Aart
                      Folk Aart  2 months back

                      50 more shot by the disgusting afro sociopaths in Chicago over Labor Day weekend. No outrage from the racists over at CNN Fake News though.

                      • Doc Doom
                        Doc Doom  2 months back

                        If 1 of them lil antifuckwads threw something at me or sprayed me with something i would grab the closest 1 to me and snap their frail neck

                        • Canuklehead
                          Canuklehead  3 months back

                          Joe I make the story up as I go along Rogan

                          • lew allen
                            lew allen  3 months back

                            I don’t know about a joke. I remember g20 protests where people caught police as instigators protesting with masks and shit. This is the dark government I imagine

                            • lew allen
                              lew allen  3 months back

                              People nowadays tend not to remember what happened last week

                            • lew allen
                              lew allen  3 months back

                              G20 was practice

                          • Dallas DeLay
                            Dallas DeLay  3 months back

                            They are turds

                            • Pythagoras Theorem
                              Pythagoras Theorem  3 months back

                              The FBI needs to intervene in Portland, OR. That city council needs overhauled. The mayor is also the police commissioner and he is telling police to stand down.

                              • Brimstone Ashe
                                Brimstone Ashe  3 months back

                                The amount of times Joe has warned about antifa on his podcast always surprises me. One can kill people at churches, festivals, and Wal-Marts for specific white nationalist/supremist reasons and not get a word from him. But throw a milkshake at someone and he gets real concerned. Holy shit.

                                • Moderator III
                                  Moderator III  3 months back

                                  2 proud children are in jail now one fled with the help of police to Samoa


                              • Burke 32
                                Burke 32  3 months back

                                Fuck antifa

                                • Rick James Bish
                                  Rick James Bish  3 months back

                                  fuck it mask off

                                  • Philosophy Bear
                                    Philosophy Bear  3 months back

                                    goddamn right joe.

                                    • Evan Deska
                                      Evan Deska  4 months back

                                      The ppl mostly on the right are more morally sound and have tolerant social out looks and have values. Even the ppl as far right as ya can get. They hate we can tollerate there intolerance plain and simple eventully your right we all will say enough, ppl from the right, liberals, Dems, repubs, ect ect. Seeing you destroying there towns city's. Hurting there friends and family destroying there property we can go on and on what happens when the ppl you look towrds to defend you because you cant oppose you? The men and women in armed forces retired or active, police officers ppl from private sector, it's almost a gartuntee the ppl from the opposing views or opinions can do great deal of violence but we choose not to we dont want to see it but what happens when you push some ppl to far. Then you will want to play the victim when you invited it upon yourself it's like a child running to mom and dad, mom dad I hit this guy and he hurt me really really bad please help me "mom and dad those were your choices your on your own"

                                      • jeff landauer
                                        jeff landauer  4 months back

                                        The comment by Joe that the right is inherently more dangerous and tying that to firearms is a ridiculous comment. Especially when a few minutes later he talks about masked thugs beating and macing people.

                                        ANTIFA is a threat to the Republic, our Bill of Rights and the public’s safety, freedom and liberties. They are the very thing they claim to oppose. Madness

                                        • Mowglischach
                                          Mowglischach  4 months back

                                          the first 3 minutes of this video are so telling... stop while you're [not] ahead, antifa~

                                          • Mike Lavigne
                                            Mike Lavigne  4 months back

                                            Ted Wheeler needs to be arrested for public endangerment.

                                            • Alessandro Morosin
                                              Alessandro Morosin  4 months back

                                              So how do you feel about this ?

                                              • razumfrackle
                                                razumfrackle  4 months back

                                                Antifa are the brown shirts of the Democratic Party. Most Democrats will not denounce.

                                                ‘Right wing’ extremists are universally denounced by almost all Republicans.

                                                • taterboob
                                                  taterboob  4 months back

                                                  I really hope that Joe’s not implying that Antifa suddenly became a thing as a result of Charlottesville, right? It’s scary how efficiently the media has memory-holed everything.

                                                  Also, in response to “it’s not all of (the people of Portland) who are doing this”, they fucking voted the mayor in who enables Antifa violence.

                                                  Joe is so infuriatingly uninformed here, and he keeps dominating the discussion like he was there, and he knows what he’s talking about.

                                                  • OoWINDEXoO
                                                    OoWINDEXoO  4 months back

                                                    It's funny I've been getting less and less recommendations for Joe Rogan videos lately.... And look at how low the view count is for this video... The censorship is hilarious

                                                    • MrJohnlennon007
                                                      MrJohnlennon007  4 months back

                                                      “Don’t think they should wear masks while committing crimes”

                                                      How about not committing crimes like a civilized society?

                                                      • mazmonte77
                                                        mazmonte77  4 months back

                                                        By the way, just last week, an antifa member perpetrated a terrorist attack on an ICE facility. Any coverage of such violence in the media????? I rest my case.

                                                      • mazmonte77
                                                        mazmonte77  4 months back

                                                        The media is just salivating while waiting for someone from the right to respond to these attacks on freedom of speech and free assembly ( which they suppose to defend since these rights were granted to them). Then when that happens , they will exploit the situation to get democrats in office. Only Idiots watch TV , and only idiots vote for democrats. If they are not idiots , they are misguided evil persons. I cannot conclude this any other way.

                                                        • mazmonte77
                                                          mazmonte77  4 months back

                                                          See the treatment the Tea Party and the Conington HS kids got from the media. Yet, they did not do even a fraction of what antifa has been doing for a long time. What ever it takes to get a Democrat in a position of power, that's what the media is there for.

                                                          • Windham Earl
                                                            Windham Earl  4 months back

                                                            And now you have militias and mercs saying they are coming to Portland.

                                                            • tobagobum
                                                              tobagobum  4 months back

                                                              part 4?

                                                              • Balisongs for Breakfast
                                                                Balisongs for Breakfast  4 months back

                                                                thank God these lunatic sjw over sensitive wackos are a dying breed

                                                                • Mike Hayden
                                                                  Mike Hayden  4 months back


                                                                  • Graffiti Trick Shot
                                                                    Graffiti Trick Shot  4 months back

                                                                    3:18 pretty much.

                                                                    • #countryboycansurvive
                                                                      #countryboycansurvive  4 months back

                                                                      *Joe Rogan* Antifa was formed in Europe you fucking moron. Had nothing to do with Charlottesville or anything else in America. They came here at the order of George Soros.

                                                                      • Madz DK
                                                                        Madz DK  4 months back

                                                                        I fucking hate how Joe keeps minimizing this shit

                                                                        • ick don
                                                                          ick don  4 months back

                                                                          Everyone on the left must die.

                                                                        • Freedonia Official
                                                                          Freedonia Official  4 months back

                                                                          "Portland is great I love it" -- Joe Rogan.
                                                                          "Portland is a sh*thole, and it is more than a few bad apples" - Sane people

                                                                          • Dan Richardson
                                                                            Dan Richardson  1 months back

                                                                            I mean aside from the loonies of Antifa, Portland is actually a pretty decent city. Just way too lefty to me

                                                                        • Freedonia Official
                                                                          Freedonia Official  4 months back

                                                                          This is a ridiculous explanation. Antifa is purely an extremist organization and have been around for a long time. They were in Germany during the Weimer Republic, they are useless idiots for Communism

                                                                          • Search For The Truth
                                                                            Search For The Truth  4 months back

                                                                            Id snap and run people over. Fuck the left 🤷🏼‍♂️

                                                                            • Moderator III
                                                                              Moderator III  3 months back

                                                                              I bet you have never been able to sexually satisfy a partner in your life 🍆😲🍆😲🍆😲

                                                                          • Janie Jones
                                                                            Janie Jones  4 months back

                                                                            It's funny that Joes talks about how the right-wing will flip out when responding to such violence. What do you think happened to James Fields in Charlottesville? He'd been attacked by Antifa, he was surrounded and probably through a mixture of anger and fear drove through the crowd.

                                                                            • Rick Darris
                                                                              Rick Darris  4 months back

                                                                              McInnis was strong armed a couple years ago into "disavowing" the group. Watch his video when he officially does it. He infers that some of its members were in trouble, a set up against him by your leftist overlords, and in order to save them by some shady deal he had to quit. Watch the video if it's still up. It's so sketchy how he had to make this announcement.

                                                                              • Patrick Bradley
                                                                                Patrick Bradley  4 months back

                                                                                Guns or bike locks and chains. Antifa is a group. The right is a collection of individuals. Thats how i see it. General sense and respect should prevail not this.
                                                                                Im Antiantifa&fa bra. They should be called a terror group

                                                                                • guitargamery
                                                                                  guitargamery  4 months back

                                                                                  i didnt vote in 2016 but this time im voting for sure...the left is out of their mind, it is actually scary

                                                                                  • no ones business
                                                                                    no ones business  4 months back

                                                                                    Joe is correct. Eventually antifa is going to fuck with the wrong people. Alot of Americans love the 2nd amendment and will use it to defend themselves and i think antifa will eventually learn that the hard way

                                                                                    • Jeremy Thompson
                                                                                      Jeremy Thompson  4 months back

                                                                                      I have a concealed carry permit and if someone did this to me I would protect myself