Nurse Assists Pilot With Midflight Medical Emergency


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  • Kelly Anderson
    Kelly Anderson  3 weeks back

    I hate when people say "sprang into action." Annoying.

    • Cupcakes stacked on top of one another

      Don't confuse a heart attack with cardiac arrest. It's not the same thing.

      • Connie Thomas
        Connie Thomas  3 months back

        #I love them :-) x

        • Kristen Weaver
          Kristen Weaver  10 months back

          “Way back in coach” didn’t have to blast them like that 😂

          • Luis O
            Luis O  2 years back

            true care involves love and turns into true love when it involves complete strangers - what holds them together and has them work in unison is a power beyond all power.

            • ThomasG10mtn
              ThomasG10mtn  2 years back

              *fuckin white ppl !*

              • witch, please
                witch, please  6 years back

                You always hear stories abiut crisis happening and policemen not doing shit because they're "off duty". God bless these women who see savibg others as the right thing to do, not as just workin.

                • Amaterus
                  Amaterus  2 years back

                  Once your a doctor or a nurse your in it for life. We often take action first think later because even a second of hesitation can cost the patients life. While it may depend on a person to help or not you have to remember that sometimes not getting in the way or making things worse is the best course of action.

                • rangergun
                  rangergun  6 years back

                  yes it sad that "off duty people don't help. They say that a lot of the time if they do something wrong they get sued by the family. has happen before. and only a few states have laws to protect Off duty Dr.s/  police or EMS workers from wrong doing when they were trying to help. All states should protect the people that are helping others. 

              • Jada Parks
                Jada Parks  6 years back

                Excellent story. Now, this is worth reporting. God bless those RNs and retired pilot for a job WELL DONE.

                • Squid Embyro
                  Squid Embyro  6 years back

                  Nice work, they must be proud.

                  • sfsoma
                    sfsoma  6 years back

                    Nurses are the best!

                    • Perianth
                      Perianth  6 years back

                      Lmfao I love this story, it shows that we need a pilot and doctor passenger on every plane

                      • Katie Newmeyer
                        Katie Newmeyer  6 years back

                        Why does it seem like there's always someone experienced in something on a plane lol

                        • bernedett rose
                          bernedett rose  6 years back

                          Awesome story👍👍👍

                          • Wil Travel
                            Wil Travel  6 years back

                            God bless those two wonderful ladies.

                            • John 213
                              John 213  6 years back

                              nice story. How lucky was that pilot, having not 1 but 2 nurses at his disposal and to top it all, a retired pilot to substitute him.

                              • Kalier
                                Kalier  6 years back