Here's Why Helicopter Blades Can Look Strange On Video


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  • Quốc Phú
    Quốc Phú  2 weeks back

    What if shutter speeds and FPS is lower than blades speed, pls reply

    • Darryl Spence
      Darryl Spence  2 months back

      Camera are explained. What about when we see with our own eyes......

      • Graham Walker
        Graham Walker  2 months back

        And a car wheel seems to turn backwards.

        • newman447
          newman447  4 months back

          who cares about the fuckin helicopter......check her out.

          • Ryan Court
            Ryan Court  4 months back

            Explanation... Chuck Norris doesnt need engines running to fly...

            • Astu Edit
              Astu Edit  5 months back

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              • Green Studios
                Green Studios  5 months back

                Why am I watching this video? I already know all of this.

                • ORA ORA ORA ORA !!
                  ORA ORA ORA ORA !!  7 months back

                  Wow, you're beautiful!

                  • Mirza Khalid
                    Mirza Khalid  8 months back

                    I love The Host as much as the Video 😍

                    • LonelyDarkness
                      LonelyDarkness  8 months back

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                      • Vortex
                        Vortex  8 months back

                        And everyone thought our world was glitching like a simulation

                        • Marco Polo
                          Marco Polo  9 months back

                          So instead of showing an actual knife you show computer graphics. So smart.

                          • Brian Jordan
                            Brian Jordan  9 months back

                            Not bad, pretty close. Actually it revolves around the shutter speed per second and the frames per second. Both must come into play for the blades to appear motionless. Frames and shutter speeds dont always match in cameras. Say the frames per sec in ur camera are 32 and shutter speed is 33 and the helo blades are rotating at 32 rotations per sec. The blades will appear slightly blurry and look as if their in supper slow motion rotating clockwise. Now if the blades and camera frames were at 33 per sec and ur shutter at 32 the helo blades would look. Slightly blurry in supper slow motion going counterclockwise.. Hope this helped. PS- regular helo & not a gov secret flight..

                            • The Missing Link's Younger Brother

                              Ok thanks but how do we fix it?

                              • Alnel Vincent Alico
                                Alnel Vincent Alico  4 months back

                                Try adjusting the shutter speed / frequency of the camera. Otherwise, adjust the speed of whatever is being captured.

                            • xox.brandon
                              xox.brandon  10 months back

                              You would know, Lauren Birdtree

                              • mnmlCy
                                mnmlCy  10 months back

                                It’s because the earth is flat

                                • krops 4
                                  krops 4  10 months back

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                                  • oldcowbb
                                    oldcowbb  10 months back

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                                • Rusty Shakelford
                                  Rusty Shakelford  12 months back

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                                  • grey bowling ball
                                    grey bowling ball  1 years back

                                    I will like this better if a nerd talks about this for some reason

                                    • NuclearQuantumLasers PewPewPew

                                      HELLO! IT DOES IT WITH MY EYES TOO! NOT JUST VIDEO!

                                      • Mark Luigi Plumo
                                        Mark Luigi Plumo  1 years back

                                        This hapenn to my fidget spinner

                                        • cyalknight
                                          cyalknight  1 years back

                                          No wonder why the photo of my spinning fidget spinner arm looked bent. Thank you!

                                          • LifeUnder TheMicroscope

                                            This is a very showing way of manipulating one's perception of reality and Viktor Schauberger wrote of this as he handed out answers instead of flawed theories and ignorance being handed out by people to maintain a lower level of thinking for the unworthy.

                                            • lil lol
                                              lil lol  1 years back

                                              *helicopter_blades.exe stopped working*

                                              • Justin
                                                Justin  1 years back

                                                Low graphic cards be like

                                                • BrownTheColor
                                                  BrownTheColor  1 years back

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                                                  • Slowmo
                                                    Slowmo  2 years back

                                                    Didn't know about bend object due to rolling shutter but is there any advantage of using rolling sutter??

                                                    • Bencil Sharpeniro
                                                      Bencil Sharpeniro  2 years back

                                                      thank you for the science

                                                      • Emir Boz kurt
                                                        Emir Boz kurt  2 years back

                                                        IT SPINS SO FAST THAT ITS ROTORS GET REALY FAST TO THE SAME PLACE I THINK

                                                        • leafbelly
                                                          leafbelly  2 years back

                                                          Great video, but it's probably more accurate to say that the blades are moving at a much higher number of times per second that are evenly divisible by the frame rate. So, if the frame rate is 30, the RPM could be something like 300 or 330 RPM. ... or, even a number divisible by 1/6 since there are 6 blades on the heli, and the video could be "swapping out" blades to still give us that illusion. Just a guess.

                                                          • F- Stop
                                                            F- Stop  2 years back


                                                            • Nitesh Khatiwada
                                                              Nitesh Khatiwada  2 years back

                                                              Try looking at your hand shaking it as fast as you can and blinking your eyes constantly and rapidly !!!!

                                                              You'll definitely understand now ...

                                                              • AdBlock
                                                                AdBlock  2 years back

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                                                                • Limqa Asyraf
                                                                  Limqa Asyraf  1 years back

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                                                                • Limqa Asyraf
                                                                  Limqa Asyraf  1 years back

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                                                              • Sinni
                                                                Sinni  2 years back

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                                                                • It's just Me
                                                                  It's just Me  2 years back

                                                                  Woo its interesting!

                                                                  • Denmahad
                                                                    Denmahad  2 years back

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                                                                    • Roberd Tobing
                                                                      Roberd Tobing  2 years back

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                                                                      • Daggy AG
                                                                        Daggy AG  2 years back

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                                                                        • Virtualy frf
                                                                          Virtualy frf  2 years back

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                                                                          • roy littlefield
                                                                            roy littlefield  2 years back

                                                                            Same thing happens to my wiper blades through my dash cam. Now i get it! Thanks! 😄

                                                                            • Xfiles Foxisdead
                                                                              Xfiles Foxisdead  2 years back

                                                                              I bet some morons will still saying its matrix glitch buahahaha

                                                                              • c1rcu1tn3rd
                                                                                c1rcu1tn3rd  2 years back

                                                                                This isn't correct as far as video capture. The shutter stays open and captures light on the image sensor. It's the image sensor that refreshes however many times per second the video is recorded. In this she says the shutter is the one that is refreshing X times per second. Also why rolling shutter is named this I am uncertain because it actually doesn't have to do with the shutter. The 2 types of shutter are leaf and focal plane. This "rolling shutter" (which should be called progressive scanning instead) is not present in many cameras. CMOS sensors capture the entire frame as mentioned before by utilizing the entire image sensor at once. Therefore they do not suffer from this distortion. Also almost all cameras use a focal place shutter. It's essentially a curtain that moves very fast across the focal plane while another curtain follows behind it.

                                                                                • Allo
                                                                                  Allo  2 years back

                                                                                  This video hates epileptic people

                                                                                  • ArchaicVirus
                                                                                    ArchaicVirus  2 years back

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                                                                                    • Kanishk Tantia
                                                                                      Kanishk Tantia  2 years back

                                                                                      I discovered this phenomenon when I was 5

                                                                                      • Julie Green
                                                                                        Julie Green  2 years back

                                                                                        lol "rad"

                                                                                        • Zakk Saw
                                                                                          Zakk Saw  2 years back

                                                                                          In that footage, why is the tail blade captured rotating but the big blades are still?

                                                                                          • Rafael Suprayogi
                                                                                            Rafael Suprayogi  2 years back

                                                                                            Beter see with your eye :)