Watch the Dow live: Markets tumble after key indicator triggers recession worries


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  • peter lee
    peter lee  5 months back

    It took almost 8 years for REAL PRESIDENT OBAMA to bring us up from one of the worst global recession in our history and almost 3 years for POPULAR LOSER, BANKRUPTCY, RACIST, HATEFUL, LIAR OCCUPANT OF THE PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE DONALD TRUMP to bring down our economy and the world to a brink and possibly another global recession. Great job Putin, Fox (fake) News and Trumptards.

    • Mister Sarajevo
      Mister Sarajevo  5 months back

      The sad thing is that his supporters will place the blame on Obama & Hillary Clinton if another recession happens

      • Irish Home DeeMob
        Irish Home DeeMob  5 months back

        Bankruptcy is his *big signature* !

        • T Electronix
          T Electronix  5 months back

          So. Much. Winning.

          • No Seas
            No Seas  5 months back

            Thank u trump🥳👍

            • Henry
              Henry  5 months back

              Recession is coming, courtesy from Trump.

              • Logan Beri
                Logan Beri  5 months back

                Very good news. USA is causing so much economic hardships to other countries.

                • T Electronix
                  T Electronix  5 months back

                  @Logan - a fall in the US economy negatively affects the global economy.

                  You are incredibly ill-informed.

                • No Seas
                  No Seas  5 months back

                  @Janet Masiello ofcourse has to be china😂

              • Allen crowe
                Allen crowe  5 months back

                Fantastic. Thank you Trump. Oh... It's not his fault? I'm sorry! Must be that debt Reagan amassed that we still ain't paid off. Glad the rich can afford to trade short

                • VexusFrost
                  VexusFrost  5 months back

                  you’re whole country is built on borrowed money lmao

                • Mister Sarajevo
                  Mister Sarajevo  5 months back

                  His supporters don't care. They'll just place the blame on Obama & Hillary Clinton

              • Where's The Wall?
                Where's The Wall?  5 months back

                I'm so tired of winning

                • Diane laughalot
                  Diane laughalot  5 months back

                  Well u can thank tRuMp for all this .....and more.😁 bankrupting is his M.O 😆

                • kalbs89
                  kalbs89  5 months back


                  B for broke

                  • KS
                    KS  5 months back

                    TRUMP has already won

                    • KS
                      KS  5 months back

                      @Jeanna Taylor dogs are barking and caravan Goes on

                    • Jeanna Taylor
                      Jeanna Taylor  5 months back

                      What do you mean?

                  • Taylor Memely
                    Taylor Memely  5 months back

                    TAYLOR MEMELY

                    • MC Bruin
                      MC Bruin  5 months back

                      Europe is already going into an recession thanks to Trumps trade war and the Brexit. Trump inherited an very good economy. For an while he was freewheeling on it but he managed to destroy it within 4 years and bring us into an global recession and if we don’t watch out an depression. 4 more years off Trump and you don’t only have an dictator in the house that gives himself and his buddies another massive tax cut but there will be no economy left
                      I live in Europe and I worry what will happen. Everything that I thought would happen with Trump as president happened.
                      It does not feel good.

                      • Michael Focke
                        Michael Focke  5 months back

                        GamingTV ok my fault but still that’s only the Dow

                      • Michael Focke
                        Michael Focke  5 months back

                        GamingTV and the economy has to go up when there’s a recession that’s how it’s always been and it goes down because it needs breathing room

                      • Michael Focke
                        Michael Focke  5 months back

                        It was at 18*

                      • Michael Focke
                        Michael Focke  5 months back

                        Um Obama’s economy wasn’t good wtf are you watching all of the economist say trump has a better economy

                    • monakw
                      monakw  5 months back

                      Open mouth, Insert...

                      • David Brown
                        David Brown  5 months back

                        You Republicans thought Trump was Jesus you see were it got you.

                        • ASMRHype
                          ASMRHype  5 months back

                          Thanks trump

                          • 537monster
                            537monster  5 months back

                            As much as I despise Trump, we can’t entirely blame this on him. The Chinese and European market has been slowing for a while, and this is likely a bubble in the international market about to burst.

                          • 1Me
                            1Me  5 months back

                            You know who's happy, the speculators. I wouldn't be surprised if this is being done deliberately in order to bounce it up and down. The rich know what they do, take the risks, and make off with a lot of profit. Do you think the people (insiders) don't know when a tweet might tank things, or vise verser? They sell way before, and then time to buy, and repeat. If I was clever I would have done that, but it's difficult when it's your money and you are risk averse. In the end a lot of money to be made. Just get out before it totally tanks for real. That's my two pennies worth.

                            Edit: I even put a sell marker for a price in at the top (didn't sell, as well I'm, see above). I should have and now simply bought back in, making my gain. It will go up again I'm sure. Second time I've looked at this situation and thought I should have done what I know, but didn't. Now I can't because third time will probably be lose, that's the way my luck that been going lately hehe :-)

                            • 1Me
                              1Me  5 months back

                              @GamingTV Maybe invest in that hehe :-)

                            • 1Me
                              1Me  5 months back

                              @Tristan That's when you should sell. It hit a good high, like you said above what most thought (bit for good reason, so fundamentals are strong regardless). Maybe the selling caused the price to go down, but these people will simply buy back in soonish I would think? Anyway if you sold a couple of days ago you would have made a nice little profit and buy in now-ish again (just wait until you think it's hit its current low), then when it goes up (and I think AMD will again), more profit. That's what I wish I would have done. I'm not clever it appears, or just too scared :-)

                              Edit: people are probably too scared to buy in right now (small investers). It will happen as soon as the big players move in again, knowing it will bounce back. Again I don't know enough, this is just me saying. I have no real experience of those just my observations (and I'm sure I'm missing a lot).

                              Edit: that's the thing though, if someone is winning you have someone on the other side losing. I guess that's why I'm scared. It's easy to say I'll do this or that (and last two times I've been right), but to actually do it. That's why I might be the loser in this equation :-)

                            • Tristan
                              Tristan  5 months back

                              Oh yeah. AMD was doing fine and then it went up because of a deal and the value jumped up way higher than I expected it to with how things were going and then a few people sold a crazy amount of stocks and plummeted it all the way back down. It didn't even budge with the tariff delay news.

                          • Chad the Chud Show
                            Chad the Chud Show  5 months back

                            It's weird that a guy who bankrupted 4 Casinos could be so bad at running an economy, huh?

                          • Don donny
                            Don donny  5 months back

                            Its amazing how hard hitting a real-time stock market ticker can be.
                            Don't ever be fooled. The last time a U.S. President started Tariff wars it sent the economy tumbling. This time is no different.

                            • T Electronix
                              T Electronix  5 months back

                              @Mayes Richard Honey, don't make claims that you can't support.

                              It makes you look like a fanatic or at the very least very gullible.

                            • Mayes Richard
                              Mayes Richard  5 months back

                              Don donny and when was this ?
                              Like, Never! Finally a U.S. President putting America and its Citizens First! The U.S. footed the bill forever these foreign Countries! Tariffs by Our President were put in place so they can start to pay their fair share! The Tariffs put in place have brought big Companies back to the U.S. and have created more jobs for us!

                              Sounds like you prefer Socialism!