Hugging Another Dog Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction


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  • adam gooden
    adam gooden  5 hours back

    Why is tucker so rude to Riley tucker u be nice to your grandpa 😡 IF YOU DONT IM GONNA CUT YOUR FACE IN HALF

    • Glenn Welsh
      Glenn Welsh  5 hours back

      I always wondered if my dog knew that when I hugged her that hugs were signs of love and affection. But seeing Tucker get so jealous of Linda hugging Riley confirms that dogs do actually know that hugs mean love.

      • rachel14rod
        rachel14rod  16 hours back

        How she keeps her house so clean? I want a video on that

        • rachel14rod
          rachel14rod  16 hours back

          What's the wash care for this dress?

          • widowmaker main
            widowmaker main  1 days back

            danielle cohn would do this with her new boyfriends best friends :/

            • Jo Swanell
              Jo Swanell  1 days back

              I used to kiss my two kitties like Linda kissed Brandy and Tucker at the end of the video.

              • Milan Koščica
                Milan Koščica  1 days back

                Tucker giving hugs to other people
                Linda angsty

                • abhinav bargava
                  abhinav bargava  2 days back

                  Why do you need a husband? Dogs fulfill your desire at night

                  • Mayur Dudhsagare
                    Mayur Dudhsagare  2 days back

                    They are Sweet and She is just so Cute.. 😍

                    • Vaishnavi S
                      Vaishnavi S  2 days back

                      He is more jealous than a kdrama main lead...... Lol he is soooo cute

                      • Lacron
                        Lacron  2 days back

                        Nice feet.

                        • ROYAL DOGGO
                          ROYAL DOGGO  2 days back

                          I’m a white retriever

                          • ROYAL DOGGO
                            ROYAL DOGGO  2 days back

                            These are the best friends in my kind

                            • Damon Rice
                              Damon Rice  2 days back

                              Soooooo cute... and the dogs are ok too! 😏

                              • Brennan Oswick
                                Brennan Oswick  3 days back

                                So cwute

                                • showboat
                                  showboat  3 days back

                                  Money can't buy happiness...
                                  But it surely can buy dogs!!

                                  • Girl Gamer Playz
                                    Girl Gamer Playz  3 days back

                                    lé third wheel

                                    • 79coyotefrg
                                      79coyotefrg  3 days back

                                      Tucker wants to know why the hekk you loving on Riley and not him.

                                      • BROWNWRENCH BROWN
                                        BROWNWRENCH BROWN  3 days back

                                        Goldens are total love sponges. You never can give enough.

                                        • Colin moody
                                          Colin moody  3 days back

                                          I have 2 goldens also . I love ur videos and so do my pups

                                          • Sharky Sharky
                                            Sharky Sharky  3 days back

                                            I just got a new golden retriever today and I named it Tucker when he came home my parent dropped us off to get more supplies and as soon as they left he pooed so much and now we are watching you guys

                                            • thankunext
                                              thankunext  3 days back

                                              I discovered your channel today, and let me tell you, your videos make me absolutely happy and light up my day, the subtittles are amazing and funny, you are really gorgeous and so caring for your dogs, you are so full of love and light and this is amazing, big big amount love, have an amazing day Linda❤

                                              • profesorplazas
                                                profesorplazas  3 days back

                                                Have you checked her other channel, "What's for din ?" ??

                                            • michael konrad
                                              michael konrad  4 days back

                                              If I was Tucker I be jealous too. Stay away from my Linda!

                                              • VRArndt
                                                VRArndt  4 days back

                                                Lol, this is my two labs. My Charlie will come to me for attention then Axel will come push his way in between us for loves!!!

                                                • Zipxy Boii
                                                  Zipxy Boii  4 days back

                                                  Am I a good boy because my name is Riley also?😂

                                                  • Jon Z
                                                    Jon Z  4 days back

                                                    Beautiful dogs. What a lucky woman 😉😊

                                                    • Basti Seidenzahl
                                                      Basti Seidenzahl  4 days back

                                                      1:28 Angry Ninja appears: "What'd you say to me you little shit?"

                                                      • me css
                                                        me css  5 days back

                                                        _I found this more interesting than Edward Bella and Jacob story...._

                                                        • Ramani Pitts
                                                          Ramani Pitts  5 days back

                                                          What breeder is Tucker from :)

                                                          • Stacy Chamness
                                                            Stacy Chamness  5 days back

                                                            Good dogs!! I would hug them both!! 😀😀

                                                            • Melon the virtual melon

                                                              i lv it so much 😂

                                                              • renjun 23
                                                                renjun 23  5 days back

                                                                Jaehyun and jungwoo

                                                                • tousekitetsu
                                                                  tousekitetsu  6 days back

                                                                  確かに犬は焼きもち焼きですね^ ^ 🐕

                                                                  • Priyesh Samant
                                                                    Priyesh Samant  6 days back

                                                                    Why all these famous dogs' owners are always gorgeous as well🙃 i get confused why the channel is growing cuz of dog or of owner? 😂

                                                                  • Rea G
                                                                    Rea G  6 days back

                                                                    Is this love at first sight ?

                                                                    • Kawaii Kitten
                                                                      Kawaii Kitten  6 days back

                                                                      Jealous Alert

                                                                      • Thrillseeker8922
                                                                        Thrillseeker8922  6 days back

                                                                        Can you hug me too Linda?

                                                                        • Jose Adriani Buselli
                                                                          Jose Adriani Buselli  6 days back

                                                                          If I were in that room I'd be pushing those dogs away for a hug too 😍

                                                                          • Hritika Singh
                                                                            Hritika Singh  7 days back

                                                                            You are amazing Linda ❤️❣️❣️❣️❤️

                                                                            • EPIC GACHATUBER Kat!
                                                                              EPIC GACHATUBER Kat!  7 days back

                                                                              My mum watching this : im gonna be that dog when you get a boyfriend

                                                                              Me :

                                                                              -what the fluff?-

                                                                              • Grisha Grishin
                                                                                Grisha Grishin  7 days back

                                                                                I also wanna be Linda's gud boii

                                                                                • veekay
                                                                                  veekay  7 days back

                                                                                  This is the 'we dont deserve dogs' comment you all looking for.

                                                                                • Pete Crabby
                                                                                  Pete Crabby  7 days back

                                                                                  bet that house stinks of them two dogs

                                                                                  • Sonam
                                                                                    Sonam  1 weeks back

                                                                                    I don't have space in my place so i cnt buy any pet. I m sad. I only watch videos 😔

                                                                                    • Anthony Martinez
                                                                                      Anthony Martinez  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Sexy toes

                                                                                      • { cina Bon }
                                                                                        { cina Bon }  1 weeks back

                                                                                        Thats my dog too 😂

                                                                                        • sahil shah
                                                                                          sahil shah  1 weeks back

                                                                                          This was therapeutic.

                                                                                          • Charlotte VDL
                                                                                            Charlotte VDL  1 weeks back

                                                                                            not to be dramatic but I would die for them