WWE SummerSlam 2019 - Live Reactions


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  • Devon Green
    Devon Green  4 months back

    3:52:56 thats my dad's name lol

      FIREFLY FUNFIEND  4 months back

      Where's Simon Miller at yo? 😭😧😤

      • leerobbo92
        leerobbo92  4 months back

        3:54:57 "He's gonna just murder him"

        3 minutes later: *FUCKING NECK SNAP*

        • Déise Rebel
          Déise Rebel  4 months back

          Fiend reaction , perfecto 👹

          • Lou Miller
            Lou Miller  4 months back

            Dont know if you guys watched the wwe watch along but gargano was slack jaw'd the entire fiend match. He looked scared as shit

            • Dejuan Tha Don
              Dejuan Tha Don  4 months back

              3:57:03 is Bray’s new move

              • enniobg13
                enniobg13  4 months back

                Do you think WWE will sell the lamp on the Shop?

                • shadowthehh2
                  shadowthehh2  4 months back

                  The Demon vs The Fiend, Hell In A Cell.

                  Book it.

                  • shadowthehh2
                    shadowthehh2  4 months back

                    @Ring Of Valor didn't he just come back from some time off?

                  • Ring Of Valor
                    Ring Of Valor  4 months back

                    Finn is taking 2 months off... But.. they might have a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania

                • jalan noble
                  jalan noble  4 months back

                  Seth Rollins would be Cinnamon flavored for Fireball...budum...🥁

                  • DougJK
                    DougJK  4 months back

                    Kofi and Randy match was bullshit

                    Edit: But my favorite part was definitely the Fiend I think

                    • dinomania 867
                      dinomania 867  4 months back

                      Or Maybe golberg squash caise it was hilarious and the final spear was brutal

                  • Ismael Blas Pellot
                    Ismael Blas Pellot  4 months back

                    Only impressed with the fiend.

                    • Kris Johnson
                      Kris Johnson  4 months back

                      3:57:04 was everyone's reaction😂

                    • FullMetal Atheist Gaming
                      FullMetal Atheist Gaming  4 months back

                      I don't get how people find the fiend actually scary like Adam said during the entrance "so fucking scary!" and screamed. He's cool I like the fiend but he's not scary in the slightest or creepy it's a dude in a maskm a cool mask but literally not a bit scary.

                      • Son Kibiro
                        Son Kibiro  4 months back

                        Pretty sure it was probably the lantern that looked like his own severed head that freaked people the most and I mean picture it as someone you know like that then yeah it is pretty damn freaky

                      • JJ Blades III Gaming
                        JJ Blades III Gaming  4 months back

                        FullMetal Atheist Gaming name checks out

                    • davedisaster12
                      davedisaster12  4 months back

                      Adam mate are you gonna get bollocked for cursing so much

                      • Bryan G
                        Bryan G  4 months back

                        Early Clash of Champions predictions

                        Orton beats Kofi in a No Holds Barred match
                        Styles beats Rollins and wins the Universal Championship (we need a heel champion for one of the major championships) and vacates the US Championship the next night on Raw
                        Ali beats Shinsuke and we finally get that much to the level it should be at
                        Kabuki Warriors win womens tag championships
                        Lynch beats Charlotte?
                        Banks beats Bailey? (they really don't have a whole lot going in the women's division right now).

                        • Bryan G
                          Bryan G  4 months back

                          @The Fiend Oh... look at this, AJ Styles taunting Seth Rollins right at the beginning of Raw, no way they have a championship match anytime soon. LOL

                        • The Fiend
                          The Fiend  4 months back


                          Grt explanation
                          But if are too irritated to say bye bye
                          I guess you shouldn't talk at all.

                          Have a good day :)

                        • TWM22
                          TWM22  4 months back

                          @The Fiend "A prediction is what someone thinks will happen. A prediction is a forecast, but not only about the weather. Pre means “before” and diction has to do with talking. So a predictionis a statement about the future. It's a guess, sometimes based on facts or evidence, but not always."

                          Therefore his point is still valued as a "prediction" and doesnt need your input :)
                          Bye bye

                        • The Fiend
                          The Fiend  4 months back


                          Prediction is something which you know is probable and you give your insights that one.

                          What if I say tomorrow
                          On raw Jim Kong Un lee and Donal Trump appear and announce war between USA And North Korea

                          Would you call it prediction or Something else ?

                        • TWM22
                          TWM22  4 months back

                          @The Fiend it's called a 👉prediction👈

                          Absolute nincompoop.

                      • The Doctor
                        The Doctor  4 months back

                        4:24:35 Seth wins

                        • Decent simple
                          Decent simple  4 months back

                          Summer slam 2019, wat a crap it was.

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                            • southnewton1
                              southnewton1  4 months back

                              Jesus, you guys are awful, terribly unfunny and so miserable. Listening to your reaction to the first match was painful. Simon is only person worth watching on here.

                              • southnewton1
                                southnewton1  4 months back

                                TWM22 TWM22 that was like 12 years ago, dude. Look when the video was posted before trying to talk crap. I was like 10 years old at the time. Just because that was shit content doesn’t mean this is too.

                              • TWM22
                                TWM22  4 months back

                                the person with a video about toy wrestling figures trying to talk about how painful and un-entertaining a video is. Get in the bin

                              • Dominator #11
                                Dominator #11  4 months back

                                Someone’s a little upset. Go have a cry.

                              • Luke Ochoa
                                Luke Ochoa  4 months back

                                Then don’t watch🤷🏻‍♂️

                            • jay v
                              jay v  4 months back

                              Summerslam 2019 sucked this year except for bray

                              • Jacob Clark
                                Jacob Clark  4 months back

                                I enjoyed it all besides the bayley match and the goldberg match

                              • dinomania 867
                                dinomania 867  4 months back

                                I strongly disagree bit a few of the matches were terrible

                            • chris greene
                              chris greene  4 months back

                              Maybe if this was Simon Miller and not these shit bags I would watch.

                              • You Are Now Aware Podcast
                                You Are Now Aware Podcast  4 months back

                                chris greene then don’t watch?? Why are you here then if you don’t want to watch? 👀

                            • Chris Hemsworth
                              Chris Hemsworth  4 months back

                              Fiends entrance at 3:51:48

                              • Waleed Nasser
                                Waleed Nasser  4 months back

                                Bro you are the best for this, cheers man!!!

                              • PoseidonGames
                                PoseidonGames  4 months back

                                Dude... how did you know

                              • The Khan
                                The Khan  4 months back


                              • Dice Man 113
                                Dice Man 113  4 months back

                                Chris Hemsworth thank you

                              • KILL T-SERIES
                                KILL T-SERIES  4 months back

                                You read my mind i watched it live but i want to see their reaction

                            • Matt Scott
                              Matt Scott  4 months back

                              Yeah...I wasn't okay with the neck break thing either. But, other than that, Bray was flipping incredible.

                              • haloichigo1
                                haloichigo1  4 months back

                                I loved the neck snap. I hope it will be a part of his move pool for now on. It is different and a sinister move for his character.

                              • Chad Miller
                                Chad Miller  4 months back

                                Yeah that would have shocked the hell outta ppl if Finn just lied there and the match was stopped. But then you'd have people claiming their kids were traumatized.

                              • Phantom_Wolfe
                                Phantom_Wolfe  4 months back

                                The neck break should've ended it.

                              • Chad Miller
                                Chad Miller  4 months back

                                It was great! Never seen it b4 which is what this character is all about

                              • B.J. Murphy
                                B.J. Murphy  4 months back

                                Yeah, I loved the neck snap maneuver hahaha

                            • Prasantasagar Bimoli
                              Prasantasagar Bimoli  4 months back

                              Summerslam was a solid PPV who agrees with me

                              • Pablo Fabela
                                Pablo Fabela  4 months back

                                It felt like a regular PPV to me. Which disappoints me because Summerslam should feel like a big show.

                              • LegoMan0930 YT
                                LegoMan0930 YT  4 months back

                                The main problem I have is the ending to the Kofi match I mean I don't even know what happened

                              • The Black Nostalgia Nerd
                                The Black Nostalgia Nerd  4 months back

                                I don't it was a 3 match show with a nice preshow spot from edge

                              • 有馬ken-Spiral
                                有馬ken-Spiral  4 months back

                                For me except for fiend and the main event everything else was disappointing

                              • Dice Man 113
                                Dice Man 113  4 months back

                                Got to say mite get hate but fin vs bray was the best

                            • Kenneth Baker
                              Kenneth Baker  4 months back

                              Give it an up

                              • Kelly Demann
                                Kelly Demann  4 months back

                                If it weren’t for the fact that it were 3-4 am for you guys when you do these things I would say you should put time stamps on them for when each match is.