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  • William Deemer Jr.
    William Deemer Jr.  4 months back

    Pollard didn’t start for his college team. That guy plays for the Rams. Come on. If you don’t want to pay Zeke just say it. Or trade him.

    • Wally A
      Wally A  4 months back

      Jerry, please shut up...geez...

      • endo 101
        endo 101  4 months back

        Reminds me of the time they let DeMarco Murray's walk and tried to rbbc then went into the draft the next season for Zeke smh

        • Sean Bond
          Sean Bond  4 months back

          Jerry don’t make Pollard the second Derrick Lassic. Don’t do that to the kid. Pay Zeke. Quit playin.

          • Vzp1946 Vzp1946
            Vzp1946 Vzp1946  4 months back

            I honestly think Zeke is
            In rehab for alcoholism. This hold is BS.

            • David Rodriguez
              David Rodriguez  4 months back

              Don't give in Mr Zeke. Let the Cowboys go 8-8. They will come calling before next season begins.

              • Brandon Tillman
                Brandon Tillman  4 months back

                Is the cowboys a running team or a passing team 👀

              • madboyreadynow28
                madboyreadynow28  4 months back

                Nothing Tony has done will be anything close to Zeke. Jerry can’t fool real football viewers. Changes are this guy will get hurt.

                • Jackie Clark
                  Jackie Clark  4 months back

                  Only a fool would try to make that comparison...also,only a fool wouldn't be able to see how Pollard will make the offense more dangerous because of his versatility. PR,KR,WR,RB and good at all of it. The guy that will get hurt will be Zeke if he keeps getting all those touches 😂

              • Big Ed
                Big Ed  4 months back

                If Jerry Jones has confidence in a player, that means he thinks he's not that good and will accept minimum pay. Jerry Jones is the worst enemy of the Dallas Cowboys.

                • Tank Boss
                  Tank Boss  4 months back

                  Nobody is saying Pollard to be bell cow hes an hybrid running back cowboys didnt play like the cowboys its pre-season is basic

                  • Ben Braker
                    Ben Braker  4 months back

                    They are not replacing Zeke with Pollard.

                    They are replacing Zeke with a RBBC.

                    The 2019 Offense is now pass-focused with a running game by committee.

                    There were 50 pass plays to 18 running in Pre-1. They were evaluating the QB, OL and WRs ... in a pass focused offense.

                    • Josh Rodriguez
                      Josh Rodriguez  4 months back

                      Lol pollard is a Running back Not a gadget player! He just happens to able to catch the ball too

                      • Doug Tyree
                        Doug Tyree  4 months back

                        *Just as my Pre Draft Notes on Zeke mentioned: Tough Guy who lacks the Skills to make Defenders Miss...And while he has been a great RB for the Boys, We did (I did) see a loss of Burst last year. Already as he has taken SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Punishment already (& His Party ways) that as I mentioned then, he won't have a LONG Productive NFL career. I haven't changed my mind, its a BUSINESS People....Make Zeke a Realistic short term deal that won't bankrupt the salary cap for years to come like a dac contract will also. Its all in Kellen Moore's hands, The Boys have a BOATLOAD of offensive talent including The Rook Pollard, but He (KM) has to be much better at putting all our offensive players in a position to succeed then all our OC's of the past 10 years including The Red head for this Team to win with our current questions on the Dline!

                      • Makoa Rios
                        Makoa Rios  4 months back

                        Oh, Tony Pollard is special, like Dak. :)

                        • Baron Samedi3000
                          Baron Samedi3000  4 months back

                          They need to pay Zeke. Bottom line

                          • Mike Lidia
                            Mike Lidia  4 months back

                            Don't worry Garrett is an amazing coach so he'll bring the best out of Pollard, the O-line, and offense without Zeke. LMMFAO.

                            • Desean I’m back at home Jackson

                              Dude on the right looks like tj dillashaw

                              • Makoa Rios
                                Makoa Rios  4 months back

                                TJ is just a mole that was biopsied off of that dude.

                            • Nicky Sav
                              Nicky Sav  4 months back

                              First view